Pesto Pizza with Feta and Artichokes | Food Network

Pesto Pizza with Feta and Artichokes | Food Network

– You want to know how to [music playing] I’m gonna show you. What I’m going to do
first is grease my pan. And that’s going to keep
our dough from sticking. If you don’t know
how to make dough, you can easily go to
your local pizza place and ask them for some dough. It’s not that hard.
Trust me. And then we’re
going to lay it in. Take a little bit
more olive oil, and put it on your fingers. And all we’re going to do
is just move it around. This pizza is going
to be a great game day pizza, because we’re
going to do a little trick. We’re going to take this dough,
and we’re gonna par bake it. Par baking means partially. I mean, you can put
all your ingredients together on the day-of
and be ready for game day. We’re going to
pop this in at 500 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes. Now, any great pizza
usually starts with bacon. Now, this bacon has
a lot of fat on it, so you really don’t need to
add too much oil to your pan. [sizzling] Do you hear that? There we go. The smell of bacon is just like
the best thing in the world. If I met a woman, and
she smelled like bacon, I’d probably get on
my hands and knees. Sometimes when I cook my
bacon and it’s real fatty, I like to just tilt my
pan and kind of crisp it up just a little bit. I’m actually going to
take this bacon grease, and I’m going to put
it in the olive oil that I’m going to use
to rub on my crust. That’s the flavor. So with this pesto, we’re
going to do a blend of basil, some arugula that has a real
nice peppery flavor, pine nuts, garlic, and, the best
part, Parmesan cheese. The last and final
part of the pesto is actually adding
the olive oil. And like I said, I’m
going to eyeball it to get the consistency that I want. And then add a little
bit of lemon juice, a little bit of salt, and
a little bit of pepper. Let’s go check on that dough. My first job was
actually at a pizzeria. I was the– they called
it the sauce kid. I used to make sauce
every single day. Oh man. This pizza is gonna be good. All right. Last, but not least, I’ll
take this beautiful olive oil that I’ve infused
with my bacon grease. All I’m going to do is
just brush that crust right on the outside edge. Perfect. I’m gonna pop it in the oven at
500 degrees, 8 to 10 minutes. And I’m going to put it
on top of a pizza stone. So this pizza stone is going
to ensure that the bottom of our pizza is nice and
crispy,– you know– like you would get at a pizzeria. All right. Pizza’s out of the oven. So the last step that I’m going
to do is take some arugula. I’m going to toss it in
some olive oil, some of that tangy pickled jalapeno juice,
a little salt and pepper, and put it right on
top of our pizza. We’ve come to the most
important step of this recipe. Mm. Salty, creamy. You get a little
crunch from the crust. And that artichoke gives
a little bite to it. And the best part is that
pesto, bringing it all together. This is definitely
a game day pizza. [music playing]

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