Probiotic Superfood Soda Pop: Vegan Raw Food Recipe

Probiotic Superfood Soda Pop: Vegan Raw Food Recipe

what's a family this is jason andrew wrobel from that's jason WRO b as in baby bear yo come here hosted transformation nation what we have for you guys here today is a superhero soda or if you're from Detroit in the Midwest you call it pop this is an amazing superfood version of a fizzy wizzy get you dizzy own superfood soda pop that you guys are gonna dig and you kids your cousins and your grandchildren's gonna love it too we're gonna be creating an amazing nutritious mineralized version of a sugary sweet soda pop but of course doing it in the low glycemic totally raw totally meaty version dig this regular soda I don't want to name any names but you know once that rhymin choke and smite and smack their lapper they all have the ability to actually demineralize your body not only spiking your blood sugar and your glycemic index but they actually actually strip your body of necessary minerals for proper health as well so this recipe not only is amazing because it renew for Phi's and remineralize –is your body but you guys can check out more information with my homie maja Nomi and his whole thing on the dangers and the DL of what soda actually does to your body one hour after drinking it links in the doobly-doo we're starting with our base of two cups of filtered alkaline water and then we're remineralizing it with full spectrum minerals from idea clarity we're going to put a half dropper full in here Shazaam and then we're going to add one full 12 fluid ounce bottle of kombucha to our blender kombucha is amazing cos house to detoxify your body and as that soda fizziness that we're looking for our super hero soda recipe the next from the garden in the front we're going to be adding a 4 inch by 2 inch roughly piece of fresh organic aloe vera ucaas off the sides you take your knife like so and you gently gently cut off the top of the aloe and then what you can do is you can take the flat of your blade be sure to use your fingers and your thumb in this position to make sure you don't cut yourself and gently run the blade along the edge of the aloe and get all of that amazing supersoft meat right in your blender next for some additional sweetness we're gonna be adding 3 full tablespoons of organic coconut palm sugar next as an amazing flavor enhancer and potent aphrodisiac 1 teaspoon of ground vanilla powder next we've got opti MSM one of the most potent forms of MSM you can find this is amazing for helping to rebuild ligaments connective tissues tendons muscles MSM is super potent for rebuilding the human body we're gonna have two teaspoons next we're adding a super potent form of vitamin C or organic comma combo powder 1/2 teaspoon then we've got Hawaiian yellow ginger really spicy really warming for the blood super cleansing we're gonna have probably 2 by 2 inch piece next for a little extra spiciness a tiny pinch of cayenne a small pinch of our raw Himalayan crystal salt and then you know what time it is it's time to blend my friend funky funky man Lexi Pratt it down seriously num-nums kids num-nums and um – and UMS cuz it isn't the best so guess what parents no more excuses for them chip Owens you can make this easily with the right blender at home a host of amazing super foods and you've got a busy totally neutral I'm totally energizing drink then you can make every single day once again I want to thank yo and ultimate super foods for hooking us up with super food flow Gio this week and thank you guys so much for tuning in here on transformation nation my name is jason andrew wrobel from that's WRO b is and baby baby Elcom thank you guys so much and now we're gonna get cropped cuz I've got it jump in trunk get sound thinking pump got my jump in the trunk Oh who you calling a pump taste-testers it's time to confess the ginger Wow you see the charities as happy that's what we got to do we got to feed the children of soda pop but then it's not a soda pop we gotta be in gist you know what I'm saying

18 thoughts on “Probiotic Superfood Soda Pop: Vegan Raw Food Recipe”

  1. Here's a soda idea for people who don't have much money.

    Sparkling water
    Few Dates
    Optional: Berries, lemon, lime, vanilla, ect

    Blend 🙂

  2. hahahaha you're sooo funny (but it is good.) Recipes are great! I bought the ojio maca powder soooo good! I want to try this recipe and others! I am still want to try making the raw brownies.

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