Old Food Street of Kartar Pura | Kala Khan Nihari Breakfast | Pakistani Street Food | Rawalpindi

Old Food Street of Kartar Pura | Kala Khan Nihari Breakfast | Pakistani Street Food | Rawalpindi

Good morning from Islamabad, Pakistan. Its 8am in the morning… …and we are going to a place called Kartarpura in Rawalpindi. I've heard that there's a large variety of breakfast items available there… …like Paya(hooves), Chana (Chickpeas), Nihari, Halwa Poori and a lot of other items as well. So we'll go to Rawalpindi now and see what's happening there. Lets Go! We are with Mr Waqas right now and he will be taking us to Kartarpura. Today is Sunday so obviously there's not a lot of traffic on the roads. It's quite empty right now. This food street in Kartarpura, Rawalpindi is older than Pakistan. During Ramadan, from Suhur till Iftaar, this place gives a look of a mini fair. And even in normal days this place can get very congested especially at night. Being an ancient and historical place you may face little difficulty in parking… …but it is worth the effort. Here's a really amazing ancient architectural mosque in old Rawalpindi… …and this street right here… …lets see what's goin on. Assalam-u-Alaikum how are you? What's this? Broth? No. Chickpeas and Rice. Nice. Chickpeas and Rice. Where are the rice? Naan and Chickpeas. Nice. And Zarda as well. Where is Kala Khan Nihari? Is it open? Yes but it will be a little crowded. Kartarpura Food Street. They are preparing Paya here. Salam! How are you? I am fine. These paya are of a Buffalo and these are of goat and fat-tailed sheep. This is its stew. And we prepare this with ghee. Amazing. Is the marrow served separately or is it inside it? Yes. These right here are its feet and the marrow is inside it. Let me show you. This. It is also called Mikh(Marrow). Mikh? Yes. Mikh is said in Punjabi? Yes. We call it Gooda (another translation for marrow). Yes. Mikh Gooda or Nalli, whatever you want to call it. Shahi Paya and Chicken Chickpeas. This street goes straight to Kala Khan Nihari. Fresh and Hot Naan's being prepared for breakfast. And right here…Paya? Nihari? Paya. Alright. They are also selling Paya. Nihari is inside it. Nihari? Can you show me? Amazing. Salam! How are you? We have Nihari, Paya, Kofta's (Meatballs), Leg peices. Till Walay Naan (Naan with Sesame seeds)? Yes they are. These are with Roghan (Fat) and minced meat. This one's with minced meat? Yes. These are renowned and famous Qeema Naan (Naan with minced meat). Special Mutton Chickpea with Khoa. Lets find out what they're selling. What is "Mutton Chickpea with Khoa"? What does it mean? The Chickpeas in this are as soft as Khoa. Oh that's what it means! So these are chickpeas with mutton? Yes but we also serve this with Chicken, Meatballs and Eggs… …and then you add chickpeas. Yes. We serve it as our customer demands. Thats Nice! There are a lot of new items here. Sindhu Fried Chickpeas and Nihari Center. Salam! How are you? These are the fried chickpeas? Yes these are the ones. Ok. These are only available in Rawalpindi. That's Good! So you just eat it with a spoon or with a naan? Its served with Roghni Naan (Naan with Ghee). Alright. Nice. They have pickles as well. Fried Chickpeas. Do people drink Lassi in winters as well? Yeah they do. In Karachi shops almost stop selling lassi in winters. Yeah but here people drink lassi every season. Now they'll top it with Fresh Cream. Straight from fresh Yogurt. Thank you! Check out this Lassi Lassi was really good! Kartarpura is a really old area of Rawalpindi… …and you'll find a lot of old historical buildings here as well. Billa Kachori and Halwa Poori Center Salam Brother! How are you? In Kartarpura you will find a huge variety of Chickpeas… …Nihari and Paya. This is the famous Kala Khan Nihari. Kala Khan Nihari House. Behind me is the famous and renowned Kala Khna Nihari…. …and the special thing about them is they open thier shop at 5AM in the morning… …and they are completely sold out till 9-10AM. You can tell that there's something special in their Nihari when you see the crowd. So lets check them out. Although it's a bit congested here… …but we'll try to interview them and try out Kala Khan Nihari. Just opposite their shop is their Family Hall. Why is Kala Khan's Nihari so famous? I don't know. You don't know about it? No. Rizwan brother can I ask you a few questions… …you can keep working while I ask? You can ask it from our Head Chef. Who's your Head Chef? You're the Head Chef? No he's outside. Assalam-u-Alaikum how are you? I am fine. My name is Muhammad Ilyas. Muhammad Ilyas. Ok. Ilays brother can you tell me who was Kala Khan? He was my brother. Your elder brother? Yes. He was my teacher and brother. Ok your teacher and your brother. So is he here or… No he passed away. Oh Ok. So when was this Nihari started? It was started uh……around 30 years ago. 30 years Ok. What's that special thing that out of every shop your Nihari stands out? Its all about the spices. Not every one knows the perfect ratio for spices. We've been making this for our entire lives….for 25-30 years. What time do you open in the morning? At around 5AM. You open at 5AM and you're sold out til 11-11:30 AM? Yes. In Karachi Javed nihari is very famous. Have you heard of it? Yes yes. Have you ever tried it? I've never tried it but I've heard of it. Ok so try it out if you ever come to Karachi. Now we'll try out your Nihari. Yeah sure. Should we try the simple one or with the brain? Which ever you want. Simple one or with the brain. But Nalli Nihari (nihari with marrow) has finished. Alright then. Now we'll try out your nihari and then comeback to you. Yeah sure. Just have a seat! Thank you! Thank you so much! So all our items have arrived. And items for garnishing have arrived as well. Some garlic… Few green peppers… And some lemon in the end. Fresh and hot Naans. Which Nihari is this? This is the Brain Nihari. We'll take a big chunk of brain… Wow!! Amazing! The word "Nihaari" actually means early in the morning… So the true essence of eating Nihari is early in the morning… …which you'll find at the Kala Nihari House! And their taste is amazing! So it's a must to try out Kala Khan's Nihari at Kartrapura. Ilyas's Nihari was really amazing… …it had a unique taste. And I am insisting him to tell me the bill so I can pay him… …but it's his humbleness and love that he's not letting us pay. He says that we are his guest so…Thank you so much Ilyas! It was amazing. We enjoyed a lot! So this concludes our visit to Kartarpura. And I hope you guys liked it. One thing I've observed that this food street at Kartarpura is a really amazing place. So I encourage the people of Rawalpindi to make more videos of places like these… …so that the other people from the world also get to see Pakistan's rich culture… …and they come here for tourism and enjoy our breakfasts as well ! I hope you guys will take care of yourself. And if you enjoyed the video then be sure to Subscribe and like the video…. …and remember me in your prayers. I'll see you guys in the next video. Allah Hafiz!

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