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  1. I think it says something about my generation that, other than Gordon Ramsey, I’ve never watched any of these shows, but I’ve watched pretty much every BA video released in the last 2 years…😜

  2. Can I get in on the tea that is happening in the background of Brad and Molly in the first 5 minutes!? 😂

    Whatever it was it looked interesting hahahha

  3. Great video, but I seriously was hoping you'd react to Good Eats, yeah I'm an Alton fanatic. I would die for Claire or Alton any time. LOL

  4. I genuinely can't tell how old Gaby is. Is she 23? 97? Is she a perfect innocent newborn? Is she a sage elder carrying the wisdom of generations? Yes to all of the above.

  5. So I thought bon appetit was a fairly new magazine and I was kinda confused when many of these old videos were referred to as their own so I googled it and now I am full of even more admiration for the bon appetit crew for being able to keep up the high standards for so long.

  6. You can kill molds at temperatures above 140 but that heat wont kill the toxins which can never be killed or removed

  7. There's a cooking show out of South Korea that they didn't get to, Nengjaneul Puttakae, which literally translates to "Take (Good) Care of my Fridge." On Netflix, it's called Chef & My Fridge. Every week, another celebrity gets their refrigerator hauled into the studio, contents and all, and a panel of 8 chefs are charged with making dishes which not only match the guest's taste & cravings, but also make use of whatever the guest has in their fridge. It's the greatest cooking show in Asia today, having franchised a Chinese version that's watched by some 300m-400m every week. And the best part: Each dish is a head-to-head battle, with only 15 minutes allowed for prep and cooking. Even Gordon Ramsay's been on there as a guest chef back in 2017. Great, great stuff.

  8. Yes, Emeril has Airport Restaurants. I ate at the one in MSY (New Orleans). It was actually pretty good. Overpriced, but that's all Airport Restaurants.

  9. it's not true on solids with mold. Spores, etc are already throughout, even if you can't see it. Science. Mold? Chuck it, sorry.

  10. I’ve watched this show for years and I never knew anyone’s last name except for Chris Morocco’s and Brett Leone’s but I must say ALL of you have the coolest last names!!

  11. I always thought I was the only one who didn’t like soupy scrambled eggs. I’m more of a this is basically a very lazy omelette kind of scrambled consistency y’all feel me?

  12. The eggs aren't undercooked🤦🏼 their a reasons he has 17 Michelin stars and you're working at a test kitchen lmao

  13. God chris really annoys me so much. He has this attitude that he is so superior to everyone else. Is is so annoying. Love all the others though!!

  14. Okay I swear to god when I was in middle school I would stay up late with my grandma and we would watch The Nanny, and an old show I swear to god was called two fat ladies. They were very British and the drove a motorcycle with a sidecar and I remember them making quail and cornish game hens. It probably helped spark my enjoyment of cooking when I have/had the time.

  15. My favorite TV cooking shows were Yan Can Cook, Ming Tsai, and Emeril Live. There aren't any great TV cooking shows anymore so I only watch these YouTube channels: BonAppetit, Binging With Babbish, Food Wishes, Sous Vide Everything, Guga Foods, Sam The Cooking Guy, Adam Ragusea, Outdoor Chef Life, Jun's Kitchen, You Suck At Cooking, Jamie Oliver, Genaro Contaldo, Almazan Kitchen, Joshua Weissman, Hiroyuki Terada, TabiEats, Strictly Dumpling, First We Feast, Akis Kitchen, and The Food Surgeon.

  16. I absolutely loved this! there is no reason that this couldn't become a regular series! lots of cooking shows/movies/videos to entertain! a monthly or bi-monthly compendium of the BA crew doing exactly this would be amazing!

  17. Do you have 21 Michelin stars molly and brad? I didn't think so, so don't complain about how (a chef that has decades more experience then you do) makes scrambled eggs

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