Roller Derby Fresh Meat Stationary Straightaway strokes

Roller Derby Fresh Meat Stationary Straightaway strokes

Hi and welcome back to Urrk’n Derby today
we’re going to be discussing straightaway strokes. I like to teach people how to actually
push and then bring their foot around and do a weight shift when they are doing it.
So I have some pylons out here and you can use pylons to help you with this it will really
help honestly. I do this a lot with my lessons and it seems to really help them and get them
to understand how important it is for them to bring that foot back around. What you’re
going to do it set your pylons or cones behind you and this is really going to build that
strength in your legs again, so what you are going to do is you have to shift your weight
over that pylon, then you’re going to bring the leg that is straight or your weight is
not on and you’re going to circle it in and behind you and then you’re gong to shift your
weight back onto that left leg. When you bring your legs back down k after you circle it;
so again I’m going to circle my right leg out and behind the pylon and then i’m going
to shift it over when you’re doing this you don’t want to bend your knee. If I want to
add an arm swing in there I can so I have to make sure if my weights on my left skate
my right arm is going to come forward when I go and I push off and I throw all my weight
onto my left skate my right foot is going to come out and around; when this happens
as my right foot starts to step down my left arms going to come forward, so this teaches
me how to get that proper arm swing. I suggest doing it nice and slow; all your weight on
your right leg, let your left leg swing behind as you step onto your left leg swing your
right arm forward and then you can get more advanced with it as time goes on. This is
the beginning of how to do straightaway strokes.

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  1. Thanks! This was very helpful — I like the idea of using pylons. Do you have any plans to do a video on transitions?

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