Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Keep the Engine Revved

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Keep the Engine Revved

I once dated a girl who had a really cool car. I met her, I thought she was pretty decent and then found out she had a really cool car. So I dated her longer than I should have. -Did you guys fuck in the car?
-No, no, she-
-What, bullshit!
-She was celibate, it was really weird. She was like-
-Let’s do it-
–in your fucking cool car. I don’t know, driving out to a lookout It’s at night. There’s a field, there’s no one around, you guys get out bend someone over the hood-
-That’s outside of the car. -But it’s on the car.
-I think it’s a car is involved in this.
-Keep the engine revved. Have you ever gotten when you get a blowjob in the car? -Roadhead.
-You have? -Like while you were driving?
-Oh obviously while he was driving. (Various chattering and laughing) Let me know! Let me know! here are my eyes! Should I merge, should I merge? No no, just keep going! (Laughter) It was a… Yeah, it was like a long trip back and we’re like Driving somewhere and it’s like “why not”, and then I had to pull over because I like I’m gonna crash. -It’s like it was a weird thing-
-I thought there was another c-word you were gonna use.
-Well, it was one or the other. -Something was gonna happen, and I had to pull over-
-An eruption of some sorts. -Yeah.
-Yeah. I imagine it would be difficult to have an orgasm while you’re driving. Uh-huh. (More laughter) If it was an empty road it may be, but because they were like cars and like, it was one of those weird things too -Where there’s like, truckers driving by and I was like…
-Did I ever tell you about when I saw someone getting rode had in LA? I was there with Burnie and Gavin, and Bertie got- he rented a car that was like one looks like bigger like SUV cars, and I was in the passenger seat and we were stopped at a red light, and I’m just like looking around and I look over, I look into the car and there’s a woman- her head’s just like in this guy’s lap and he’s like this with the steering wheel. -Yeah he is.
-And he sees me looking and he goes (shrug). (Laughter) -And I’m like “Alright”!
-Like, what am I gonna do, dude? -I was just like living “the LA life”.
-I love it. I love it.

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Keep the Engine Revved”

  1. Rooster teeth im begging you in volume 6 do something about summer rose bring her back to live or something plz plz plz

  2. Its all fun and games until one of your teachers pulls up next to you….

    Yeah, try learning when you’re avoiding eye contact for an entire year.

  3. Saw someone getting Road head a couple of months ago. Driving down the interstate and I look in the rear view at the car behind me and there’s only a driver, look back a little later to see a woman bring her head up from the driver’s lap area.

  4. I was saw it happing in a parked car in the parking lot of a children’s school park. Granite they put a blanket over the crotch of the guy, and then a girls head popped out and the guy looks at me as she wipes her lips, I just smiled awkwardly

  5. Ive had road head on several occasions.
    Unless youre pretty sensitive its hard to focus on lol.

    Youre tryin to focus on driving and theres only so much she can do.

    Idk, it wasnt that great to me. Lol

  6. I got road head from the driver once just to prove its possible lol. It was an empty highway I held the wheel was pretty funny.

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