100 thoughts on “Rhett Cooks Beans for Link”

  1. “I’m here for it physically. But emotionally, spiritually ….. I dunno.”

    I resonate with that on so many levels.

  2. had one of those safer pressure cookers blow up on me and burn 25 percent of my body… ill stick to the soak and boil method

  3. Dear Rhett,

    Kindly allow me to ROCK your world with THE BEST Indian Bean dish ever. Its the ULTIMATE comfort food for Indians ( ask Priyanka Chopra, Mindy Kaling, ANYONE!!).

    "Rajma Chawal"
    Its a been stew made from Red Kidney Beans (also known as Rajma in India) which are served alongside boiled white rice ( also known as Chawal in Indian, hence the name – Rajma Chawal or Red Kidney Beans Rice). You mix the two and then proceed to eat them.

    You guys should totally try it – especially you, Rhett. Make sure they are slightly spicy (from red chilli powder and chopped green chilies) as it adds to the bean flavour.

    Please use the recipe by Sanjeev Kapoor ( a famous Indian Chef) as I find his' very close to the actual dish.

    Waiting for an update on it! 😍🙏

  4. Rhett, I share the bean love that you have. Beans deserve a spotlight. I'm glad you got Link to discover what it is to have these magical foods grace his palate. I hope he appreciates beans more now.

  5. Dude they're such different people and it's hilarious, Rhett is such a warm relaxed person and link is a chaotic mania and I love it 😂😂😂

  6. Rhett I want you to see Carla from the Bon Appetit yt channel make her beans, it's a great video and she really loooves beans as much as you. Your beans look really yummy, and this video was friken hilarious. 🙂

  7. Dear Rhett,
    Please introduce Link to more types of beans. Us mexicans have alot of a lot of differnt beans. Classica Tijuana refried beans with jalapenos and cheese, the awesome charro beans with hot dogs, bacon, jalapenos and cheese. Also Chorizo beans and the very porky awesome best beans Frijoles Puerocos… these have every part of the hog/pig to eat. There are many beans to explore that i know Link would love… please feed him other beans Rhett and Josh… Feeding team lol

  8. I love how they teased up a sneak peak in between beans and fart
    Really smart and I'm just wondering why no one commented about that
    Edit: the one about the new show

  9. You doing it wrong Rhett, dry beans? There should be liquid in there, where is the stock? They should look like this:


  10. “I have a diverse palate” says the man who refuses to eat a tomato and just minutes ago said he doesn’t eat kidney beans in chili

  11. I used to watch GMM religiously in 2011, and I just stumbled across this video. It's so cool to see how they've grown together. They're still close after all these years. They can finish each other's sentences. They've changed, but they've changed in tandem.

  12. You can thank me for the start of their vlog videos because I suggest they start vlogging about ten years ago when they vlogged their road trip. It just took them a while to come around to it. 😝

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