Queimar Gordura Localizada – 6 Passos para Perder os Pneuzinhos

Queimar Gordura Localizada – 6 Passos para Perder os Pneuzinhos

Hello! What’s up? Today I will bring you 6 tips
for you to lose those love handles. That fat next door that bothers you
when you put on jeans… If you’re a man and you’re on the beach, boot the
shorts and that little fat one back there, on the back, here on the side showing up. Many people suffer from this fat and
they ask: “Patricia, how do I diminish?” Stay with me till the end, that you won’t
want to lose. First of all, if you’re new, be
welcome, subscribe to the channel and activate the Little bell. Here’s new video every day, you don’t
you’re gonna want to lose. If you know someone who needs help
in that area, there’s a lot of love handles there, fat accumulated in this region behind our backs,
on the side of the belly, so share that video. Let’s go together, you and I, extend our
chain of good. This type of accumulated fat is a type
of very common fat, especially in men. Of course, some women have those love handles,
isn’t it? This little greasy side and back, but
for men she is much more prevalent. And it really bothers some men who are thin,
because there’s a man who isn’t so above weight like that or even have an interesting physique,
they can train their arm well, they can train your leg, your chest, your back well,
but on that side circumference there, the top of the back, near the lumbar,
have a build-up of fat. So, let’s talk more about some tips
so you can reduce this buildup of fat on these “love handles.” The first big tip I got for you
is to reduce the amount of carbohydrate from high glycemic index that you consume. Because these high-index carbohydrates
glycemic will make you secrete a lot of insulin and the insulin will do with
that you accumulate fat, which is what the people don’t want to. We want you to have a basal release
of insulin, but to prevent them from spiking insulin, in which large amounts of
sugar is stored in fat in those places that you are already genetically
more predisposed. If you don’t know it, high-profile foods
glycemic are sugar, honey, syrup in general, the sweets, the bullets, the soda
with sugar… And not to mention some carbohydrates, too.
have high glycemic index like rice white, the white noodles, the white bread
and of course all those bakery products, confectionery, in general. Another really cool tip is to add
more protein in your diet and fractionate that protein supply throughout the day. At breakfast, at breakfast, at the
lunch, afternoon snack and dinner, always have a little bit of protein along the
day. Because protein is related to
…reduction of the ghrelin, which is, exactly, the hunger hormone, which speaks to you:
“Go eat, you’re hungry!” When we can lower the ghrelin,
this feeling of hunger all the time diminishes and it makes it easier for you to organize
your food and follow that plan that you determined for yourself without falling into
temptation. In addition, protein requires more energy
of your body, of our metabolism, to be digested. So that’s another positive point for her,
that helps a lot in those cases. Another tip for you is to reduce the fats
that are harmful, that are not healthy, but consume the healthy fats. Because the fat will help you stay
more satiated and depending on the type of fat that you consume, you get to have an environment
more anti-inflammatory in your system, favouring the burning of fat, favouring
the lipolysis. Which fats are more anti-inflammatory? Basically, it’s the Omega 3, which we find
in the sardine, the tuna, the salmon… And, furthermore, their precursors in chia,
in the flaxseed… So, it’s interesting to add
these good sources of Omega 3 fat in our food. Besides, the other fats they don’t have,
necessarily a large amount of Omega 3, but they have monounsaturated and polyunsaturated,
are good choices, which are the fats that we find in avocado, in olive oil, in
oilseeds… They’re interesting to consume. Avoid even the trans fat, that fat
highly processed, and saturated fat, because they are more pro-inflammatory and go
make this fat burning environment worse for you. It is also interesting that you add
good quality, low carbohydrates glycemic, because they also help to decrease
the ghrelin, which is that hunger hormone, that I explained to you. So, what are these interesting carbohydrates
of us consuming? Sweet potato is a good option. A good option for you to consume too
are legumes in general, the chickpeas, the lentil, all the beans,
the pea, are very interesting from us consume on a daily basis. And in addition, brown rice is a good
option, wholemeal pasta and wholemeal bread of good quality, are also sources of carbohydrates
interesting to be consumed. Oh, not counting the fruit, huh? In general, fruits, especially
those with the lowest glycemic index, are great carbohydrate options too. Another golden tip is for you to limit the
amount of liquor that you consumes. I know that for some people, I talk
“do not consume alcoholic beverages” is a lot difficult, because it has a social issue involved,
Anyway… But the liquor makes you
increase the amount of fat you accumulates, precisely, in the central region of
his body, and also in that part of his back and on the side. So, if you can reduce the amount
of alcoholic beverage that you consume, already will help from that metabolic point of view. But in addition, the alcoholic beverage, many
sometimes it has a lot of carbohydrates and a lot of calories. Depending on if it’s beer, some drink, no
é? They have more calories than, for example,
a pure vodka, a drink that is, basically, the alcohol. I’m not telling you to drink vodka,
necessarily, but for you to account the calories of what you consume. Because a lot of people forget to do that. Alcohol has a calorie and alcohol
may have more calories than just the alcohol, depending on what you add. A caipirinha, right? One fruit, the sugar, will have more calories
than pure vodka, that’s what I want from you explain. And, furthermore, do you remember that the drink
alcohol makes you relax, lose the inhibitions… That socially, for some people who
are more shy, more withdrawn, can be interesting, but remember that
your inhibitions for what you eat will also do… They’ll get lower. So that’s when you asked
French fries, the skewer… Those foods that you wouldn’t normally
would eat because it’s controlling itself, but the alcohol has arrived, the inhibition has gone down,
and you end up eating what you didn’t want. And the last tip for you to lose
your love handles: You have to work out. We have to increase the caloric burn
and preferably that you can do a high-intensity interval exercise,
which is what we call HIIT. Nowadays there are several videos on the internet,
tips, finally, on how to do these exercises the HIIT type. Always remembering that they are exercises
that you do for a block of time a very high exercise intensity
and then a little rest, to you interval, by “X” minutes or as
you determine, for you to have a burn of very expressive fat. This kind of exercise makes you
keep burning more fat at rest. So, he’s very interesting. Always remembering that for you to do activity
physics is interesting that you have educational professional guidance
Physics, of course. So, if you have any questions, look
one of his trusts to help you more with that. So, did you like the tips? Which will be easier for you to modify
and which will be more difficult to change in your routine? Did you manage to lower the love handles? How did you do it? Boot here for me if you got any tips
extra, other than the ones I broke up. We’re going to help each other together, all of a sudden,
with your comment here, we can to further enrich this video of ours. And, also, if you know of anyone who
or this information, share this video, right? Let us together extend this chain of good,
which is what I want here with the canal. And, once again, people, speaking of a help
the other one, help me, enjoy the video, sign up in the canal and activate the bell. This all helps me a lot. And also, by subscribing to the channel, you
will receive the notifications of the videos new, because here you have new video every day. With several tips for good shape, health, nutrition
and also many healthy, easy recipes and very interesting. See you next time. Bye, bye.

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