PERUVIAN Food in NEW YORK | NYC Peruvian Food Tour

PERUVIAN Food in NEW YORK | NYC Peruvian Food Tour

Alpaca anticucho from the street Love that cumin in there. It’s subtle, not heavy cumin. Wow! Tripe, gizzard Smells good! Mmmm oh my goodness Today we’re gonna hit up four or five stops to have Peruvian food All different types of dishes. We’re gonna have
some seafood We’re gonna have some meats we’re gonna
have a lot more in between. Oh we’re so excited to show this to you. We love
Peruvian food Alright so we’re here at 90th Street and Roosevelt Avenue.
It’s a spot that normally has Ecuadorian carts that set up every day and
they’re set up right here now too, but we’re here for a
Peruvian cart that only sets up on the weekends. There in the morning and the
afternoon. We’re starting off our Peruvian food tour today with some tamales. We’re
at the Antojitos Doña Fela cart So they have the tamales every weekend
morning right here. We got ours with pork. So as you see there’s this nice orange color
of the masa here. Let’s take a bite of it by itself You know we get with the cumin. We can
detect it pretty much right away and that’s – I tasted it right away. To go with
that corn it’s got a little kick but what we gotta do is add these pickled onions
right here. Put that on top. Big chunk of this pork fell out already so I’m gonna
take a bite of that too. I got a little of everything. Those onions are
pickled, they’ve got a little kick to em, there’s a little chili pepper in here. You got some
cilantro in there too, Jumi’s excited of course So it’s served hot, which is nice. Nice in
the morning. It’s a little sweet and you could taste that really earthy flavor of
those herbs. It tastes like there’s a little honey in here as well. It’s nice
not too sweet though it’s really a comforting soothing drink Oh yeah – so good So we are outside our
second spot. It’s called Juanita’s Cafe They specialized here in Peruvian
sandwiches. So we had Peruvian sandwiches in Lima and we enjoyed
them so we’re gonna see how they do it here And they have a nice outdoor space for us to chill. Let’s go. Smells awesome We got a very iconic Peruvian sandwich here. It’s chicharron con camote. Chicharron you know – fried pork and camote, a fried sweet
potato. So it’s really cool you have that built-in savory sweet in this sandwich.
We had it twice when we were in Lima. Two famous places – El Chinito and La Lucha. So we’re
here in Jackson Heights and we got it. The sandwich is so big. He cut it in half
for us, which is really cool and look how big each slice is. Of course on the side,
why not get more sweet potato, right? And then it comes with the pickled onions. Oh it smells incredible we’re so ready for this. And what’s cool this chicharrón is
not pork belly it’s actually pork shoulder, so it’s gonna be a different texture and consistency. Let’s see how that is. So excited look at that pork right there.
Oh my god and look at that pork fat. Ooh it’s just oozing with fatty goodness Look at how thin that bun is. I mean look at how thick that pork is Look at this thing (laughs) The pork is just bursting out of this bread. Just like Jumi said, that bread is very thin which is great. That means the meat and the sweet potato has nowhere to hide. Oh I’m so excited
try this bite. Oh that’s so good. That pork has so much
flavor. It’s crispy, but not too crispy. There’s bits of fat it’s a nice mix of
fat and just tender chunks of pork. And that marinade – I don’t know what they
marinated this with, but it’s got so much flavor. It’s almost like it’s a little
cinnamon, slightly sweet. Very aromatic oh it’s so good. Then we’ve got a chunk I pulled right off. Then that sweet potato comes in just slightly sweet. Thin sliced. This is a breakfast sandwich right here. In New York we’re known for the bacon egg and cheese, but this. How can you go wrong with sweet
potato and fried pork? And they also have the pickled onions. I’m gonna take a bite
with these pickled onions as well. Just go in with the hands Now those pickled onions really cut through the richness and they add a little kick So it has a tangyness and there’s a little
spice in there too. And it adds some crunch Add that all together and it’s the total
package right here. This sandwich – awesome. Alright, you might be wondering
why I’m holding up this green sauce right here. This spot is actually owned by Pio
Pio, which is a very famous roast chicken chain here in New York City. It
starter right on this block – right over here. One of the original locations right
here on Northern Boulevard, right next door. So what they’re famous for is this green
sauce is unbelievable, so gonna try some with the sweet potato. It’s as good as ever, folks. It’s creamy it’s got that spicy. It’s unbelievably good. Got the sangria here. I love that, you can really taste the wine still. You really taste the fruit
too, it’s not sweet. I love it’s not too sweet. Some sangria is gonna be you’ll
bite into the sugar – this is not that way. This is excellent sangria We are at our third stop. Yeah it’s kind of like our third stop, but you might recognize this cart from just a few hours ago. It’s
the same Antojitos Doña Fela cart, but now they have a whole different menu in the afternoon for lunch. We’re excited and I’m so excited
for what we’re gonna get. One of my favorite Peruvian dishes around.
It’s called anticuchos, they’re amazing. I’ve been eating them here for a long time in Queens and we had them in Lima and we just ahh. We can’t get enough of
these. We literally come here every weekend at least once, sometimes twice, to get these they’re amazing and these are the best we’ve had in New York. They’re
phenomenal It is only for today’s videos that we’re
sharing an order of anticuchos, but usually every weekend we get we get one
order of each anticuchos. Sometimes I feel like I would want more after I only have
one order. Oh no most of the time we get one order, still hungry, so we get half
another order and we split it. So much meat packed on these. Let’s take
that bite. These beef hearts are just out of control.
They look like they’ve been marinated for a very long time. They’re grilled to
perfection here. They’re juicy, they’re meaty But they’re dense at the same time, but
they still stay so tender. I don’t know how they do it. Wow, the texture of these
beef hearts. So anticuchos – anticuchos are beef hearts. So these have such a great
consistency. They’re tender but they’re also very meaty and dense but they’re
so well marinated that it’s just oh it’s such a unique cut of meat prepared so
well. Hearts are really some of our favorite type of innards. It’s definitely – it may be my
number one. Marinated so well. It’s kinda garlicky, it’s got a little kick of
the spices chili flakes on there. Mmm. What we have what this is another classic
Peruvian dish, they serve it on the side here. Papa a la huancaina. So it’s
potato in a creamy cheesy sauce So you taste the creaminess and a slight
bit of cheese, but it’s also the aji, the yellow pepper in here. So it gives
that spicy kick to go with it You can just eat the sauce just keep
soaking it up it’s so good. We got dessert. So the other special here
on the weekends in the afternoon for lunch is picarones. Picarones – they’re like Peruvian doughnuts They’re made with sweet potato and
calabasa, squash. It is so good and here they’re very light and look at look at
that dough between. So you see how she just pulls the dough by hand
fresh makes them fresh to order. Oh my god. So then it comes with a syrup. The
syrup is drizzled on top, so we’re gonna dip this in the syrup. You can really taste that texture of that
sweet potato and squash. There’s anise seeds in here too, so the
anise seeds give it a really nice flavor And then the syrup, it’s less sweet than
you think. The syrup also has – its made with orange rind to give it a nice
citrusy taste So let’s dip that in Even taste some clove in there too. It’s
so good. Could just eat a whole box of these by myself easy. Maybe two. That’s how light these are. Unbelievable. So we got here, we got this special Peruvian drink
very traditional here. It’s called Chicha Morada So it’s made with purple corn. It’s sweet so
I’m gonna take a sip of it here We love this drink, so let’s take a sip
of this Chicha Morada It’s so good with that purple corn it’s got
that little tannic kind of taste like like a hibiscus or cranberry, but it
also has the flavor of a little bit of clove, some cinnamon some citrus in here.
Oh it’s so good Hi! Yeah I work here. My family’s business is Antojitos Doña Fela We have been in Queens, Jackson Heights, on 90th Street for 10 years. We started out of a shopping cart and now we have an official street food cart For the past – this is new – for two years now. But a lot of folks know us around the community for food. And we have been selling food for many many years going back to Peru We’re from Lima – San Juan de Miraflores My grandmother and grandfather are both from Arequipa. And they traveled during their preteens to Lima and have been working ever since around a lot of
businesses, but food was ultimately where we like what we did our thing what it
became our thing. We’ve been making anticuchos and polladas since they were making it and so we do that here. On weekends we’ve been starting to sell anticuchos, picarones, polladas, empanadas And yeah this is a family business and we love what we do We are in Astoria Queens. Yup, we’ve left Jackson Heights. We headed to Astoria. The funny thing that Jackson Heights has a lot of these kind of places,
these Peruvian roast chicken joints. Pollo a la brasa.
But the reason why we came here is it’s a place I’ve been coming to for many
many years called Caravan Chicken. It’s a family favorite of ours for the roast
chicken ribs and the fried rice. So this is a Peruvian Chinese fusion and this is
very popular in Peru. Chifa restaurants. Chifa. So that’s we’re
gonna get here, so excited to show this to you. It’s the beautiful culinary
diversity of Peru in action. Yess! Look at those ribs! See why I wanted to get the ribs? If you remember before, I took a little pit
stop in Pio Pio to get that big thing of sauce. So I’m gonna take out that
contraband sauce right now. And we’re gonna try both and see how
they weigh out against each other. There’s the contraband Pío Pío sauce right here. Smells good. It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and ate
here, especially these ribs. I had the chicken recently about a year or two ago,
but haven’t actually sat down for a proper meal here in a long time. So gotta
try everything by itself first before we add any sauce. Let’s take some of this roast
chicken. Let’s take some of this roast chicken right here. Oh it’s so tender. It’s falling off the bone already So juicy the skin is so flavorful. It’s not
too salty either. Some of these Peruvian chicken joints they may over-salt at
times. This one doesn’t. Now we’re gonna dip in the contraband sauce There’s just something about this sauce. It’s so creamy. It’s got that spice and cream perfectly blended together. There’s so many mystery
ingredients. I know people have tried to replicate the sauce and they just can’t do it.
I don’t know what they put in there but Now it’s time to try this rib. I haven’t had this rib in so long. Looks amazing. Slight sweetness here oh it’s not salty it’s got so much flavor it’s extremely juicy. Look at how much meat is on this rib. Oh man it’s got this nice little crisp on the outside. Let’s try this pork fried rice. Yeah I
see these red pork nuggets. These are like the nuggets that I used to eat in the
old-school Chinese takeout egg rolls Those little ground red nuggets. Looks
like there’s some bean sprouts here. Some onions. There’s a very solid fried rice
here. Peruvian they call it arroz chaufa. So we got that here.There’s bits of
egg in here. They got those crunchy onions and bean sprouts. It’s very solid.
It’s nice when the meat rests on top and the rice soaks up those meat flavors.
Might add some sauce on this too, might have to do that. This may be the perfect
opportunity to try their house-made sauce. This one smells much more vinegary.
More of a water-base. Doesn’t smell like and the texture doesn’t seem so creamy,
let’s see. There’s good tang to this one. It’s tangier and just like I thought, it’s more of like a water-base. We have come to the last stop Yeah we’re gonna feast at this spot It’s called Urubamba – it’s a longtime favorite. It’s the first place where I really got into Peruvian food. A
lot of family dinners here. Ooh we’re excited to show you all different dishes here.
We’re ready to go food spot I mean food that we ate earlier, but we took a little
break and now we’re ready for dinner. We’re ready let’s do it We ordered a lot too because why not? Gonna go out with a bang. It’s our full – our only sit-down restaurants various experience, full service that we’re doing today. And of course have to start off with some sangria. So, we couldn’t do a Peruvian food video without seafood especially ceviche. Rachi. The lomo saltado. The ceviche here. So let’s see. We asked for it medium spicy let’s see. Let’s take that bite You really get that tang from the lime. You
have that spiciness from the chili. Oh, it’s really good. And the fish is very
clean, it’s a neutral taste. It’s excellent
So we got here the Rachi. So it’s bible tripe grilled in aji panca, so it’s a Peruvian
pepper. Oh it smells good. Tripe here is very well done – it doesn’t have that
gamey flavor that some tripe can suffer from. This is the Bible tribe so
it’s not honeycomb tripe that you may see that looks kind of like a thermal shirt.
This one’s really nice it has that subtle kick from the chile pepper. It’s a
nice tripe dish. If you like tripe, like offal, try the rachi. Let’s get everything in one. Let’s get the beef, french fries. Let’s get some onion. Beef you can definitely taste the soy sauce, but it doesn’t have that salty soy sauce
flavor. It’s a well-balanced the beef is tender but it’s a little chewy at the
same time. It’s a good balanced dish it’s excellent.
There’s a little cilantro – sorry, Jumi! Alright so of course we had to get one
of our favorite dishes here. Tacu tacu. Scoop it up with a spoon This marinade is so perfect. It’s
grilled to perfection here. You got the little char marks on the outside, but the
chicken is still so juicy. It’s that dark meat Then you got the rice and beans – combined it’s delicious. But let’s also have a little bit of the rice and beans
together. This dish is unbelievably good – wow. And so of course we can’t leave without dessert. No matter how much we ate, no matter how full we are. It’s that magical effect that biological effect that just makes you always open up
space for dessert. I don’t know. We got lucuma ice cream. And we also got
alfajor. Wow what a feast of Peruvian food. Peruvian food’s one of our favorite cuisines in the world.
We love the country of Peru as well. When we went last year it blew us away Well, we hope you enjoyed it all. We did four stops. Five stops in four places you know
we hit the same place twice – back to it, right? We hope you got to
learn more about the cuisine, see all these delicious dishes. It just
scratches the surface. There’s so much more out there, but this is some of our
favorites here right here in Queens Thank you so much for watching we hope
you learned a lot about Peruvian cuisine tonight a lot of the best dishes.
Thank you so much for watching we really appreciate all your support all the love
we’ve been feeling it lately. Please give us a thumbs up on this video
if you liked it, which I hope you did Smash that like button. Subscribe if you
haven’t already. Hit the bell button. You want to be the first to comment, right? Of
course you do. Thank you so much guys. Thanks for

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