Regenerate your damage liver naturally| Eat these 7 foods for liver health (PROVEN) | Samaya Yoga

Regenerate your damage liver naturally| Eat these 7 foods for liver health (PROVEN) | Samaya Yoga

Welcome all I’m Jyoti khatri, health and
holistic wellness expert . Today’s video is all about what food or herbs we can
have that helps in liver regeneration. I will share seven both some natural
substances that are scientifically proven to be useful for stimulating the
regeneration of liver mass and function. Liver is our only internal organ in
humans that is capable of natural regeneration of lost tissues. The best
thing is all these foods are easily available in the market and most of them
may be lying on your kitchen shelf. Watch the video till the end as you will learn
a lot of useful tips on how and why to keep your liver naturally healthy. Let’s
get started Our liver is the second largest organ
next to skin and it is in charge of hundred of different functions ranging
from fighting infections to manufacturing proteins and hormones and
helping clot your blood. Liver is a vital organ which supports almost every other
organ in the body. In fact liver is so important that if it
stops functioning even for a single day a person will simply die it filters your
body’s toxins such as drug and alcohol and pushes them out of your body.
Most of bad liver problem ranging from hepatitis to cirrhosis may have no
symptoms in the early stages. 80% of liver conditions are linked to
excessive alcohol consumption and hepatitis. Being overweight and having
diabetes or high cholesterol levels are risk factors for cirrhosis / fatty liver
disease. Cirrhosis is a risk factor for liver cancer. People suffering from
cirrhosis are at risk of developing liver cancer. The five-year survival rate
is just 15%. All types of medications can be potentially toxic for the liver.
Health supplements aren’t without risk either. They also can poison the liver
when consumed in excessive quantities or if not used correctly. Now, let’s discover
the natural ways to regain the liver health and learn how we keep our liver
healthy. The first ingredient is turmeric. Turmeric is rich in Curcumin, which
is one of the potent herb or spice that is proven to help repair and regenerated
liver tissue of diabetic group and also redevelop the liver’s micro vascular
structure. Turmeric is rich in antioxidant that has liver protection
and regeneration properties. Intake of turmeric health remove inflammation,
reducing oxidative stress, increasing collagen deposition and help recover
liver tissues to regain normal pattern of central veins and sinusoids hepatocytes
and portal triad. It also help to develop liver blood vessels into
counts and expand sizes thereby increasing blood volume to the area’s.
Thereby curcumin found in turmeric is potentially useful treatment to
regenerate and repair liver into healthy and normal
functions. A useful tip is to use either fresh turmeric or whole dried turmeric.
There are high chances of adulteration in powdered form of turmeric. So avoid
buying turmeric in powdered form. What I do is when fresh turmeric is available
in the market I buy fresh else I get whole dried turmeric then I break the
whole turmeric into small pieces with the help of Pastor stone and then use the
grinder to make it into a powder form. In a go I prepare the turmeric powder into
small batches that lasts for a week only. I consume it by mixing it with the fresh
whole black pepper powder to increase its efficacy. The key point here to remember
is when you’re dealing with the fresh herbs or spices is to understand how
much you take. For the beginner never exceed the limit above 3 grams per day.
In fact split that 3 gram dosage into 3 parts then take about 1 gram of the
mixture 3 times a day or so. The second ingredient is Roobios tea. Roobios is a herb
that is found mostly in South African region. The leaves of Roobios herbs are
used to make tea which has tastes and color somewhat similar to hibiscus tea.
Steep the leaves for about 15 minutes in the hot water. You can add slices of
lemon to enhance its taste. Roobios tea supports liver regeneration
and reduce the liver fibrosis following chemical injury. According to the study
after tenth week of Roobios tea intake the liver tissue will begin to
regenerate and after 42 days of regeneration all the biochemical
parameters will reach to healthy level. It is recommended to drink Roobios Tea
not only for the Prevention but also along with other therapy for all liver
diseases. The third ingredient is Korean ginseng which has proven to accelerate
the rate of liver regeneration and ameliorated the liver injury after partial
hepatectomy in rats. The fourth ingredient is an ayurvedic herb which is
licorice root, mulethi or or Yashtimadhu, which significantly enhances the liver
mass and function also speed up recovery from liver damage induced by surgical
resection. The studies has proven that the compound
found on liquor eyes known as glycyrrhizin accelerates liver regeneration
and recovery from liver damage in partially hepatectomized rats.
Prepare tea out of licorice root and heal your liver. Always buy the whole
root for making tea as the powdered licorice may be adulterated and it’s
powdered sediments deposits under the water. So, buy the whole licorice root
instead of powder. Also the powdered form of herbs loses its quality soon and we
can never be sure. Whether it is 100% real herb. So it is always better to get
the whole dried herb and powder it at home in small batches and once it’s
finishes prepare the next one. Try Roobios leaves and licorice root tea
together. As licorice root add natural sweet flavor to the tea and you need not
to add any sweetener to it. Did you know Glycyrrhizin a compound found in herb
licorice is recently featured as powerfulanti-SARS virus agent? Now,
you can imagine the healing power of licorice herb. In order to prepare
licorice tea just add few licorice root sticks into the boiling water and let it
steep for 15 to 30 minutes. Optionally, you can add other herbs available at
home like Tulsi, sweet or Holly basil leaves, mint leaves, rosemary leaves, sage
leaves etc. Additionally, add slices of lemon and enjoy. The fifth ingredient is
geraniol, which is plant oil obtained from a large number of plants that are found
in the nature including geraniums and lemongrass. The result of scientific
studies suggests that geraniol plays a significant role during liver
regeneration. So enjoy your lemongrass herbal tea. The sixth ingredient is
vitamin E (or alpha-tocopherol). Studies have shown that vitamin E or alpha-tocopherol improves the rate of liver
regeneration. So add more food rich in vitamin E such as nuts, seeds,
hazelnut , pine nuts, peanuts and especially almond. An ounce of almond
has about 7.5 milligram of vitamin E, sunflower seeds are high in vitamin E as
well providing over 8 gram in 1/4 of cup. Increase intake of sprouted seeds for
example 1 cup of sprouted mung bean seeds contain about 0.1 milligram of
vitamin E. Add more green vegetables into your diet. Spinach is especially rich in
vitamin E with one cup providing about 4 milligram, turnip greens broccoli
asparagus also contain vitamin E with one cup serving of each providing about
2 milligram. The 7th ingredient is an herb that I love growing into my herb
garden and that is oregano. Studies have shown that carvacrol obtained from the
Oregon oil significantly increases the liver regeneration rate in rats
undergoing partial hepatectomy. So add these herbs into your soup, salad, curries
pestos or just prepare a herbal tea out of it. I like to combine Oregano
with licorice. Both of these herbs are proven to be useful for liver health,
and licorice add sweet taste to the tea. I hope you like this video. Hit that like
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  2. 1: Turmeric 3gm with 1gm of black pepper.
    2: Roobios Tea,
    3: Licorice root tea,
    4: Geraniol (Lemon Grass),
    5: Vitamin E,
    6: Oregano.

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