Poondu Podi| பூண்டு பொடி | Garlic Powder for rice, dosa & Idly

In Kala’s recipe today we are going to prepare garlic powder Many people like Sakthi masala garlic powder If you prepare in this method, it will taste even better Let us see how to prepare In a pan, add 1 cup of urad dhal and fry it well Once urad dhal is semi fried add 3 tsp of coriander seeds 1 tsp cumin seeds Dry red chili, as per need (for spice) 1/2 tsp pepper add all of them and fry well Once urad dhal is ~80% fried.. add 1 1/2 cup of fried gram You only need to fry lightly the fried gram add little (solid) Asafoetida and fry that also Ensure urad dhal is fried fully to this level That’s all.. Now let us transfer them to a plate In the same pan add little gingelly oil I have taken 2 full garlic and smashed it like this and little curry leaves .. add both of them and fry well For better taste I have taken the garlic with the leaves (after cleaning it) We have fried garlic as well. Lets transfer that also to plate Salt as needed Once it cools off, add it to mixture grinder and grind it to nice powder Garlic powder tastes well if you grind that well Garlic podi/powder is ready. It should be grinded like this That’s all. Garlic powder/podi is ready. It tastes excellent if you mix it and eat with hot boiled rice It also suits well with Idly & dosa. You try this and share your comments If you like this video subscribe to Kala’s Recipe

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