10 thoughts on “scirra construct – rewind time, like in Braid”

  1. Toralord made another example earlier, with Lucid's S plugin.
    I linked his post in the video description, where you can download both, his .cap and the s plugin.

  2. xXZybladeXx Please make a tutorial for it Oh my GOD this is sooo amazing that I cant imagine! Please please please!! Oh MY !!!

  3. @LordShiru

    No, it is impossible to rewin an action with timescale or timeline,
    because the computer didn't know anymore what you did. You
    have to save any X and Y positionin an array and call it reversed
    back. I could make a tutorial later. At least, it's more complicated
    that it seems, but less complicated, than the most people think 😛

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