100 thoughts on “Pit Beef Roast, Chicken Thighs, and Pig Sticks Meat-Up”

  1. Bob i really think you guys should consider livestreaming your sessions in youtube. Your loyal viewers would love to interact with you guys real time! Bpb4l! More power to the channel and much love from the philippine islands!

  2. Why did you waste all the time on the spit with the beef roast?
    As bloody rare as it was, you might as well just have eaten it raw.

  3. You guys are missing it!! I offered you free RV parking for Leesburg bikefest. To late its on and i'm off to see the Friday concerts.

  4. Congratulations .bbqpiBoys. I'm a fan of the Brazilian channel.Congratulations .bbqpiBoys. I'm a fan of the channel I'm from Brazil .. I think too much all this wonder of American food

  5. damn i remember finding your videos at like 1 in the morning because i was hungry asf and needed some stimulation. Who knew you would grow this big. keep it up!

  6. wat a nice way of spending time with friends..wanna join u guys…time to explore my kitchen again I m getting hungry after watching this

  7. HA!!!! I love it. Weather looks the same up here in Central Mass!!!!! Shout out my Connecticut Brother at the Mother Chapter Pit!!! A good time, good food, and good drink had by all!! THUMBS UP!

  8. Üdvözlök minden kedves embert a Csapatban! Öröm lesz hosszabb idő után ismét a szuper recepteket megnézni ! Köszönöm a lehetőséget …

  9. Nagyon jól néznek ki a sültek, bizonyosan finomak is !! Köszönöm a lehetőséget !! Szuper a szeletelő !!!

  10. Do you people have any since of shame? How can you sit there with a cornucopia of delicious BBQ and eat it front of us?!

  11. My younger brother has acquired the nickname "Smokin' Bill. Dude is a wizard with his smoker. He has a hat he puts on when we all get together and that's when we know shit is about to get real. He only wears the hat when he intends to cook so when it comes out look out! Love yer vids and subbin' in 5 4 3 2 1, done.

  12. please let there be episodes with recipes for everything you cooked here. that beef roast looked divine

  13. This video was very satisfying and relaxing to watch while eating my dinner lol Good vibes all around grilling and drinking beer with friends nothing beats that

  14. is there a video about the things that look like ground beef, wrapped in an onion, and wrapped in bacon @ 2:15 ?
    and also the chicken sticks with some tasty looking sauce @ 2:51 ?

  15. Gawd…..I'm getting the meat sweats! That is one T-Rex testosterone driven shindig. My life is incomplete….great video boys!

  16. Too bloody for me…the cooked parts are better, would have thrown the raw stuff back on grill for a great Char!!

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  18. Fantastic, but as im from the UK i gotta have colemans English mustard on that Beef, clears the nose and tastes great. You guys are the greatest.

  19. I hope we get the recipes for all of the stuff we don't have the recipes for. Cause it all looks great.

  20. have you made stuffed mushrooms? I would love to try any recipe you have . I subscribed love you guys best bbq I have ever seen. 😉

  21. ’it looks so good so delicious i wanna eat BBQ but i don‘t have american food i'm in china i'm chinese

  22. look. I'm from Barcelona. but I swar that one day, I'll take as airplane. Then, I'll take another airplane. And then, I will find you and kill myself eating your stuff. OK? Thanxs.

  23. love that song playin sounds like white stripes dead leaves and the dirty ground…just backwards

  24. Haha, I get the jokes about the bbq pit girls being in the kitchen or out shopping 😂 But FOR REAL…I would fucking love to see more chicks doing this shit. One day when I have the money and resources for this, you bet your ass I'll be out there grillin with the best of them. Cheers to you awesome gentlemen and the food you make…it looks GOOD.

  25. Folks … Any idea what brand the meat slicer is ?

    Looks "OLD" to me …… And it is a thing of beauty …… 🧡

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