Poha Croquettes | Poha Cutlets| दही पोहे का नाश्ता । Poha Recipes | Flat Rice Recipes | Ayushi JB

Poha Croquettes | Poha Cutlets| दही पोहे का नाश्ता । Poha Recipes | Flat Rice Recipes | Ayushi JB

Hello and Welcome Back to my channel. So Today we will make Poha/ Flat Rice Croquettes which is very tasty and it is a very easy snack which you can make for breakfast or tea time. So before i move on I would like to request you-please Like Share and Subscribe my channel and Hit the bell Icon for timely updates. So lets get started.. We have taken 1.5 Cups Flat Rice (Poha) We will wash it nicely Atleast wash 3 times with water. And after that, drain all dirty water. See, Now the Poha is washed nicely It has been washed atleast thrice. Now transfer it to a big mixing bowl and strain all water. Add 3/4th Cup Fresh Curd Now mix all of it nicely. Now its mixed nicely, so cover it and keep aside to let it rise. In another bowl take 1.5 cups Semolina Quantity of Flat Rice and Poha will be same. Add 1/2 Cup Fresh Curd into it. We do not need to add Curd a lot as it will overpower the recipe. Mix everything nicely. Now we will add slowly little water to the batter. 1/2 cup in total in gaps. Because we want little loose consistency of the batter. Because we want to rise the semolina in curd so we will slowly add water to it if its tight. When it will be loose then we will stop adding water. Mix everything nicely. Now you can see your spoon is running freely in the batter. When spoon runs freely, that means your batter is done and no more water is required to be added. So this is the perfect consistency Now cover this also and keep aside. Both thee batters should be minimum kept for 15 minutes to rise. After 15 minutes, flat rice looks like this. we will mix it more. Make sure take silicon spatula for easy mixing Uncover both the batter after 15 minutes. Mix both the batters together Mix again nicely If you do not have silicon spatula then Use your hands for good mixing. Adopt the method which is comfortable to you so that Flat rice and Semolina is mixed nicely together. It might be a bit tedious to mix as the batter is hard to move. Now we will add vegetables in the batter So i have taken 1/2 Cup Boiled Potato, 2 Green chillies 1/2 cup Cabbage, 1/2 cup Carrot 1/2 cup Whites of Spring Onions You can use normal onions as well You can add more vegetables of your choice. Add fresh coriander 1/2 cup Now add into it 1.5 tbsp Paprika Powder which is a type of red chilli powder 2 tbsp chaat masala 1 tbsp white salt Now mix everything nicely so that batter and spices mix together nicely You can use spatula to mix i prefer using hand for good quick mix Now the batter is absolutely ready and we will make Flattened small balls On palm and try giving it croquettes shape as shown I am wearing gloves because they are non sticky and the batter is very sticky So either you wear gloves the way i am wearing because gloves are non sticky or oil your palms to avoid stickiness of the batter. Usually what we do we take these balls, shape them and straight fry them in oil so that is totally upto you that whether you want to first put balls on plate or straightaway fry them in oil. Make sure the shape of your croquettes k is not thick because after frying they will be crunchy and more tasty. In a pan heat oil i have taken 4 tbsp oil You can opt for lesser oil if you wish to so we will shallow fry we will put the raw croquettes in the boiling oil for frying. Make sure while frying the croquettes you dont have to touch them initially just drop in oil and leave until one side turns golden because if you will touch then it might be all over the oil. when they turn golden brown from below then flip the side. this way your one side will be done nicely So crunchiness of croquettes is in your hands fry accordingly and adjust the thickness initially. I prefer this much cooked and crunch so i will take it out on kitchen towel and serve them hot and enjoy with Green Dip, Ketchup or maybe cheese sauce Enjoy it for breakfast or as a tea time snack They taste really amazing Do try this recipe and let me know in the comments section below how you find it. and this batter is sufficient to make 20 croquettes

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