100 thoughts on “SHE HAS BEEF WITH MY WIFE 😐”

  1. ADAM dont fall for the trap!! bout no sister wife ting. Latoya has West Indian blood in her veins , she know she nah share her man knowingly lol

  2. y’all need to stop being so rude about crystal wearing tampons and reading books… what’s wrong with that? i still don’t know what is sister wife? chill pls 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. I’m Not Really Liking These Comments About LaToya 🤬.. She’s Pregnant & Emotional. Y’all Act Like LaToya Is The Only Person To Get Mood Swings While Pregnant 🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. Latoya she's not mad about you showing the stuff she's mad because you weren't through her personal belongings. You invaded her privacy which a true friend would never do. What does it matter what type of book Krystal is reading? Also every normal girl or woman carries a spare tampon or pad in there bag.

  5. Adam and Latoya are so selfish what you did to the poor girl was not right, Latoya should have apologized

  6. This damn video just started and there go Latoya telling Kristal to shut up when she tryna prove a point. Latoya, you need to change that attitude toward Krystal who hasn’t been anything but an amazing ass friend. Damn! 🙄😤

  7. Omg my heart skipped a damn beat! Luckily its a big truck .. Would have been worse if it was a smaller car! Continue to pray and ask god to cover you guys under his blood.. U guys have been tru so much!

  8. (First of all) 12:14
    “What if you ruin your body?”
    “That’s what plastic surgery is for.”

    If you worried about “ruining” your body and then cover it up with plastic surgery you don’t need to be having kids Period…. smh why would anyone say that. I’m 19 with no children but I think that wasn’t the right thing to say

  9. What you allow will continue. Krystle allows herself to be disrespected by them, so the disrespect will continue. simple

  10. Please dont let keesha plan your gender reveal. You saw what she did with her "bestfriend" brittany. That pool is so gross looking

  11. Adam can actually have multiple wives so Latoya be careful what you wish for or speak of. Crystal will be an amazing wife to someone though to someone who will treat her great.

  12. 😭😭 “y’all finna have a threesome?” Lol then Toya talking about some she would be okay if she was really her sister wife.

  13. Latoya sorry but you’re wrong for invading her privacy and acing so disrespectful and mean like that you crossed the line you know well you’d feel upset and invaded if someone did that to you

  14. I’ll be upset if my friend went through my bag with her significant other and post it on the internet ..C’mon toya we both ate an Aquarius and I know for sure you’d be mad .. I think you should apologize to Krystal tbh .. she’s such a sweet soul ❤️and she’s one of the realest who stick around other than dom ..I don’t k know if I’m thin skin but I’ll cry and take the next plane home ..hands down …

  15. I hope Crystal reads the comments. I don’t really watch LaToya. She’s messy. Plain and simple.

  16. Latoya is not a good friend to krystal. When krystal brought up how she went through her bag, latoya dismissed it. Latoya didn't even say sorry.

  17. show a little respect Latoya. I'm sure you would have a problem if someone did that you. I'm certain of that, you would fly off the handle.

  18. Hello my name is Zainab from Algeria in Africa

    At the age of 25 I want to be associated with a respectable person in order to form a family

  19. Let someone else plan your gender reveal…no disrespect to Keesha. I just think it can be much better..Lol

  20. Zeek ! next time try Cheetah strip club. It is a more upper class type of environment. The other clubs could be overwhelming if you aren't from Atlanta. We ARE HOME OF THE STRIP CLUBS.. but for obvious reasons. Cheetah is a more chill. YA WELCOME !!

  21. I’m sorry but for years Crystal has always rubbed me the wrong way . Like I really feel like she has always secretly wanted Adam . & she wants Latoyas lifestyle and blessings .

    not condoning what Latoya did it wasn’t cool but yeah crystal has always given me a weird vibe

  22. that was HIGHLY disrespectful LaToya!! Imagine Krystal doing a vlog in your bedroom showing people what is in your underwear drawyer👀👀

  23. What did Crystal ever do to Latoya for her to do that, I really don't get it. I've always heard people say that you don't look through a women's purse no matter who you are. Not only did Latoya look through her purse she posted it, now all of Crystal's privacy is out there. Like come on Latoya really "WHAT WAS THE REASON"

  24. Please don’t have Keesha plan your gender reveal. That girl is tacky af and you’ve only known her for a hot second! Lakia is a better choice Latoya!

  25. Latoya is VERY mean spirited. And that's why she doesn't have most of the friends that she used to have in her life. Let Crystal live the way she wants and stop controlling people's lives. Smh

  26. This is the reason I haven't watched Latoya in years, she is rude and cannot handle when people treat her the same way she treats others I'm probably still blocked.. Oh well..😆

  27. That PRIDE and that EGO Latoya!😧 Let it go now!

    Apologise when an apology is due and just take accountability instead of making excuses or putting the blame on someone else. Come on now. I've been seeing this for too long. You have to let go of this mean-girl edge you have. It takes away from the beautiful qualities you do have and it doesn't serve you at all!

  28. Latoya only feels ok with Krystal being her sister wife because she’s not intimidated by Krystals looks like she is everyone else. She’s knows she wouldn’t have to worry about Adam wanting her.

  29. LOOL why is everyone so caught up on what Latoya did. I really don't think it was a big deal😕 it was all for jokes. If Crystal is okay with it then its nobody's business to judge or have an opinion. That's their friendship.

  30. this whole sister wive thing makes me laugh. If Latoya thought Krystal was attractive and felt threatened by her even a tiny lil bit, she would have never accepted that

  31. I know Milan isn't the eldest but she is still an elder to those kids. With that being said, the camera would've been put down IMMEDIATELY when Zayn told her to hush her mouth. It was extremely disrespectful and I know she was keeping her composure. I can see why he was so comfortable saying it to the teacher because there was no disciplinary action when it was done to Milan. If it's okay around adults at home, then it's okay around adults outside the home. It doesn't matter who he learned it from or which adult said it. Children are not granted the same hall pass that adults have, and that's something that I learned as a child. My elders would use that line on me when I was a child and it was because I was out of line or too loud.( Which is probably the context in which it was being used around your children). But I knew not to ever say it back to them. And as for Latoya, do better. You are blessed beyond measure. There was no need to do that to the poor girl.

  32. You all are stating latoya is not a true friend to folks , you know how to shut her down. It's not cool being nice nasty. She is vain and always have to be made up. Natural niecey is naturally pretty but in many of her videos, she is not made up. Latoya needs to act like a woman with kids. GROW up

  33. Just a few vlogs ago the comment section was lit and beautiful now one video and all Latoya haters are in the comments

  34. Krystal isn't going anywhere, she's so intelligent, she should know how Latoya is so Krystal likes it.

  35. Lmfao how Latoya act with Chrystal reminds me of how she acted with Ayanna back in the day 😂😂 there both just really nice ppl and Latoya just be disrespectful

  36. Wait a min Adam took me out when he said you got all that booty juice on you omggg 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️

    Far as Latoya she was completely wrong for even having the thought of going thru her friend belongings. Had that been her she wouldve been furious and pls dont start with blaming the shit on pregnancy hormones cause that ain't the case some things you can blame pregnancy but not everything… and this sister wife shit needs to stop she know she dont even like Krystal on them terms and of course you would choose someone who you dont really find too attractive Krystal is pretty but had she been any of them other women in that room Latoya wouldnt have gave a first thought to a "sister wife" title … know your value Krystal and get your own man that term is very disgusting and not you!

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