Seafood Chowder – The Cooking Show

Seafood Chowder – The Cooking Show

-All right. I’m going to make
some room for my wine, most important thing of the day.
[ Whirring ] We’re here in the Munchies
test kitchen, and today I’m going to
make seafood… Should I wait a minute
for that to stop? -Yeah.
-That’s kind of loud, huh? I’ll wait.
Just kick it. Here, like this. [ Thud ]
[ Whirring stops ] -Hey.
-Wow. -Told you.
[ Laughs ] So we’re here in the Munchies
test kitchen today, and I’m going to show you
how to make seafood chowder. There are many different kinds
of chowders out there. You have New England clam
chowder. You’ve got Manhattan chowder. C-H-O-W hyphen D-A-H,
chowdah. What I’m starting off
with right now, I’m going to steam some clams. If you’ve seen an episode… It was an episode of
“The Cooking Show,” but we went clamming once. ♪♪ -How many you got?
-Four. [ Laughs ] They live under the sand,
so they spit out a lot of grit and stuff, and the liquid,
we’re going to strain it and use that liquid
to make our seafood stock. So just cut up an onion
and some garlic, and I’m going to use this as
a base to help steam my clams. I’m also adding a little bit
of thyme right on in there, okay? Ooh! Those onions are strong.
They’re getting me. You know what helps that? Wine. Sicily. I’ll add a little bit of salt,
and we add salt when we’re cooking onion and stuff
or any kind of vegetables. It helps draw the moisture out, so it helps soften it
a little bit faster. These are nice and soft. You can smell that.
It smells great. We are going to add our clams. This is about
3 dozen clams or so. Add that on it. We’re going to add
1 cup of white wine… …roughly
and a cup of water. Give it a stir.
Bring that to a boil. It will come to a boil.
We’ll cover it. It’s going to steam
about 10 minutes. All right. While that’s going, we’re going
to prep our veggies, so we’re going
to dice this onion. Everything is roughly
the same size in this chowder. Everything is bite sized,
something you can put on your spoon and eat, manageable. All right.
That is good. Chowdah was originated
in New England, and then people, you know,
every region kind of, I think, adopts their own
kind of variation of that, and this is
my variation of that. Just cutting up our carrots. A bad chowder that
I’ve had is in… The Rhode Island
chowder is not good. Rhode Island is genuinely one of my favorite places
in the United States. I dated a loser
from Rhode Island. [ Chuckles ] I hope he watches this.
He won’t ever. He never watches my videos because we broke up
and we hate each other. He took me to the White
Horse Tavern. It is the oldest tavern
in the United States, and they have
a Rhode Island clam chowder, and I had it there,
and I was just like ugh. Just not great. People love to kind of lay stake
to a chowder and say, like, “My chowder is the best,”
“No, my chowder is the best.” Well, guess what? My chowder is the best, okay? We’re adding fennel into this. Fennel is a weird one. It’s very, I think, divisive,
love it or hate it. It’s got that anise kind
of flavor to it. I like it, and I think it goes
really well naturally with seafood. There we go.
My veggies are ready? What did you say?
Sicily. I thought I heard it. P.S., I think it’s just noon. [ Laughs ] Right?
What time is it? Oh, 12:40.
[ Chuckles ] Way past. I’m way into
the drinking range of the day. Tell me, are people
actually playing? When you’re at home,
if you watch my videos, are you, like…
Is it a drinking game? Are you drinking?
I want to know. Be safe.
-[ Chuckles ] Be safe. They’re pretty good to go. Yeah, these are all open. Just going to put the clams
into here. Just pulling out the clams. So it’s, like, about 3 1/2 cups,
which is about right, you know? Some clams are juicier
than the rest. It’s fine. We are building our layers
of seafood flavor. That was the first layer,
the clam layer. Next up, we’re going to do
all the veggies, and we’re going to start
sauteing all these bad boys, okay, with a little bit
of butter and some oil. Onion, carrots, celery, fennel. I’m going to season this, again,
a little bit of salt. While this is cooking,
sauteing, softening, I’m going to prep up
my little potatoes. We’re using red potatoes. You can use any potato
you want. Okay. These are going to get cut into,
again, bite-sized pieces. Sicily. Mmm. Going to add the rest of my
wine, white wine, about a cup, and now we wait, wait, wait,
wait for it to reduce. We’re going to add our flour in. So flour is our thickening agent
as well as the potatoes. Like I said, these potatoes
aren’t super starchy, so it’s kind of the point
of adding the flour to this. You can see it, like,
it just absorbed it right up. You’re going to cook it for,
like, maybe a minute, if that. It’s looking good.
Going to add in my stock. I’m going to save a little bit
because this is going to thicken up,
like, right away essentially. I’m going to stir it. So 2 cups of cream, heavy cream. You want healthy, you go see
Andy Baraghan at “Healthyish” at Bon Appetit, okay?
That’s not why you come to me. You come to me for this
and for Sicily. I’m not doing our feel-good
plan, whole 30, “dry January.” I’m just going to live my life,
okay? I’m not trying to limit my life. That’s my new slogan. Live your life,
don’t limit your life. Sicily. Cheers. Ahh. Potatoes are going in. Come to a boil. We’ll reduce it to a simmer,
let it cook about 10 minutes, and meanwhile,
we’ll get our shrimp ready. [ Laughs ] The old producer. Look at…
Are you catching this? -I’m a savant. -So we’ve got our shrimp. They’re shell-on,
whole shrimp, okay? We’re going to peel
and devein our shrimp. Cut along the spine of the
shrimp, so you’re pulling. Pulling that down.
See that? We call it a vein. It’s the poop chute. I like to kind of hold there. You’re going to take that off,
okay? We’ll remove the old poop chute. Mm. Yep, I just wiggled it at you. Why does every single one of
these have so much poop in it? You can get your shrimp
already peeled and deveined. I’m just trying to show you how to peel and devein
a shrimp, okay? You can also get clams that are,
like I said, you can buy you a seafood stock.
You don’t have to do this. I’m just trying to, like,
show you how you can do things. You could have also broken
my fish, but I got fillets
and cut them into cube or 1-inch pieces already.
Okay. I’m just going to cut these
in half. I’m going to leave the clams
the size they are because I’ve had bigger clams. We’ve had to cut them,
but those are fine. I would put that in my mouth. Sicily. I forgot this is full. Mmm. That taste so good. I am going to season it
with some black pepper, a little bit of salt. I’m going to season this
with salt, this with salt.
Okay. I’m just going to spread
the old fish throughout it. So again, they’re, like, bite
sized pieces. Shrimp, this won’t take long.
They literally… They’ll be cooked within,
like, 2 minutes. The fish is really delicate,
so I don’t want to stir it and agitate it too much.
It will be fine. It will flake apart,
and that’s great. You’ll have little pieces
of fish in there. I kind of like the chunks,
so that’s why I don’t want to stir it too much. At this stage, you’re done. You’re good to go.
It’s going to be delicious. Okay. Let me cut up
some of these old fronds. You don’t like fennel?
Add some parsley here. Look at that.
It’s, like, so thick. You can see the shrimp is
turning nice, bright and pink. It’s almost done. Our fennel fronds. Boop. The old crab.
Plop. And the clams. Blip. And this just takes a minute
to warm through. We’ll give it a taste,
season it. Oh, look at this.
This is thick. Let me add a little bit of this. I could have added
in a bit more. That’s why I saved a little bit. I would rather it be too thick
than too thin. Mmm, that’s so good.
Damn, that’s good. I have all these little bits
and bobs. We’re not done yet. We’re going to put a little bit
of this on top. Done, done, done, done, done,
done, done, done, done. Sicily.
Done, done, done, done, done. Sicily, twice. I’m not going to get a bite
of everything in this because that’s impossible. The spoon is only so big,
but I love this. I’m very happy. Mmm. You can kind of taste
everything. I got that shrimp in there. Tasting the fish. There’s that creaminess,
the potatoes. It’s thick.
It’s warming. It’s so good.
Dip some bread in that. Yes. Mmm. For the recipe,
click the link below. ♪♪ ♪♪

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