Producers Beef Over “Stolen” J. Cole & Bryson Tiller Beat | Genius News

Producers Beef Over “Stolen” J. Cole & Bryson Tiller Beat | Genius News

J. Cole dropped his new album, ‘4 Your Eyez
Only’, last night and it’s already engulfed in some controversy. The album includes the track “Deja Vu”
which strangely sounds similar to Bryson Tiller’s 2015 hit “Exchange.” Tiller’s “Exchange” was produced by the production duo The Mekanics
comprised of 5 Star and Foreign Teck. The The song samples “Swing My Way” by K. P. & Envyi. Cole’s “Deja Vu” is credited to producers
Boi-1da, Vinylz and Velous. Shortly after the album dropped, Boi-1da accused
Teck of “reverse engineering beats” and fired off this tweet: Vinylz jumped in tweeting: Vinylz claims he sent Foreign Teck a video
of himself making the Deja Vu beat, only to have Teck remake it and then sell it to Bryson
Tiller. Foreign Teck responded on Twitter to Vinylz
and Boi-1da calling them “the definition of petty.” And he claims Vinylz tried to extort him for
publishing earnings. In tweets later deleted, Teck admitted to
stealing Vinylz’ drums for Meek Mill’s “You Know.” To add more drama, producer G-Money claims
he made the beat in 2013 and Teck stole the beat from him. We’re not sure what to make of this back and forth,
but someone needs to get their lawyers on the phone. But as Boi-1da says on Twitter: For all the lyrics and production credits
for Cole’s new album, visit Genius.

100 thoughts on “Producers Beef Over “Stolen” J. Cole & Bryson Tiller Beat | Genius News”

  1. I dont get what the fuss is about? shit if artists weren't allowed to use parts or re-engineer others songs/beats there wouldn't be any fire in the world. #letmusicbe #fireoverfight

  2. I for one believe G-Money. He shows the files created date. However, G-Money should have protected his intellectual property to prevent unauthorized usage of his beat. That said, I don't know any of these artists and producers, but sampling has always been apart of the rap game. If G-Money, or any other producer claiming ownership of this beat, filed for copyright to the beat, then it's time to go to court. IMO


  4. I've already been over all of this shit but I found something that changes all this. A song called "Brooklyn Girls" was rapped and produced by Charles Hamilton in 2008. The oldest any of these guys have claimed to make the beat is 2013. So I'm not saying Charles made the beat for sure, but I've looked for a long time and I can't find it anywhere earlier than 2008 and it doesn't say he got it from someone else. Research might be difficult on him just because he's a small name rapper but I've been unsuccessful anyway. Something else that confused me is that in the begging of Brooklyn Girls he says "Only I could get away with something like this" which before I knew how old the song was I thought he meant sampling the beat. But now I think it means something totally different.

  5. All these niggas need to pick up a piano and make their own samples. They just take a sample put gross beat and half time it. They think they are the shit for putting 808s and snares lmao. They dont even master or mix their "beats"

  6. THE FIRST PERSON TO RAP ON THIS BEAT WAS ANILYST IS 2014 ❗️❗️ look up Not A Clyde – Anilyst …. smh all these producers be lying

  7. How was the beat stolen? They can all use that sample lol there's nothing saying that you can't use the same sample as someone else. The drums aren't exactly the same, and even if the style was directly jacked, you can't copyright a style. So even tho the drums are similar, the sample is the same and the vibe is very similar, there's nothing illegal going on here haha it's all good.


  9. Deja vu was supposed to come out in 2014 forest hill drive but didn’t go with the album so they saved it to find out Bryson’s producers made a similar or stole the beat🤦🏽‍♂️ either way both dope songs just j cole better stating facts

  10. Either way, Exchange is better on the track. I mean J. Cole is obviously dope but…Just saying. 💯😒 #TillerKilledThatBeat

  11. Dude beats have been jacked for the longest nwa stole some beats even samples and there nothing wrong with that. look if any of yall steal a beat credit the original composer in the song.

  12. This comment back and forth shit is annoying they even said that they stole the beat in the tweet so y'all know j Cole is better he Bryson is good but blame the beat artists it is there fault

  13. Nigggas took that shit from the 1998 classic Swing my way” by Kp and Envyi. They Tryna get money off of my beats sampled.

  14. You can't come for J.Cole because J.Cole got the beat from Bryson Tiller and then them two wasn't the only ones with that beat. The song Shawty Too Cold by Drake is another song that had the exact same beat. And there is another one called Shawty So Cold by Killa Kuul. Therefore you can't come for only them two. So why he out here attacking J.Cole he need to back up from off of him or go attack the other too.

  15. Why they being so extra ab this 🤣 both songs are good, Like the artists are like whatever but the music producers are having a cow 🐄

  16. J Cole is really s sucka. He try to put in this “no feature” mess when in reality he don’t get alone with ppl

  17. Y'all some goofy mfs for real. My ancestors made this beat with sticks and stones while they homies were freestyling in the caves.

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