Recipe of the Day: Rachael’s Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus Bundles | Food Network

Recipe of the Day: Rachael’s Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus Bundles | Food Network

[music playing] I’m going to preheat my oven
to 400, because I’m going to do my asparagus bundles in there. Although you could do this
whole meal on your outdoor grill no problem. I’m going to use my
slotted broiler pan that I never use for anything. It’s perfect for this. I’m going to grab a couple
of bundles of asparagus. I’ve got 1 pound and 1/2. And some bacon, some
applewood bacon. And I’ve got a little
bit of fresh thyme. That’s going to be
for my burgers later. I’m going to grab
some shallots, too. I know I’m going to need
those for my burgers. I’m so excited
about this meal, I just don’t know where to begin. OK. Well, I guess I’ll begin
with the asparagus bundles. I was trying to think of what to
do with the burger that didn’t involve a lot of starch,
because everybody’s eating, you know, the Atkins, and the
low carb, and the no carb, all that kind of thing. So one of the good things
about many of those diets is that you get to
eat a lot of bacon. I think everything in reason. Don’t go nuts with
a pound of bacon. But a little bit
adds a lot of flavor, and it’s great on the grill. So I’m going to wrap my
asparagus in the bacon. And I need to know
where to take the tip of the asparagus, where it’s
going to be nice and tender. So I just hold it on both ends
and give it a little snap. I’ll show you a couple here. And then you just use
that as a guideline. Now you could save
this part for soup. No problem there. It’s a good idea. Asparagus makes a
lovely, simple soup. Especially with all those
great store bought stocks you can use out there. Soup is just so quick and
easy to make any night. I rinsed these
off when I brought them home from the store. That’s always a big
time saver, right? Now let’s just give them a snap. Cool. Now if you can only find
really big stalks of asparagus that day, no problem. Just take a vegetable
peeler to the ends and trim them down a little
and they’ll be perfect. And here you’re just
trying to pick up a method. This is just an
idea for the method. You can wrap bundles of waxed
beans, green beans, strips of zucchini, green onions. You can mix and match
all those vegetables. But you want about this size. About 4 inches to
work with here. I’m going to drizzle
these with a little EVOO, extra virgin olive oil. It’s good to go. A little salt and pepper. And why dirt a bowl? Just work right on the pan. And I’m going to get
a quick count here. There’s 5, 10, 15, 20. Yeah. I think I’ve got about
35, 40 spears here. So I’m going to
divide by 4 roughly, and just grab handfuls. That looks about right–
of about 8 to 10 pieces. Well, it would be good if
I opened my bacon first. Hello. Now, I like a nice
center cut bacon or an applewood smoked bacon,
because they come so nice and lean now. Look at that. It’s gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful bacon. Slab bacon is fine. Turkey bacon is fine
if you don’t do pork. How simple is this. And any time I see
something all wrapped in bacon like this, it just
looks so formal and pretty, doesn’t it? And there’s nothing going on. Look how simple that is. And you could do smaller
versions of this. Little half pieces of bacon
and just a couple pieces of asparagus. It’d be perfect for
a little party snack. And you know, you’re going to
find that if you do go ahead and roast the asparagus,
or even if you grill it outside with the lid down, it’s
going to get this nice almost nutty flavor to it. It’s a totally
different experience from steamed asparagus. That’s one of the neat
things about cooking. You play around with
the methods as much as you do with the
seasonings, and you’ll find a whole new taste experiences. Look how great that worked out. Oh, I just love it when a
plan comes together like that. OK, let’s get these
guys in the oven. They’ll go about 12
minutes or until the bacon gets nice and crisp. And of course, the fat
will go right down through the slotted pan and drip away. Oh, I can’t wait to eat those. That’s so up my alley. A little squirt of soap. There we go. OK, let’s get these
little guys into the oven. They don’t need a
lot of muss and fuss. That’s another great
thing about this meal. It kind of takes care of
itself, it babysits itself.

10 thoughts on “Recipe of the Day: Rachael’s Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus Bundles | Food Network”

  1. Hey Snookums,how about finishing off the asparagus with a little mayo/ mustard, sage sauce on top? You want heavy cream instead of Mayo in that sauce? Gopher it. We're Dutch here, so finely chopped hard boiled egg on top is wott we're doin.

  2. I always stretch the bacon first, and lace it between the ends to avoid the bacon from unraveling when turning the asparagus on the grill.

    Happy Eatin’!

  3. I use thin asparagus spears, lighly covered in vigin olive oil, sprinkled w/course sea salt, and some fresh squeezed lemon juice. Then take 4 thin asparagus spears wrap in apple wood smoked bacon from end to end, almost covering the spears and bake until the bacon is done, not over done! (burnt like R.R.'s😞) Enjoy!

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