RIT Leads Community Nutrition Research Program

RIT Leads Community Nutrition Research Program

>>Through a grant that I have from the US
Department of Agriculture people who participate in the SNAP program, formerly called the food
stamp program, can receive a discount on fresh vegetables that they buy here on the Curbside
Market.>>The Curbside Market program is basically
a farmer’s market on wheels. We go throughout various neighborhoods. People who live in those neighborhoods may
not have access to fresh, affordable produce.>>Everybody who is in this study did a baseline
survey, where we looked at things like what their current fruit and vegetable intake are
and also whether or not they can afford the food that they need every month. So we’ll be looking to see what they buy and
how much they buy. And then at the end we’re going to follow
up with some people to do in-depth interviews to find out about their experience in the
program. Ask about things like, are they eating differently
because their vegetables were more affordable now? We’re really interested in finding ways for
people to live more healthfully. And we know that, in particular, fruits and
vegetables can be hard for people who participate in SNAP to afford. And, in particular, we’re interested in ways
that are really convenient and easy for people to get more vegetables in their diet. I think it’s really important that research
be engaged in our community. We don’t have to look far beyond our campus
to see real life challenges. So this was an opportunity to look at these
issues of food insecurity and vegetable availability right here in Rochester.

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