SALTED EGG CRAB! Street Food Tour of Old Airport Road Hawker Center

SALTED EGG CRAB! Street Food Tour of Old Airport Road Hawker Center

Hey Guys! It’s Mike Chen here in Singapore and like i mentioned before for years now whenever i think of Singapore i think of food and when you think of food in Singapore You have to think of Hawker Centers which are essentially just huge gatherings of food stalls so I guess you could say it’s food heaven with a roof on top and of course all Hawker Centers are great i mean food after food after food Yes please! But some are still better than others and when I asked you guys which Hawker Center is the best in Singapore Most of you said the Hawker Center on Old Airport Road so that’s where I am right now! and we’re gonna play a little game it’s called “Whatever Looks Good We’re Gonna Eat It” First thing we’re gonna eat is this thing right here because first thing i see when i walk into this Hawker Center is this line That must mean it’s good and that’s what I’m gonna eat see a little bit of curry here and WHOAA-HO!! You guys see what I’m seeing? This meat is just falling apart!! Whoa! That is some tender lamb. Rice looks beautiful and puffy I don’t know if this is right or not but I think I’m gonna dump this on here and what I thought was a potato in the curry. This is not potato. This is just pure fat and this might not seem very appetizing to you guys but this is making my mouth water right now. Let’s take a piece of lamb Hello Beautiful! No wonder there was a line Wow! It’s awesome! Well that’s flavorful! Huge curry taste. Lots of spices. The rice is like the marshmallow man. All Sorts of Puffy. Just taste the lamb on its own That Lamb! The flavor is seeped all the way through The meat is tender not gamey at all and I’m gonna try piece of this fat That was a little bit funky for me because that fat did have some gaming this too it got some interesting pickles Here Hmm the pickles are really light! it’s not very vinegary but it is nice and crisp and spicy I mean that kind of goes for this entire flame This whole plate is just really flavorful really spicy rice and meat Also what the locals tell me is that this is the most inexpensive plate of Briyani I’ll find in Singapore I pay like this they say usually cause four or five six dollars But here is only three bucks! so it’s either this or i don’t know a 6-Inch Subway sandwich with mystery meat You know with all that spicy stuff I’ve been eating over the last few days It’s nice to take a break and have a beautiful clear bowl of fish ball soup with a side of really spicy noodle All this is from Ru Ji Kitchen who apparently makes these fish balls every single day fresh I mean just look at how beautifully bouncy these things are Look at this! *squeeze**squeeze* I feel like if I throw these against the wall it’s gonna come right back out then super! look at this really gentle pieces of fish tofu OH MY GOSH! The soup is good! and that was 100% a food surprise Because just looking at the soup this might seem really clear and see-through But trust me there’s some magic going on here Although It’s not fishy at all it just has this such a beautiful fish flavor *speechless moment* You guys just need to come here and try this seriously Oh my goodness! I mean if the soup is THAT good I’m expecting great things from the fish balls *lost in the fish ball realm* Sorry I’m sorry I should explain if you didn’t know what what that was that was confusion caused by food euphoria I’ve had my fair share of fish balls because i used to film Putienese and Cantonese weddings but this one takes the cake and speaking of cake We got some fish cake where we have fish tofu here slightly chewy on the outside the rest of It is just beautifully tender My Goodness!! This is so good! Wow! You know you find a couple of items you really like and you feel like you just want to sit here all day and eat those two items but Unfortunately, unfortunately, really unfortunately I have to try a lot more stuff in here so I can’t just stuff fish meatballs into my body until it comes out of my ears Something else they have here are egg noodles in their homemade sambal sauce I think I came to understand that sambal sauce is a very important part of this culture Everybody has it. People make their own It’s kind of like maybe hot oil to me and right now this just looks amazing I love Egg Noodles. I love Dry Noodles with some sauce and this checks all the boxes for me I love this! Perfect amount of al dente, nice and chewy egg noodle wide so they grab onto that sauce so well and I feel like this is really the perfect complement to this bowl of fish ball soup Because this is still really flavorful but no spice this this will make you hurt I just got a great idea What if, work with me here, take a fish ball. They’ll just come up with soup Take some noodles and just put this whole bite in your mouth Finish that with another spoonful of soup That was mind-blowingly good! You guys the noodles are a bit on the dry side so give that a little soup give it a little water you get a little moisture then when you bite through the noodles you get to the fish ball So you got the chewy noodles, the tender fish ball, that delicious soup All swimming together! It’s like a love story Folks I got two really good food today so far Let’s see what’s next! Food Day continues with this baby here This is fried kway teow. I got this because I saw a big old line lining up in front of this stall Dong Ji Fried Kway Teow You guys don’t know what kway teow is well i didn’t really either until I just started eating this thing and it’s essentially stir-fried rice noodles you notice like there’s tons of stuff in here you got of course the rice noodles, sprouts prawns, lap cheong, I see some chives and they typically put cuttlefish in here as well but they ran out of that That is eggy, crunchy and a semi delicious Lap cheong was one of the greatest things ever created by the Food Gods I mean that sausage can make anything tastes so fragrant and delicious Right off the bat I see about ten things and then i notice there’s actually two types of noodles in here there’s like Thin Lamien here as well and I feel like the sauce really has a lot of elements to it, it’s a bit sweet I can taste the oyster sauce in here There’s definitely soy sauce so of course what they’ve done here is really throwing the heat elements And I just want to say I really appreciate that Prawns nice and sweet. It’s just a lot to love about this dish, you know I gotta take a break and check this up Ice cream soda Things I’m getting used to Have been having so much noodle, soup and rice noodle soup, then all sorts of soup lately. I need to change it up a little bit so I got these really delicious looking curry puffs and I got two, one with curry and one with black pepper Because that delicious black pepper crab is still in my head First Impression feels flaky and crumbly it’s beautiful Break this apart in here It’s piping hot. That, my friends right now I mean I’m not trying to judge a curry puff by its cover here but That looks pretty darn good. It looks good. Smells good And it tastes even better. The outer crust is extremely buttery and flaky, curry flavor is good I could almost eat the crust on its own. Now granted, the only other curry puff I knew came from like a Chinese bakery in New York But this is pretty excellent and this is the black pepper curry puffs. Oh my goodness! Wow! That’s a load of chicken in there, I mean I wish there was some chicken here too but all the chicken seems to be stuck right in there. It smells mildly peppery Yea this is good Well it’s kind of crazy to say but As much as I love chicken I really love this crust I mean this crust, add a little seasoning to it, it just makes my day This has been a crazy food-filled day I’ve had a lot of good things to eat and I think I’m finally approaching the finish line but I cannot leave here without eating this Of course I’ve had the chilli crab. I’ve had the black pepper crab According to you guys I shouldn’t leave Singapore without having the salted egg crab So that’s exactly what I’m gonna do I don’t even know If I have room in my stomach for this but I’m gonna surely try And just looking at this crab I see a lot of ingredients You got the salty egg yolks which are the orange stuff right here, there’s ginger, garlic And check this up there’s curry leaves in here and if you guys never have salted egg yolks you’re missing out This is beautiful There’s something about salted egg yolk, it kind of the hardest egg yolk but the yolk when you chew it It crumbles and got that beautiful eggy flavor everywhere, a little salty I don’t even know where to start with this crab You know what let’s just take a joint and dig right in Oh it’s good! First of all, this is really juicy Can you see the juice come out of this, did you see that? Then just break this apart and dip it in the sauce they gave me OH WOW!! That sauce is really spicy Like borderline spice competition spiky oh I guess that sauce is really necessary because I like the chilli crab in the black pepper crab There’s really no heat on the crab shells itself That’s gonna taste the outside of this crab here for a second just grab a bunch of the seasoning, just see what this is all about That’s really soft, it’s extremely flavorful, I can taste a curry leaf and the salted eggs kind of flaking apart in my mouth That’s really good, that’s realy good! Look at this piece, oh my god! This crab was pregnant, all that crab roe sitting there Get myself a piece of that action, just gonna dip that in a little chili We’ve got the salted egg Then you got the crab roe. At this point, I’m just sucking right there. You got some of the crab immature as well Let’s get into the claw Look at that! They just broke apart Wow That’s separating easily! This is the easiest I’ve ever undressed a crab Either i’m getting much better at this or the crab gods are smiling down upon me You know what, instead of dipping it in the chili sauce, I’m gonna put some of this awesome topping on this crab claw If you like eggs and you like crab and you like good tasty things in general, this gonna make you smile a lot add a little bit of the heat Man! That’s spice that gives me every time i keep forgetting how spicy that is But I really wish i can bottle this stuff This is this is delicious Next let’s dig into the crab body here. Look at the inners of this crab! And then you have that and now you got the salted egg in there This is fantastic! I’m gonna drizzle some of the spice in there, just a little bit Take the spoon and just scoop It doesn’t get any crabbier than that Oh you know you know what I just thought of something because i see a lot of good stuff still left in this crab shell That can’t go to waste! So i think what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna take some of my rice and i’m just gonna Put it into my crab shell. I’m gonna Just like stir this around and make it into like a Crabby Eggy Rice oh Look at that! Oh that is blending well! Tell me this doesn’t make you happy looking at this right now and then just a little spice on that You’ve got up a little bit cos you don’t want that to get too cold Oh this is such a better rice bowl than just this Next on my food lists is Nam Sing Hokkien Fried Mee. This place you don’t see a That looked like a bit much of a line but actually people just put their names down And they’re all just waiting around in the Hawker Center and He told me to wait right now, it’s over an hour already Alright! Got my fried mee, let’s take a look! It’s a little more watery than I thought it was gonna be Besides the shrimp, there’s also cuttlefish, sprouts, two different types of noodles and some eggs in there and I’m just bubbling with anticipation I’m confused Where’s all that flavor coming from Because Essentially this is a plate of fried noodle and rice noodles and then I see something what looks like maybe egg noodles or some sort of lor mee here. Some shrimp and cuttlefish Sprouts and eggs so i’m kind of anticipating something eggy, may be a little seafoodie but Almost borderline buttery. This is ridiculously fantastic!! And They Give Me like some spice to go with it with a little lime Let’s add The spices since you have this little lime I thought no way this thing could be even more ridiculous! And it just became more ridiculous! This might be the best thing I’ve had in Singapore that’s not called a black pepper crab Actually i don’t know this might be better Now it’s you see a little vinegary and and the shrimp! It’s like every single female Final Fantasy character Sweet and perfect i can see now why they give me a spoon it’s all mushed together that you could eat it with a spoon I just.. Everything! It should be eggy, it gave crunch of the sprouts but then that crazy cream sauce, whatever that is, just ties everything together I’m telling you guys right now if you ever come to Singapore and you have like i don’t know two hours before your next flight and you can only eat one thing. THIS IS IT! You come here and you eat this I mean you might miss your fight because you might have to wait in line for about an hour but trust me there’ll be other flights I want to apologize to this right now when people told me to eat here, i kinda saw what it was i was like all right just stir fried noodle what’s the big deal I’m sorry i didn’t see all your potential you know this has Been such a Fantastic ending to this perfect food day! I mean nobody wants to end up Food day on a down note but this This Thing ultimate high i Mean This is a Sixth sense of all Food day Endings its Unsuspecting and When it’s all over you you just Kind of like huh never Would’ve thought also what a fantastic Hawker Center Now i know why most People When i always come to singapore told me you’ve got to come here So thank you guys so much for your recommendation Because it Just made my day even made my trip Guys, as always, everything i ate, all the details is in my description box Thank you all so much for watching and until we eat again I’ll see you later

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