Plant Based for $10 a day or less (2018) The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show

Plant Based for $10 a day or less (2018) The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show

Welcome to the Whole Food Plant Based Cooking
Show, today I’m going to show you how to eat for $10 or less a day [music] Ok, so let’s get right into it. What I have here is, I have one bunch of kale
that I bought and I just stripped it and divided it in half because one is going to be for
lunch, for the salad and one is going to be for dinner. So we’re going to start with our dinner, I’m
just going to give you a really quick rundown of how these are made but I also have the
recipes for the lunch and the dinner on my website and I’ll give you a link to that below. So we’re going to start. I’m going to put a couple tablespoons of water
in my sauce pan to get it started heating and I’m going to throw my onions in there
and I have half of an onion just diced up. So this is going to be for beans and greens,
that’s what’s going to be for your dinner. Trust me, it’s super delicious. So we’re going to get that cooking and I will
start on the massaged kale salad. What I have here is half of the kale and I
have half of an avocado, half a lemon, some nutritional yeast that hopefully you already
have in your cupboard by now and if you don’t I’ll also give you a link for that below and
I like to have a little bit of cracked pepper on mine. So one bunch of kale costs, I get it by the
pound so I get one bunch of kale , organic kale for less than $2 a bunch so this is divided
in half. I already stripped it and put it into small
pieces and we’re just going to squeeze our avocado on top and our lemon and this is so
delicious. This is one of go to salads, we have this
probably 2 or 3 times a week, and maybe even more than that. It’s one of my favorites because it is so
simple and look at all that kale. You’re getting all of that kale in your body
which is great, it’s a lot of greens in one day, especially for such a great price. We’re going to sprinkle our nutritional yeast
on there , just a little bit, maybe a couple tablespoons and then some cracked pepper and
I kind of like a lot on mine. I love the taste of cracked pepper. And then we’re just going to massage it and
the reason why we do this is maybe for you beginners out there, eating kale as a salad
in the beginning is a little rough. It is a really strong flavored green, but
when you massage it, it makes it really soft, takes out some of the bitterness and it makes
it a lot easier for your body to digest, which is super important. Ok and that is just about as easy as it is. I mean you can massage it down a little bit
further till the leaves are a little bit softer. It kind of just depends on your own taste
and what you like. I like to leave it just a little bit crunchy
because is still like to have a little crunch left in my salad. Now I’m messy. Just going to wipe it off here quick. So what we have for our breakfast. This is something I eat almost, probably every
other day. My go to breakfast is usually just a big bowl
of fruit. That’s about all I eat, and a cup of coffee. I love my coffee but this is my other go to. So I have 1/2 cup of oats, a banana, and I
don’t have my knife. Get my knife real quick. Now that I’ve got my knife, I’ve got some
organic wild blueberries that I got from Trader Joe’s. I really like them because they’re tiny. They’re just this tiny little blueberry. Normally blueberries are pretty big and they
don’t seem to have as much flavor as these wild blueberries. So usually cut up, sometimes I cut up the
whole banana but a lot of times I just do half, but today I’m going to do the whole
banana. This is a super quick, super easy, super affordable
and this lasts me, you know all morning. I never get hungry between meals. So I’m just going to pour maybe about a 1/4
cup of blueberries in there. It doesn’t take vey much and these packages
are less than $3 at Trader Joe’s so you are using just a tiny amount of that. This will last you all week or more, maybe
even two weeks. And then I usually sprinkle just a little
bit , like a 1 1/2 of or so of flax seed , ground up flax seed and then a cup of almond milk. I like to use unsweetened almond milk because
I don’t like to have any added sweeteners. So I’m just going to pour that in there and
see, it didn’t even take a whole cup but I like it more like cereal and then you can
stir it up a little bit mmmmm . I’ve got to have a taste of that while this is cooking. mm Delicious. I could eat that almost any meal of the day. If I’m running short or running late during
the day, during my lunch, that’s like 2 minutes to throw together and you’re on the go. Alright, so now we’ve got our dinner. The onions are already cooked about as much
as I want them to cook. You know, you just cook them until they’re
translucent, a little bit see through. You can leave them a little bit raw, I think
they’re even a little bit more healthy if you leave them a little bit raw and then we’re
going to put in this huge amount of kale. Now, It looks like a lot but it will cook
down and this is going to make a mess and you can use any other type of green
but I’m just trying to show you how you can do this really affordably because you are
going to use the same bunch of kale and divide it. Ok, we are just going to let that cook down
for a few minutes. Takes about, anywhere from 5 – 10 minutes
to cook down and then we’ll put our beans on top. Ok, if you can see here our greens are done. I’m going to turn this down. Turn it off. So yeah, that took about 10 minutes. Now we’re going to add our beans and what
I have here is just a can of, actually this is homemade cooked beans that I made from
my Rancho Gordo beans but on a budget you can get a can of black beans or pinto beans
or any kind of beans that you like and they’re usually under $1. So we’re just going to pout that in there,
stir it around a little bit and the heat from the greens and the onions will heat up the
beans. You really don’t need to cook them that long. you can cook them for longer but this is really
just a quick and easy dish. So now I’m just going to put it in my bowl. And then what I have here, you can garnish
this with more fresh onion or some jalapeños or what I like to put on it is some of my
favorite hot sauce. I just sprinkle a little hot sauce on there
and I mean who doesn’t have a bottle of hot sauce or salsa in their refrigerator? I always have one on hand and that makes it
super quick and easy and affordable and there you go. And if you get hungry in between I’ll give
you a link below also for a LaraBar the LaraBar that I go to because it only has 3 ingredients
in it. It’s the peanut butter cookie or peanut butter
bar. You know if you get hungry in between lunch
and dinner or maybe for an afternoon, I’m sorry an evening snack after your dinner just
for a little bit of sweet and they’re usually less than $1 also. So that’s how you can do it for less than
$10 a day and if you want to check out more of my amazing recipes click on the link below
to my website and that’s where I have all of my delicious recipes and I’ll see you next

100 thoughts on “Plant Based for $10 a day or less (2018) The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show”

  1. Not enough food , I eat similar Beans and greens a a big staple every day ….but I would waste away on this little food 20 $ for me a day and I am vey slim The recipes are delicious tho

  2. The recipes look tasty and easy.  Unfortunately if this only feeds one person a day, then I would be spending $50 a day for my family, which would add up to a lot more than I usually budget for our food for the month.

  3. Your recipes are AMAZING and delicious! I have given your link to so many of my patients that I strongly encourage to follow plant based whole food nutrition. Great work and thanks for this super easy and affordable video to share.

  4. now i know what i am going to do with the kale and black beans i bought yesterday!! great idea! also I have blueberry banana overnight oats almost everyday soooo good. I will add a dash of cinnamon sometimes or some nut butter.

  5. 10 dollars a day is still very expensive. That's 300 a month. That's more than my condo rent. Food shouldn't be that expensive at all in fact I believe all food should be free. Is this for one person.. it looks that way.. for 2 people 600 a month? Wow. We Need a Better solution.. if you don't have land to grow on perhaps a good way to grow indoors and save all that wasted money.

  6. I put all of this into cronometer and it's around 1000 calories (I was generous w/ the amounts of ingredients in order to give you the benefit of the doubt), so this is definitely not enough food for most people.

    With that being said, it's nutritionally balanced, so all one would need to do is increase the calorie count (add sweet potato or grains to lunch and/or dinner), and you'd be set.

  7. These recipes look great however American prices are a lot lower than here in Australia. One bunch of Kale is $3.99 and it is half the size of yours. The cheapest pre cooked beans you will find is $2-3 per can. Avocados range between $3-5 each. One small punnet of blueberries will set you back a minimum of $5 at the end of season, or on average, $7-10 and that isn't even organic. Your meals would cost us here $20-30 per day. Everything is so over priced here.

  8. Love your show! Started a channel fo those interested in how to eat with this diet when body building. Really love your recipes 🙂

  9. Nice recipes! However I have great trouble digesting (especially raw) kale and legumes and furthermore this food wouldnt be enough for me in one day.

  10. You should do a demo cooking the rancho gordo beans. This recipe looks delicious. Can’t wait to try.

  11. I've been vegan for 53 years. I was once a very well-known vegan Chef when you couldn't even find a vegan product in a grocery store. but one weekend not too long ago a family member did something and took my whole entire estate. everything that I owned that I depended on for retirement as far as monetary and everything of course that's sentimental. also taking away my vegetable garden. now being l and bringing in a very small amount of money a month I'm almost sick from just not being able to get up and make food. a complete turnaround. I went from cooking for thousands to not being able to make my own dinner. if I spent $10 a day and my partner $10 a day that's $20 x 30. 600 bucks a month on food I have about $90 for each of us. Before this would have not been an issue between my garden in the summer and being well enough to get up and make meals I would have found a way around it because that's what I did. but at this point in life that's almost my whole entire month's income. don't ever ever take what you have in life for granted I went for wanting nothing on Thursday to being completely destitute on Tuesday. and lost the honor of taking care of my mother and father in the last days of their life today is one year that I lost my mother and I thought it was just a few months ago. I'm not sure why I just vented that on your page but I was just dreaming about having $10 a day to eat with.

  12. Contrary to what everyone thinks and says it is very inexpensive to cook, eat, and be vegan! We saved so much not buying high-prices meats, fish, and all the dairy. Thank you, this was a great show.

  13. I will definitely try these recipes….I have mentioned my "almost but not quite vegan" husband before. I say "kale" and he immediately turns up his nose. Kale gets a bad rap. Yes, it can be an acquired taste, but I know It's SO healthy. My husband will eat this, I feel sure. Updates to come……

  14. All three look delicious.. I can't wait to try them. I have been Whole Food plant-based for a couple months now and loving it.. thank you for all you do.

  15. Prices vary around the country. $2 for kale and $3 for a bag of organic berries is not realistic in northern CA

  16. I would throw those beans and greens with salsa into a wrap or pita or have over brown rice or whole wheat couscous. It’s just not enough calories. Great ideas though! I want to start eating my oats that way- so much faster than making porridge! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration 🙂

  17. What I love about this video (apart from the cost) is how easy the meals are to put together. I am trying to switch to a low-fat, plant-based diet but I'm so chronically tired and feel so unwell much of the time that I find even fairly simple food preparation difficult and tend to heat up ready-made foods instead. I used to love cooking and hope that love will return along with my energy. In the meantime, this kind of recipe (especially the breakfast and dinner recipes) are perfect, perhaps with an added baked potato or sweet potato. Close to zero effort (shopping and cooking) and they look delicious, too. Thank you.

  18. If I eat a salad for lunch in 10!minites I’m what eat something else I’m vegan but ona salad for lunch 🥗 nooo even if is big salad 😥

  19. Hi what do you think of organic extra virgin coconut i use it a lot to cook with, i also use it on my face, under my eyes, it takes away the bags under my eyes i use it on my whole body, it has luric acid in it and it makes my skin really smooth, also i heard that people can use it in their hair to, and it makes their hair soft. it is also used for medical purposes.

  20. Hi is it ok to use sprouted black beans, or kidney beans for this recipe? also how much time do you cook the onions for?

  21. Hi what do you think about coconut sprays, or avacado oil sprays that don't have any calories, carbs, sodium, or fat do you think it is good to use them?

  22. You are such an inspiration to me! your channel helped me so much the last year on my vegan journey. Thank you for taking time out of your life to help others ❤️👍

  23. You have amazing channel! I will start my new healthy Habits (i hate the word of Diet🤣) with you i will have good motivation starting 😍😊

  24. Oh my goodness. How am I NOW just discovering this channel?? I've begun transitioning to a wfpb lifestyle since January, even buying a few books to help (lile Forks Over Knives, etc).

    And I've been fretting because I'm not the best cook… watching this has made me realize wfpb CAN be delicious and simple!!!

    I just subscribed. Thank you so much for this! I'll be making this for dinner tonight! 🙌

  25. Just a quick question; I see a lot of people using avacados in their recipes because of healthy fats, etc.

    But I can't eat avacados; are their other foods that would make good replacements/substitutes?

  26. I say the calorie intake is fine…I will not live by what "they" say about the amount of calories a day u should have…"they" told us in school we had to have a zillion servings a day from the four food group pyramid too..look what happened with that..keep up the great videos..healthy and all anyone needs

  27. Damn wish we had Trader Joes's in Australia. Cant get non-organic berries for $3 here. Organic cost around $7.50 a bag. Avocadoes can cost up to $4 each. I shop at Spud Shed but they don't have anything organic.

  28. Is it safe for my 16 yr old boy to vegan 🌱 because it’s life style that I want to begin but I’m not sure about him

  29. Love this! I loved all of these meals, but the dinner was my favorite as I also threw in mushrooms with the onion 🙂 super tasty, affordable, & versatile!

  30. Are raw oats digestible without soaking ? I tried eating it like that but I read it's not good to eat without soaking

  31. Been vegan/plant based for 10 months. Still cant stand the taste of kale…. only able to do a smoothie with kale. I wish i could like it

  32. I just tried the greens and beans. I was a little skeptical, but it was delicious. I did make a couple improvisations. All my water dried up while I was cooking the onions, so I added some olive oil and more water. I also added a clove of crushed garlic. I was a little shy on kale so I added some shredded cabbage. I seasoned with garlic chili pepper sauce, kosher salt and coriander. Thanks so much!

  33. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Been wanting to cut food cost for 2 and came across your video. Thanks for making healthy plant based eating afforable 🙂

  34. So this is $10 a day for one person & you are feeding a family of four so $40 dollars a day @ $280 per week -😿that is my budget for the whole month !!

  35. I am going to begin a FOK diet with my wife. But I can say the reality of eating Kale in any form is disgusting and certainly not delicious unless you have had your ole factory removed along with your few taste buds that remain. Bitter is not delicious and cannot be fixed. The lack of diets that are
    “Tasty” without kale apparently also unfixable. Apparently eating the crap must make one insane and begin loving things like moss, dirt, fungus ( mushrooms excluded) and toad ooze. I hope others can prove this theory wrong but almost every single person chants the same mantra while eating a vegetable based diet. And lastly, what is the difference between using olive oil, corn oil and coconut oil other than the bad fatty oils connected with them. I am so tired of trendy foods and related nonsense. Trendy to use coconut oil Yet olive oil is so much less in bad fatty oils and is good for you. Same with sugar. So many on the trendy kick would rather face electrocution than eat refined sugar. It’s fashionable now to eat palm sugar. WTF. Sugar is sugar is dextrose. Period. 80% of the sugar you are finding in prepared food is either corn syrup or refined beet sugar. So spend more for palm sugar. 😳 sorry I don’t get it. People like me, need a diet plan with uncommon, common sense. Like Dylan said “you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”. Am I the odd ball? Apparently.
    Now let me go fix my favorite drink in all the world… black walnut shell tea. How refreshingly delightful and someday very trendy. I need to get Trader Joe’s to stock up.
    Would anyone know if there is a TraderJoes located anywhere there is not a traffic jam? LA,DC,SF,Boston? It’s a 1-1/2hour drive if you live next door to one. I don’t think there will be one in VT in my lifetime or my great grandchildren’s lifetime. Possibly wild blueberries will be far more accessible by going to Maine or Canada and picking your own.

  36. I hit the like button instantly before even watching the full video based off the intro/theme song alone. It’s uniquely 🔥

  37. what kind of coffee do you drink i'm starting the plant based diet slow and was wondering about coffee i'm a mom of two kids.

  38. no need recipes for kale. Just need kale where I live…. Grew it in my garden this summer, but it is already all gone of course

  39. This show has been so helpful and inspiring to me! Lots of kids in this household to feed. I want to feed them as healthfully as I feed myself but need your expertise in order to make the food taste good to them. The variety is awesome! What a great resource for a plant based family, especially one new to plant-based eating! Thank you sooooo much!

  40. How many calories is that for the day?….I need 2000 and I do not think your meals add up to that much….do you get the calories you need each day?…… your channel…..thank you

  41. Sooooo…how many people does this $10/day, $300/month food budget feed? I cannot imagine spending that much money at the grocery store, and I haven't even gotten toilet tissue yet! On a positive note, the greens and beans recipe sounds really good. Thanks for that.


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