Nancy Pelosi Needs an Intervention and Mental Health Welfare Visit Instanter

Nancy Pelosi Needs an Intervention and Mental Health Welfare Visit Instanter

thanks so much for watching and thanks so much for subscribing and thanks so much for hitting that little bells your always want to find of livestreams and new videos and it really helps me tremendously Nancy Pelosi is apparently in need of some type of psychiatric intervention some type of welfare visit by look by health or law enforcement personnel apparently she has lost her mind she's a woman desperately grasping trying in vain to recapture reconnect with that which was her platform before she's had her entire party taken over by the Quisling quartet the squad the four mugs of the apocalypse she has been unable to grasp at anything that even vaguely resembles a a rational cemented version of a real palpable tenable platform a worldview of vision she today in her latest move she's trying to through some incoherent Flora maneuver wants to add some statement to the fact that the president is racist a term by the way which has lost all meaning whatsoever Nancy Pelosi what you were seeing is the Dana model the the finale the valedictory the end the sayonara the the fat lady singing the adios and the good night Irene and the good night mrs. calabash wherever you are ask the Millennials what that's all about right inkadinkado my friends let me tell you something this is so monumentally and joyously cataclysmic on the part of the Democratic Party because these people who have served no purpose whatsoever certainly not the Democrats of your of before but these rancid anti-american these these these consummation obstreperous prevaricator z– these liars these these people who have somehow this new brand who have apparently hijacked the once and I mean this noble message of the anti-war movement the the John Kennedy Robert Kennedy even the Martin Luther King there was a ton of gene McCarthy that George McGovern there was a time where they were they stood for something you today what did they stand for no they stand as intellectual counterweights to President Trump dear the antithesis sees the end the the antipodal this aji the chiral opposites I don't know what you want to call it they don't stand for anything other than not being President Trump and that is not going to get you elected because technically speaking anybody other than president Trump is not a president Trump that doesn't exactly rally the crowds high vote for me I'm not that guy hey coming near my restaurant we're not McDonald's I don't know how that's supposed to sell I don't know how that's supposed to connect into in terms of the soul and the the intellectual wherewithal of folks but it's not going to work it never has worked and you Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are going down hard and it's not going to be pretty and anything we can do to help please just say the word remember that thanks for watching right arm Lock and Load power to the people in comment as you see fit

23 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi Needs an Intervention and Mental Health Welfare Visit Instanter”

  1. Rashida Tlaib, Maxine waters Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi should be impeached, expelled not to mention all of congress and the senate, these incompetent public servants receive a six figure salary of hard earned taxpayers money for doing absolutely nothing for the American citizens, they serve more terms than presidents do at their comfy jobs, two terms just like all the presidents and out with them.
    No more thirty to forty + year jobs

  2. I'm told MLK had Republican sympathies. Certainly his Dream was, as I understand it, straight out of the Republican playbook.

  3. I think it's an IMPORTANT FACT that AOC was found, prepped, had her campaigned funded by, & is now OWNED by Cenk Uygar, a CIA mouthpiece & the head of the ULTRA SJW YouTube channel called TYT (The Young Turks). NOTE: This is a channel that VERY ODDLY HAS NEVER BEEN DEFUNDED OR HAD THEIR CONTENT DISTURBED!?!? "The Young Turks" = The Armenian genocide, which Cenk Uygur refused to acknowledge for over a decade,! This is the Dummy who runs the Dummy… there's a damn channel on my TV that runs TYT 24/7/365, HE'S CIA!!!

  4. I LOVE YOU Lionel and your linguistics! Put you in a room with the “4 Mugs of the Apocalypse,” and we’d quite literally watch their minds explode!

  5. She has been in need of help for a long time now. It appears no one around her cares. Very sad. She is mentally corrupted, and no one cares.

  6. Why listen to Pelosi? California has wasted away and wastes is votes. Anyone of the four can replace her. Her seat is only one vote a safe vote, same as all safe votes. Anyone can do her job. Anyone cams do her job. If she can’ compromise anyone can do her job. She is only special because Trump says she is.

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