Seafood Paella Recipe | It’s time to eat again!

Seafood Paella Recipe | It’s time to eat again!

Hey guys it’s time to eat again this seafood
paella is sure not to disappoint and is easily done in one pan.
Prepare the vegetables for a sofrito by chopping an onion, a bell pepper, and a tomato into
a medium dice. Mince two garlic cloves as well. The sofrito will be equal parts of onion,
bell pepper, and tomato. Chop one chorizo sausage into bite size pieces. Add a generous amount of oil to the largest
skillet you have. This helps carry the flavors as you build layers throughout the dish.
Sauté the chorizo to brown it, and draw out it’s oils and flavor. Set the chorizo aside then sauté the sofrito.
On medium high heat place the onions in for two minutes to caramelize,
then the red bell peppers in for another two minutes. Add the tomatoes in and cook for two minutes. Then reduce the heat to medium and make a
well in the middle of the pan; add the garlic to brown for 3 minutes and let the flavors
come together. Remove the sofrito and set aside. On high heat, sear the cuttlefish for 1 minute,
then remove it from the pan. Add the sofrito, chorizo, smoked paprika and
bomba rice. Stir and let the ingredients incorporate for 2 minutes. Add in the chicken broth, fish stock, saffron,
and salt. You may substitute all chicken broth if fish stock is not available. Here‘s where
you’re going to want to infuse the flavors into the rice, so this is the best time to
adjust your seasoning. We used approximately half a teaspoon of salt. Simmer for 12 minutes then add the clams on
top. Then 3 minutes later, add the mussels and
shrimp. Another 3 minutes later, let the rice cuddle
the cuttlefish The clams and mussels should open up around
the same time and the shrimp will slightly curl as the stock absorbs into the rice. Discard
any unopened shellfish and garnish with rosemary, sliced lemons, and olive oil. Let the Paella
rest to develop the crispy rice at the bottom, also known as the socarrat. And it’s all done, a super easy paella swimming
with seafood and overflowing with flavor from the chorizo and sofrito.
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    If you are allergic to shellfish, replace with chicken thighs. Season the chicken thighs with black pepper, salt, smoked paprika, and garlic powder. Sear the chicken thighs skin side down in a separate pan for about 8 minutes and add the chicken thighs to the paella skin side up about 10 minutes into the rice cooking.

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