Prescription Cat Food Lawsuit Claims Product Is Identical To Regular Cat Food

Prescription Cat Food Lawsuit Claims Product Is Identical To Regular Cat Food

As American consumers have tried to be a little
bit healthier and a little bit more conscious of what we’ve been putting into our own bodies
in terms of food, we’ve also become more conscious about what we’re feeding our pets. In the last few years we’ve seen all kinds
of new pet foods emerge. We’ve seen ones that have to be kept refrigerated. They’re chock full of real meat and real vegetables,
and there’s also some pet foods that are so exclusive that you have to have a prescription
to give them to your pets. Now, most people would probably think that
means that that, that’s the good stuff, right? That’s what you want to give your pet. The one that’s so exclusive, a doctor has
to give you permission to have it, but according to a new class action lawsuit, some of those
prescription pet foods are no different than what you can pull right off the shelf in your
big box store. Joining me now to talk about this is Scott
Hardy with Top Class Actions. And Scott, I have, I have lots of pets and
I’m going to be honest, I didn’t even know that prescription pet food was a thing. But it is and some people, especially if you
have a pet that has a chronic issue, if the pet has diabetes, if they have any kind of,
you know, glandular problems, you probably think that this is what you need to give your
pet. But this lawsuit says it’s no different than
what’s on the shelves. Right. I mean, that’s the thing. This happened to me and our dog, he had a
slight little problem and my wife takes him to the vet and she comes home with an entire
flat of canned dog food. And she said, we’re supposed to, this is,
this is the new science diet that we’re supposed to give him. And I said, well, what are you talking about? I wish you would’ve called me because I know
that nowadays you can get even better, higher quality food from your local neighborhood
pet store. They’ve got great organic all natural food
that you can feed your dog. You don’t have to go to the vet anymore and
get science diet. That was a huge selling point back in the
what, 80s or 90s about how for awhile you could only get science diet from your vet
because that’s the best food and that’s just no longer the case. This class action alleged that the, the, the
owner of their cat went to the vet, their cat had diabetes, had some problems and the
vet, said, here, here’s this prescription cat food. You can only get it from us, give it to your
cat. Spent a lot of money giving their cat this
special kind, this special vet cat food not knowing that there isn’t a prescription for
this cat food. It’s not a medicine, it’s just cat food that
hills science diet only sells to veterinarians, but it is sold and marketed in that way to
make you think that you’re getting something extra special that only the doctor can prescribe
when according to this class action, that is not the case. And, you know, it’s really disappointing because
if your vet says this is the food you need to have, you know, you typically, you’re going
to believe that person. You know, pets are like family and you want
to do what’s best for them. You want to take care of them and if that
means buying the expensive pet food, most of us, as long as you’re in a position to
do it, you’re going to do it. And you’re also going to take the vet at their
word when they say this is what the pet needs. But, you know, it’s kind of like what we see
with the, with doctors. We want to believe what they say. But then, you know, right after you walk out
the next person to walk in there is the pharmaceutical rep saying, hey, you know, you need to sell
or give out more prescriptions for our drug. And then next time you go to the doctor they
say, well, you know what, let me try on this new thing. You know, there’s a new thing out. I want to put you on this. I want to try this. Let’s see how this works for you. Not realizing that they’re incentivized to
do that and I think with this science diet, you know, this allegedly prescription pet
food, it’s kind of the same thing. They may not be getting kickbacks, but they
are incentivized to help sell that over regular pet food. They absolutely are making a lot of money
on it because they’re reselling it. There’s, they’re reselling that at a high
profit margin directly from the vet store, from the vet. So instead of you going in and picking up
this from a pharmacy, nope. You know, you just can go ahead and, hey,
thanks, I’m prescribing you this food and by the way, I have it here and it is quite
expensive, but isn’t your pet worth it? And of course you’re going to spend that money. In our case, we gave our dog maybe a can of
the food and then we donated the rest to an animal shelter because he didn’t need it. But he was sold it and he was sold that food
and we were sold that food because we thought it was something extra special that only the
vet could have. And only the vet’s going to give you when,
you know, this class action lawsuit just says that’s patently false. And of course there’s this class action is
only alive because it was, it was thrown out. You know, an appeals court said, yes, this
is actually covered by the FDA and no, this is not a class action that you can, you can
file. But the appeals court I believe made the right
decision here and said, no, this isn’t an FDA issue. This is not actual medicine. This is just cat food. This is cat food that’s being resold at a
very high profit margin and targeting consumers who are believing what their vet’s telling
them and what science diet is telling them instead of going and going to their local
pet food, their local pet store, and just getting a very healthy option for a lot less
money. Absolutely, and in instances like this, you
know, any pet owner needs to understand the internet is absolutely their best friend. You know, look online, you might be able to
find better deals, but, you know, check the ingredients online before you head to the
store. So that way you go there knowing exactly what
you want. You can compare what’s in these, you know,
allegedly prescription pet foods to what’s available in the store. You can make an informed choice. It’s going to take a little bit of research,
but in the end it could end up saving you a lot of money. For more information on this particular issue,
follow the link in the description of this video. Head over to Top Class Actions and of course,
while you’re there, make sure you sign up for their weekly newsletter. Scott Hardy with Top Class Actions. Thank you very much for talking with me today. You’re welcome. Thanks for your time, Farron.

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  2. I wish marketing didn't involve deception.
    Dilbert portrays the Marketing departments of America as full of sociopathic criminals. I'm proud to be on the Engineering team.

  3. Wow, my cat needed a special low fat type cat food for a lung condition she was recovering from and I needed a prescription to get it. That shit wasn't cheap. What a damn shame.

  4. Our vet prescribed Hill's Science Diet for our cat that had a urinary tract infection, but we fed him Purina One Urinary Tract formula, instead – because, the ingredients were identical! For the follow up visit, the cat's blood work came back exactly like the vet expected! Then, we told her that we never fed him the Hill's Science Diet and that we fed with Purina One, instead. She was shocked! But, she couldn't argue with the results! She said she would recommend Purina One Urinary Tract formula in the future and would start using it herself for her own cats!

  5. Screw that what about gmos in the human food that is giving people cancer tumors and that would be everything and the pesticides on the fruits and vegetables

  6. And vets promote that spot on flea treatment that goes across neck down back . This is poison as well . And vets hand out stickers saying these flea treatments are
    poison and try to promote it to get you to buy it .

  7. these people are crying over cat prescription food?…..cmon people. We got way more shit to worry about than god dam pet food.

  8. Let the buyer beware! And, that's easier than ever, before, now that we have the internet! If you have the internet at your fingertips, you are without excuse for not researching virtually anything and everything for which you need to be well informed! I wasn't taken in by Hill's Science Diet, because I researched cat foods and made my own comparison of the ingredients and determined that it was overpriced and completely unnecessary!

  9. No, you don't take your Vet (or doctor's) word about ANYTHING. Do your research. My rescue dog had some issues with her ears and my Vet sent me to a specialist. The specialist wanted to give me a "prescription" for some kangaroo-based dog food because my dog must be allergic to chicken. Of course, it was VERY expensive and I could only buy it from him. I know snake-oil nonsense when I hear it, figured out the problem myself.

  10. I was skeptical about these 'prescription' diets, and still am because I am sure there is shady business afoot (as there always is with megacorps), but when I took my cat off his Royal Canin urinary-tract formula diet, his UTI/urinary tract stones relapsed in very short order, despite him being on a higher-quality (and more expensive) diet. Not willing to take that change again, frankly.

  11. My cat was given prescription cat food. He wouldn't eat it. It cost $65. Fortunately, the vet bought it back. We gave him Rachel Ray's cat food and he started eating again. But he died a few months later. We still don't know why.

  12. I hope this video helps someone who can't afford to spend money on expensive cat food for a sick cat not waste their money. I live in the UK and actually my cats prefer the store brand cat foods to the more expensive brands, I used to feel guilty about buying the cheaper brands but they don't even like the more expensive brands.

  13. Vets gets their nutritional information from classes funded by hill science diet or royal canin, they're taught to sell it to you.

  14. I'm having the same problem with my 10yr old cat who has a servere digestive issues and it's costing me thousands $$ and the Vets said I must feed him a prescription royal canin food which is so expensive but that's not the only issue, he hates the vets food and mostly it does nothing to help him at all 🤯. After seeing this I'm strongly thinking of making the cat food myself at least then I know what's in it right!!

  15. My daughter’s MD doctor that she’d been seeing for migraines actually tried to pull this stunt. She would write a “prescription” for vitamin supplements that u could only buy from her office. Of course my daughter smelled the BS and didn’t buy them.

  16. In Scotland and wider Britain we have the PDSA People's Dispensary for Sick Animals. It's a charity which gives low income families veterinary care and you can pay them full vet prices if you can afford it. They are good they don't give you any endorsed pet food!

  17. No doubt that cats with kidney disease require special low protein diets or their life spans will be significantly reduced. In this instance wouldn't it be fair to say that in most cases the vets as well as the owners were also defrauded by the Rx cat food cabal.
    Sort of reminds me but to a lesser degree of the 2008 Chinese baby formula tainted with melamine that killed 6 children and sickened 300,000 others. As a result two of the most egregious corporate culprits were summarily executed.
    Just saying….

  18. The one exception to this is hypoallergenic pet food. I haven't been able to find any other options for hydrolyzed protein dog foods besides Royal Canin and Science Diet, or I'd be buying that other option.

  19. Thank You Farron for another great video. My cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes. of course Vet prescribed super expensive Royal Canine, so I bought it ! after a while my cat refused to eat it. Went on line & researched cat food & ingredients and found food that had same stuff as prescription food & my cat eats it. It is 1/3 the price of the Royal Canine..And most important her blood sugar is under control !

  20. I'm glad my vet is an upstanding guy. He will tell me when a particular food is hyped. Some of the most expensive and touted foods are not as good as standard Purina, etc. My cat got a bladder infection from eating Blue Buffalo. It is not special in many cases. I feed her a grain-free Purina Beyond formula. Not too expensive and she acts like a 10 week old, instead of a 10 year old. As far as my vet's advice goes–he rocks! –Cindi

  21. Pet food. Chicken, Carrots, Barley, Califlower, BrockIey, in a mixer, mixed with Wellness wet food. spend thousand to find out why my Cat throws up. After many years I myself found out that she's allergic to Fish, Tuna, all Sea Food. Also Lysol is toxic to Cats.

  22. There really seems to be no end or length too many humans will go to just flat screw over anyone and everyone they can.
    Please stop this planet,I want to get off!😕

  23. Dammit. I've spent a fortune on Hill's (prescription food) for my cat thinking it would be better for him and his condition, and I trusted my Vet (four cats and 25 years!). Time to find a new Vet and no more Science Diet! Thanks!

  24. In Australia, kangaroo meat is available in the freezer section in the pet food aisle. Hill's pet food was also withdrawn from the shelves as I'd heard two cat's deaths were attributed to it. I'll stick to the one I trust: Royal Canin which is the most expensive but best.

  25. Cat and their food gets unless attention from distributors than dog food. That's why if a person say they're animal lover, I reply just say dog lover because other animals receive less treatment yet barely any uproar, but let dog get similar treatment.

  26. I've never bought into that stuff. I've paid attention to what my pets like and their health. Hell my pets eat healthier than I do lol.

  27. Thanks for this. It’s very interesting and we have to be really careful of the foods we give our precious pets. I know that there are dried cat foods that my cats always throw up after eating. There must be some ingredient in this stuff that is upsetting them but I don’t know what it is. 😺🐈

  28. Thumbs up and an additional comment to beat the algorithm. Thanks for the report! 👍
    And thanks to all the no-life right wingers, spending all their free time in the comment section of left leaning news sources; you're helping the cause!

  29. Damn… it's as if capitalism is a completely broken system! As if it was designed to be… 🤔
    Best not to think about it and keep going! – right wing logic

  30. Vets make most of the their profit by upselling, whether that be products, tests or treatments because they know they can guilt the average pet owner into it. Even human doctors are less driven by the almighty dollar than animal ones.

  31. I hope they get sued right out of business. They dupe the veterinarians, I know because I worked for vets who were told this stuff was the best, and of course, who had time to check it out? I don't remember selling much of it, but we fed to our inpatients. Dammit!

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