Nutrition 101 :: Video #1 :: Spartan Performance

Nutrition 101 :: Video #1 :: Spartan Performance

[intro music]>>Joe:
Being a great athlete takes a lot of different components. You have to have good physical skills. You have to be able to shoot free throws,
hits the baseball, throw the baseball, spike the volleyball, whatever your sport is. Also requires a good mental mindset, being
able to think positively, focus, concentrate, and it requires you to have a good sports
IQ in your given sport. Sports nutrition also plays an important role. Sports nutrition can’t make you a great athlete. You can’t go from being a good athlete to
a great athlete just because you eat right because you have to have all those other components
as well. However, if you do not practice good, sound
nutritional practices, you can go from being a good athlete to being a very poor athlete.>>Casey:
For improvements and performance, you have to start with the basics and that is knowing
your macronutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, and making sure your diet gets all
those components. Carbohydrates are our fuel, our energy. You can’t go on a road trip in your car if
you don’t have gasoline. Carbohydrates are our gasoline. We want half or more of our plate to be a
carbohydrates. It’s fruits and vegetables, so our fruits
are like our apples, our oranges, our bananas, and our vegetables are our carrots, our broccoli,
our peas. Grains is another components that we can get
our carbohydrates from. That would be our brown rice, breads, pastas,
but making sure they’re 100% whole wheat, whole grain. For protein, protein is our building blocks,
so basically the bricks to the building. Not only is it build our muscles, but all
our cells and all our tissues. For recovery and building that extra muscle,
we need protein. Proteins come from our meat sources, so making
sure that you have lean beef, chicken, fish, and then also our nuts and our dairy products
all have protein components that are really good for making sure a quarter of our plate
are protein. Fat is also an energy source, but it also
builds hormones and other components for growth in the youth athlete. It’s really important that we have fat for
all those components as well. Saturated fat is not good for our heart and
it clogs are arteries, so we want to limit that as much as possible, but we do need some
in our diet. Saturated fat is solid at room temperature,
so butter is a good example. Unsaturated fat are healthier for performance
and help with inflammation. Those are things like olive oil, the fats
that come from our nuts, and naturally in our food products.>>Joe:
Optimal sports performance is about getting the right types of food in your body at the
right time and in the right amounts. [closing music]

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