NEW Trader Joes Grocery Food Haul Favorites! – Mind Over Munch

NEW Trader Joes Grocery Food Haul Favorites! – Mind Over Munch

Hey Munchies! I did a Trader Joe’s favorites haul last
year some time, and they have SO many new items that I thought
it would be a good time to update that list. I didn’t include anything from my previous
list on this list because that would be redundant, but you can check out that video after if
you’d like. I tried to share some of my favorite healthier
items and I kept it to 10, I could have gone to 20 honestly but come
on, we got to get through this somehow. FIRST UP: vegetable patties! These patties come in 2 flavors—cauliflower
& broccoli, and carrot & pea. Both of them are really, really good, but the carrot & pea crisp up a bit more. They are almost like hash browns, but actually
very little potatoes involved. The main ingredients are either carrots and
peas or broccoli and cauliflower, they’re low in carbs, they’re pretty much vegetables and egg whites! I like eating them as is with ketchup like
a hash brown, or my FAVORITE thing to do is treat them as
a vessel for my eggs, almost like egg toast but without the bread. So delicious for any meal! Triple filtered coconut oil. This stuff is pretty cool because if you are
someone who is hesitant about coconut oil because of the taste, this stuff gives you the health benefits of
coconut oil but has almost no taste or aroma of coconut
at all because it’s triple filtered. It says: “Almost no aroma, almost no flavor!” It’s also good for baking if you want to
use coconut oil, so like in my processed snack video, I used
coconut oil in all of those— the Ritz, the goldfish the graham crackers— and needed a solid fat, but didn’t want them to be coconut-flavored
goldfish, so this was perfect. Broccoli rice. So, pretty self explanatory—cauliflower
rice has been a thing now, broccoli rice is, too! I love adding it to bowls with or without
rice to add volume, and it’s an easy way to get in your veggies! Lentils. Also found in the produce section are these
pre-packaged lentils. I love lentils, they’re a great plant-based
ingredient that’s high in protein, but cooking them is kind of annoying. These are pre-cooked, and they’re ready
to eat right out of the package— cold, or you can eat them warm. So convenient, not expensive, and saves so
much time! Mixed nut butter. Ok so I actually just got this recently FINALLY
after seeing it on the shelves for a while, and it’s SO good! What a fun way to switch up regular nut butter because it’s a MIX of almonds, cashews,
walnuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, and pecans— AND it has no added sugar, which is a win! Nutritional yeast. So there’s nothing specifically special
about THIS nutritional yeast, except that it’s available at Trader Joe’s
so it’s easy to find! Nutritional yeast is an ingredient I love
to use in plant-based cooking to get a cheesy flavor without dairy, but I’ve always had to order it or sort
of search out the health food stores to find it, and now, here it is, easily accessible at
Trader Joe’s! Seasonings. So I am all about these seasonings. The grinder seasonings are all great, but
my favorite is the garlic salt. I also can’t get enough of this chili lime
seasoning, but my ULTIMATE favorite thing is this
everything but the bagel sesame seasoning blend, with sea salt, garlic and onion. Oh my gosh, it’s so good on everything,
but ESPECIALLY anything with avocado. I cannot get enough! Remember to subscribe for more content each
week! It’s so easy, you can do it! Just hit that button, and the bell! Just mango. So, this is nothing new, but when I made my
last Trader Joe’s video, I didn’t include this and so many of you were like “OH MY GOSH,
HOW COULD YOU NOT INCLUDE THIS!” So I’m including it here because you all
were right, it’s amazing. There’s NO added sugar, it actually is JUST
dried mango! And it’s delicious! Thumbs up if you’ve had this stuff, it’s
so good! Freeze dried bananas and mango. So freeze dried fruit can often be a healthier
choice than dried because a lot of dried fruit does have added
sugar, but the freeze drying process does not really
require it, and you get a crunchy snack, which is what
a lot of people crave. I personally love the mango, but my sister
is obsessed with the banana. Which do you like best? Super firm tofu. Now this is an item I have not seen anywhere
else. It’s not just tofu—it is SUPER FIRM tofu. So, if you’ve made a tofu dish, you are
probably familiar with “pressing” the tofu, which is what you do to get rid of the moisture
before cooking. This tofu is SO firm that even when I press
it, very little moisture comes out so you don’t even really NEED to press it
in advance, which eliminates so much prep time! It’s so awesome, it’s organic, high protein,
a really great product. A few BONUS items that are not necessarily
healthy but I wanted to share: First up—coconut cashews. So these are not particularly healthy, but
they are a “less bad” indulgence. Oh my gosh, they are ADDICTING. Forget 1/4 cup being a serving, it’s not
possible. The 2nd ingredient is sugar, so like I said, they’re a treat, but a worthy one, and the other ingredients aren’t so bad, so it’s definitely a less processed treat
that my body would prefer to some other packaged options. And, vegan marshmallows! So I know we have a lot of vegan viewers in
this community, so I thought this would be appropriate to
share because these marshmallows are completely vegan! That doesn’t make them any healthier, they’re
still pretty much little fluff balls of sugar, but they use tapioca instead of gelatin, and you can sub them in for any recipe that
needs marshmallows! I hope you enjoyed this haul of favorites! If you like these type of more casual, chit-chat
videos, you should check out my other channel—EAT
THE PIZZA! It is not health related at all, but it’s
a fun, casual food channel all about pizza, obviously. Christian and I host it together every week, and I can’t believe our 9th episode launches
tomorrow?! I’ll link the channel in the description
box below and I hope you’ll subscribe and say hi! Thanks for watching today, if you have any
Trader Joe’s favorites, I want to know—leave them in the comments
below! I hope you’ll subscribe for more, thanks
for being here with me, I’ll see you next week, and remember, it’s all a matter of Mind Over Munch!

100 thoughts on “NEW Trader Joes Grocery Food Haul Favorites! – Mind Over Munch”

  1. My baby loves those veggie patties. I need to try them with eggs 🍳 😍 I love dried fruit especially from Tj's. I love the pineapple and chile mangoes.

  2. I honestly can't believe you're almost at 500k… I feel like I may have started following your channel when you had less than 50k… you're doing awesome!!

  3. Great video. I love suggestions like this because going into a store can be overwhelming when you don't know what your looking. I'm still trying to find healthy food in stores. Plus when info find something I end up eating it till I'm sick of it. Can't wait to go pick up these items.

  4. Yesss!trader Joe's and Vegan? It's like you're reading my mind 😍 SO many awesome new products I'd like to try! TJs is life and you're the best, love the new hair girl! 💇

  5. Love your hair!!!! I'm totally using your version of the "everything" seasoning. Also I'm so excited to see that broccoli rice is a thing after you opened my eyes to the wonder that is broccoli slaw. I've never been on the coconut oil trend, though. Especially not now, after seeing studies showing consuming it is just as healthy as consuming animal tallow =/

  6. As a non-American here, what exactly is Trader Joe's? Is it a healthfood shop or just a discount supermarket or what?

  7. I love lentils|!! One of my fav summer salads is lentils, cottage cheese, beets, parsely and mixed seeds

  8. so I checked the list of vegan items on trader Joe's website and I don't see nutritional yeast. so now i am confused.

  9. Hmmmm…I've never seen the mixed nut butter or the coconut cashews before! Looks like I will have to check them out along with the chili lime. Thank you! (A pizza channel huh?)

  10. My absolute favorite thing is not particularly healthy, but so delicious. It's the Mandarin Orange Chicken in the frozen section. We will have it every once in a while and it is so good! I like to make a little brown rice or quinoa and either broccoli or snap peas to go with it. It's our go to emergency dinner option. I almost always have a bag tucked in the freezer.

  11. Can you do a meal prep or recipe video for people who have IBS/who are on low fodmap diet? I was diagnosed with IBS lately and I am kinda confused and lost and not sure what to eat especially since I don't eat meat/poultry…
    I would be thankful if you could help me out with a video! Love you!

  12. Hello! Did you know that coconut oil is actually bad for you? Just read an article the other day. Moved my coconut oil from kitchen to the bathroom.

  13. That Everything but the Bagel seasoning is DELICIOUS!!! I bought a couple since it was $1.99 but I may go back and stock up in case they discontinue it. they switch and refresh the products often I think I will try out that nutritional yeast and the chili lime seasoning!

  14. I love the TJ vegan marshmallows. Excellent in rice krispie marshmallow squares. I am sooooo gonna try that nut butter!!! 🙂 Thanks for this, was neat to watch.

  15. What else do you put the "everything but the bagel" seasoning on? I have it but I have no idea what to put it on! Definitely going to put it on some avocado toast when I have it tomorrow since I eat it every morning 😂

  16. Did you see the teeny tiny avocados? I've bought two bags and about 9/12 had a very small pit. Two of them had a large pit, so i felt like I was getting less fruit. But they're single serving avocados.

  17. I loved the vegan shout out!!! And I've had those before and I LOVE THEM! Been craving them so much lately!

  18. Oo, I'll have to try the triple filtered coconut oil!
    I've always really wanted to try it, but I'm not a fan of coconut.
    Now I'll be able to try all those really cool ideas I've been seeing all over the place that involve coconut oil.

  19. I JUST bought the Everything But The Bagel seasoning yesterday. And I use the vegan marshmallows to make rice krispies! Amazingggg. 😀 I am moving and there is no Trader Joe's in that cityyy. I AM SO SAD 😭

  20. I love the freeze-dried fruit from TJ's! I personally prefer the bananas because I find that the mango sticks to my teeth and it's really difficult to eat a lot of it! I'd much rather have a few pieces of the regular dried mango… it's so tasty!!

  21. I love Trader Joe's, but I had not been there in about a month, so I went yesterday to pick up a few things. I was so pleasantly surprised to see all of the new products they are carrying. I bought the carrots and peas and the broccoli veggie patties. I bought 7 boxes of those veggie patties. They also sell a package of hash browns that doesn't have a million ingredients in it. It only has potatoes and dextrose, nothing more. I also picked up a package of just mangoes. I bought so many items that I ended up spending close to $100, but I am so happy with everything that I bought. Trader Joe's is amazing! Now I wish they offered online grocery shopping.

  22. hello mind over much I am fairly new to your page and I was wondering if there is another nut I can use besides cashews in the sauce recipes as I do not enjoy their flavor

  23. I love trader Joe's, chocolate covered almonds… and their hash browns. I'm always looking for lunch ideas for my big strong lean 8 year old son. so the dried mango and coconut cashews make for great snacks to go in his lunchbox. keep up the great work! I love your videos.

  24. The second i've seen them, I thought what I'd comment… could you do a paleo homemade version of the patties? For the overseas mates… Like, as a challenge… someday… 😀
    Appart from that, LOVED that video and LOVED to see all the beautiful things you usa guys have in TJ 🙂

  25. I'm soooo sad we don't have Trader Joe in Canada!! I've had a few items from there and they are so good! le sigh

  26. love your trader Joe's finds 🙂 it's a hard store to go into and not end up buying unnecessary (but amazing) items. 😛
    you're looking so beautiful with your sassy red hair by the way!

  27. Very nice!! Have you tried their 21 Salute Seasoning? I love it!! I'll be sure to look for those coconut cashews and the mixed but butter😀I had no clue about those! Thanks for this updated Haul Video…Trader Joe's remains one of my favorite places😁

  28. I'm so jealous of you Alyssa, all those tasty and healthy food, where a I come from we don't have health supermarkets… Although usually the food in all supermarkets is healthier than in America, very strict laws. No where near the produce that's in Trader Joes, when I went on a trip to America, I was wowed at all the strange fruit and veg I'd never saw before.

  29. Looks good!
    Mixed nut butter, mmmmm!
    Brazil nuts (macadamia, pistachio) and hazelnuts are my favorite!

  30. Another non-border Canadian here, full of TJ envy.

    Would love to see some recipes that use shelf stable/pantry only items that still stay healthy and interesting! Produce in my province is terrible AND expensive living on an island so I rely heavily on frozen and pantry items! (and even frozen is a stretch with limited space). Just a suggestion!

  31. Those freeze dried fruits are really good but expensive!
    Maybe an idea for a video would be Trader Joe's on a budget!

  32. Hi Alyssia, I saw cauliflower pizza crust and cauliflower cheese pizza at TJ's this past weekend and thought of you 🙂 Cheese pizza is delicious!

  33. As a Cashier for a grocery store: Tips for getting out quick – Shop on the "off" days: usually, Tuesday – Thursday. Have your payment method ready! When putting things up to cash-out, put them on the belt/table the way you want them bagged, for example: If you want ALL of your heavy stuff in 1 bag, put them together, all of your cold things in a bag, put them together, or just put like things together, etc. Ideally: Cold/frozen things together FIRST with the Eggs, then produce, then pantry, then hot foods last. Bring your own bags, 2 thermals (1 for cold, 1 for hot/cold) and 3 two-gallon sized bags, put in front, on top of your groceries. Do not pile groceries on top of groceries, because this can cause an avalanche of groceries onto the floor. This saves you and your cashier time, thereby saving you more time. When putting groceries into the car, reverse the order, Hot first, then pantry, then produce, then cold last, as this will make it easier to unload into the home with cold first, produce second, pantry third, and hot ready-to-eat foods last. …. so many more tips …. but this is a good start.

  34. My favorite items at TJ's are the roasted bell peppers and onions and the chicken cilantro mini wontons, both in the freezer section. The peppers and onions I use in scrambled eggs or I chop and add to soups or dishes.

  35. Nutritional Yeast is from the vegan gods.
    Nutritional Yeast from Trader Joe’s is from the broke gods 👍🏽

  36. The good thing about the seasonings -the grinder kind, is that the top screws off and that makes it refillable, so you could go to a health food store in the bulk section and get pink Himalayan salt, or sea salt, or whatever you want and then just take it back home and refill the grinder/shaker.
    I've been doing that for years.
    Recently, I found out that even the Dollar Tree is carrying pink Himalayan salt sometimes…and it's quality kind too.
    I like this haul, thanks.
    Also, I like when you showed the prices, can you please do it again?

  37. Nutritional yeas is also sold at Walmart (for people without a Trader Joe’s nearby, like when I’m away at college) I love Trader Joe’s but there isn’t one near my uni

  38. I love the Trader Joe's whole organic sweetened cranberries you use need to eat a few for a sweet treat

  39. Thanks for the suggestions! Can't wait to try the coconut cashews. Also the everything seasoning mix on avocados sounds delicious. 😀

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