Reis mit Brokkoli an Erdnusssauce | Rice with Broccoli and Peanut Sauce | [ZDG]

Reis mit Brokkoli an Erdnusssauce | Rice with Broccoli and Peanut Sauce | [ZDG]

Welcome, my name is Ben. Glad to see you again. Today I cook rice with broccoli on a peanut sauce for you. I use mung bean sprouts today. They are very healthy, have a lot of fiber, Minerals and more. Another advantage, you can do it yourself
pull. Sometimes I pull them myself. It only takes six days to get ready for consumption. It’s easy and they are fresh all year round. Today’s recipe is very simple, fast and tasty. Let’s start! Today’s ingredients are fresh coriander, Broccoli, organic lime, chili, paprika, Baby corncobs, date tomatoes, mung bean sprouts, Peanutmeal, Whole Grain Basmati Rice, Coconut Milk, Tamari, Yacon Syrup, Peanut oil, salt and black pepper from the mill. First, I wash the rice. Personally, I always wash the rice, because you never know, what to transport or manufacture with the rice was made. That’s why I always wash it. I add some salt. The rice takes about 15 minutes, In the meantime, I cut the vegetables. First, I cut the red pepper into strips. The baby corncobs I cut into slices. I cut the broccoli into florets. I peel the strunk first and then also slice. You can also eat the stalk, tastes just as good. Next I cut the chili, first I core it and then I cut rings. Now I halve the date tomatoes, quite simply. The vegetables are ready and cut the further work is also very easy. I put refined peanut oil in a pan. First I add the peppers and then the baby corncobs. I fry for 2-3 minutes. Then I add the chili and the Broccoli, it must not fry too long, only about 2 minutes. Now I add half of the coconut milk. Cover for two minutes and simmer. In the meantime, I give peanut to rice. Then I add the juice of an organic lime, then some Tamari and Yacon syrup. Then I add the rice, then the Mung bean sprouts and finally the date tomatoes. I season with salt and black pepper
from the mill. And now mix everything well. Finally, I add the remaining coconut milk, for the round taste. This very simple vegetable dish is already done. Now I can do it. I sprinkle with chopped peanuts and fresh coriander. Now I can try it. This rice with peanut sauce gives a very aromatic taste. The crunchy vegetables just go well with the rice. I could eat it every day. Quite simple, right? Try it! If you like it, write me in the comments below. And give me a thumbs up! Share it with your colleagues. Thanks for watching and see you next time. Bye!

8 thoughts on “Reis mit Brokkoli an Erdnusssauce | Rice with Broccoli and Peanut Sauce | [ZDG]”

  1. Ich habe noch nie Reis gewaschen, guter Tip. Schönes Video, Dankeschön.
    P. S. Woher bekommt man denn Babymaiskolben? Noch nie gesehen.
    Ist die Kokosnussmilch aus der Dose? Weil es gibt auch Kokosnusssauce aus dem Tetrapack, wie Sojacuisine.

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