Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Geoffrey Work

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Geoffrey Work

Well when I was in high school, I worked at a fast food restaurant. I washed the dishes Got promoted and demoted a bunch and I was always washing dishes I was, I made the customers uncomfortable Too sarcastic and one night Somebody came and shit on the floor and we had a huge fight- and all over the toilet and like down the side of toilet We had a huge fight over who’s gonna clean it up and it was decided that because I washed dishes and I’m not customer-facing it It had to be me and so my boss hands me like a toilet scrubber in the back. I don’t know why I was back there. Now that I think about it, it was really weird *laughter* to get it out of the kitchen I had to walk around Around the front the counter and like there’s customers (with the toilet brush?) Yeah, and I go into the back and it takes me like 15 minutes Micheal: Guys we can’t make any burgers until I bring this back so just give me 5 minutes. It was brutal, you know, it was like the little fibers on it, you know, it’s like a-(uh huh)- it’s kinda oval (The bristles), yeah, and I cleaned and I- it’s disgusting and I’m heaving and it’s a whole thing Because then the poop was on the brush too and then I take the brush and I like, there’s nowhere to leave So I was just like I’ll just take it back to my boss, I guess So, I like I try to shake it off and get it as dry as possible And uh, then I’m walking back through with it and the girl that I lost the fight to, she was down under the counter No… (NOOOOOOOOOOOOO) Looking for lids for soda cups or whatever and she had like curly black hair. I was walking and I got like I was walking over and I went And I looked and it got snagged at the back of her head (oh nooooo) And she was she immediately started screaming and I had to like yank the dirty shit OH NOOOOO And it took like bits of hair off Oh my god, Geoff It was an accident but uh Fuckin’ funny Oh. My. God. Holy fuck Holy fuck I don’t know if you’ve ever had a toilet scrubber in your hair. (I haven’t) If you’ve got curly hair, it’s hard to get out So it was like a tug-of-war thing I’ve never- I’ve never scrubbed anyone That girl and I did not get along after that.

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Geoffrey Work”

  1. Lmfao. That's some karma though for volunteering someone like that. Pretty sure if he's in the back the cashiers take care of cleaning the bathrooms usually. That's the way it was where I worked.

  2. Who is had the more hateful revenge, the exemployee who crapped on the floors and wall, or the ex exemployee who spread it to the rest of lobby and in someones hair?

  3. Geoff… Dude, I think you got a few bricks missing (got a concussion when you were a toddler… It's what happened to me, sometimes my brain goes into low power and can't process thinking..

  4. So, somehow Geoff has better stories than the woman who's dad was literally a Star Trek cast member. Go figure.

  5. this was uploaded 6 days ago and youtube notified me now. while i was watching a different video on youtube. the logic of that is just phenomenal.

  6. I like how Michael immediately knew what was going to happen the moment Geoff said the girl was kneeling down.

  7. I love Geoff's crazy stories because you KNOW they're real.
    They're always too awkward and real to think that they're made-up 😂😂😂😂

  8. Gotta say I cleaned a lot of terrible stuff when I washed dishes but if they told me to do this I woulda walked out of there no question

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