My Favorite Fast Food Items From McDonald’s

My Favorite Fast Food Items From McDonald’s

Hello everyone, this is running on empty food review Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching. This is running on empty food review and I am your host the report of the week so I think the title is mysterious I Think you clicked on this and you’re trying to figure out what is this video about? Because it can’t be about what his favorite items from McDonald’s are this has to be some sort of trick, right? maybe he’s you know, maybe he’s just kind of into just Making a trick here and just eating the stuff that he actually hates instead of the stuff that he likes or something something like that But that’s not the case. This actually is a video where I’m just gonna talk about my favorite things from McDonald’s No In short I think McDonald’s is probably at least in my opinion. Anyway, the most recognizable fast-food chain I mean if there’s one thing that we associate with fast-food, I think it’s the golden arches I know when when I was just a little a little young in Probably the first place I went to even get the fast food was McDonald’s it’s like it’s like there’s one on every single street corner anywhere you go there’s even one on the moon and one under water and They did actually make one for bees believe it or not That’s a real thing but they’re everywhere and everyone’s got their favorites everyone has stuff, but they don’t like, you know You have the one item. Oh, yeah, you gotta get this. This is my favorite I love this and I hate this these are gonna be my favorite items on the McDonald’s menu Alright, so we’ve got a sack of McDonald’s right there. You can see the McDonald’s golden arches for verification purposes and we also have a mysterious canister of McDonald’s beverage right there And lets us take a crack at this So what I did is, you know, they have the chicken and they have the burgers on the menu so I decided okay I’m gonna get my favorite burger and I’m gonna get there or my favorite chicken entree and we’ll just go from there So let’s start out with the burger Okay Now this is something that’s changed Over time actually looks it it used to be one thing then it changed to something else at this point in time My favorite item on the burger lineup is the quarter pounder with cheese For a while, it was the Big Mac believe it or not But this is one thing that was subject to change and actually did evolve Because about a year ago McDonald’s, they redid the quarter pounder. They said alright, we’re going to improve the quality we’re gonna use higher and beef fresher ingredients and Hopefully it’ll pay off and in my opinion it did because I would end up getting this I thought well, there’s actually a really substantial Increase in quality and it’s at a good price, too You know, you’re getting a good sized burger at a good price and it’s quality ingredients So here we go the quarter pounder standard and the one thing what I always like about it, you can see it might not be the Trademark bun but you can see the patty right there That is a higher-end patty on the McDonald’s least on the McDonald’s scale, you know, you’re definitely getting Higher quality in my opinion. Yeah more flavorful juicy Beef if you ask me anyway, and I think it all blends together good, you know, it’s a pretty basic sandwich But as a result of that, I think it kind of goes out to its quality anyway, well if they’re able to just take a beef patty and some cheese and you know, just the the pickles some onions Some mustard and ketchup and make that into something good without any need for anything, too fancy Then I say that’s a yeah. Yeah, that’s that’s that’s a hallmark of a good sandwich if you ask me anyway So that’s what it looks like I’m just gonna try it out. Just so that Hopefully it’ll still be good this time around quarter pounder with cheese from McDonald’s Mm-hmm Yeah, I mean that’s the thing Beef is very tender very juicy One thing I didn’t mention that it also has is that salt pepper? Little seasoning on the beef that I just gives it that extra touch You know and just for a McDonald’s burger getting a good amount of beef and it just tastes good I’m just a fan of it overall And one other thing that I like about this and usually it’s not the case, you know when I get my my burgers from McDonald’s another time I’m not a fan of the cheese. You know, I just I get it without any cheese I’m just not a fan of the way that it goes. But this one I don’t know the cheese actually just works well with it You know There’s some items out there that The ingredients everything just comes together like it should and you just don’t have any complaints about it The quarter pounder is one of those items What do I like to wash it down with my drink of choice From McDonald’s is coca-cola Now this is this is one thing that I have to tell you They’re coca-cola in my opinion has gone downhill a bit. That’s the honest truth. It used to be perfect every single time That’s one thing that I’ve I’ve noticed it always used to be the best. I got of all the fast food places Used to be really on point. Maybe the machines were calibrated better or who knows and then it just started You know, I started noticing a little discrepancies where sometimes there’s just less flavorful than it really should be Still good though, you know definitely a good thing in my opinion to wash it down with But that’s just the one thing. I’ve noticed that the quality on that has slid a little bit but it’s still good pair My favorite side, I think it’s self-explanatory right the the onion rings French fries their standard fries. That’s one other thing. That’s a little hit or miss, you know here and there but I Mean, you gotta get them get em is a meal deal. And I mean, sometimes they’re not the best but this time Admittedly, you can see it’s not like they skimped or anything. I’ve been snacking on them. These are good think that I’m good tonight Mm-hmm How’s that crispy crunch and a good amount of the salt on it too just What you expect you know, what what you hope for them to be probably the best way to describe it Now answer the chicken this one has been a little tough because there were a couple chicken related entrees that I’m a fan of and When they had it on the menu I was a huge fan of their barbecue glazed chicken tenders. I was getting those all the time but with those gone I’m now a fan Of their buttermilk crispy chicken tenders and these have been released since around 2017 [oops!] no, they are it’s kind of the Successor of the chicken select. No they are and one thing that I like about these. I don’t use a couple things There well breaded, right they’re crispy and they’re pretty flavorful you get a good amount of chicken for what it is Anyway, they’re good for dipping But the most important thing that I’m really a fan of with these is the fact that they hold their own Like they had the chicken selects and they looked good They looked like they were really breaded and they had to be flavorful, but I would eat them It would be like they were really just lacking without any sort of dipping sauce. Now. These are great with dipping sauce I always get them usually with barbecue or sweet-and-sour dipping sauce But the chicken selects was like they were reliant on this you needed that just for any bit of flavor Whereas these they usually hold their own even if you don’t want any sauce Which is again another good a good sign that it’s a good product So I’m gonna try these out and with some dipping sauce buttermilk crispy chicken tenders going in Another thing that I’m a fan of with the chicken tenders is that they got That little bit of black pepper in the breading there That just gives it a little little kick nothing too Significant, but just that extra flavor You know that makes it probably probably one of the reasons why it’s just so easy to eat without any need for sauce Of course. I always do like to live on the edge and apply in a barbecue sauce there And overall just solid, you know You always have to remember when it comes down to MacDonald said you have to judge it by its standards, right? This is in comparison to everything on the McDonald’s menu. These are my personal favorites Now there’s other things that I like to get when I go to McDonald’s, right? Sometimes your breakfast can be pretty good even the chicken McNuggets can hit the spot and Even on rare occasion the McChicken sandwich is pretty solid as well a Big Mac, you know There’s a lot of good staples on there, but out of all of them These are probably my favorites in the the whole menu there So I do have a question for you if you’re if you made it this far, what’s your favorite item on the McDonald’s menu? What is your go-to? Combination when you go to McDonald’s, I’m curious Leave a comment share your thoughts and I’m just interested in see seeing what your thoughts are. So with that That’s all that I have for you. My favorite items on the McDonald’s menu Hope you enjoyed the video And if you do want to support this channel my podcast and my radio show Consider supporting at It’s a fun community. Make sure you check it out Thank you, take care, I’m your host the report of the week

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  2. I rarely go to McD's. When I find one, I order from the (former) dollar menu. I like the plain old hamburger (which now has a much too-small portion of meat), or double-cheeseburger, and small (old "value") frenchfries. I am thrifty, and prefer other family-owned resturants where I get more, better food for less money. Also, McD's always discontinues food that I like. And they add more expensive new items, only to drop them in a few months.

  3. There Fry's are my favorite. And your right the coke has really gone down hill….but still better then most fast food places.

  4. The McChicken is usually pretty bad, but if you add a slice of cheese onto it, it becomes significantly better, and even one of my favorite items.

  5. There is a reason it sells more food than any other fast food restaurant it is no longer the cheapest but their mean is real neat and you know exactly what you're getting every time you go there I mean your order might be kind of wrong but you know like what it's going to taste like where so many other restaurants change there foods. But I prefer the two regular cheeseburgers and a fry over a quarter pounder. Never tried their chicken tenders but Culver's has some good chicken tenders

  6. The key to McDonald's fries is to order them without fries so they are consistently fresh. You can always put your own salt, but you usually don't need to because it picks up salt from drain rack. My favorite item is Big Mac 🍔 but never passed up 🍟

  7. McDonald's food is trash. Thier cheese smells like booty. If I had to eat this food I would pick what you picked. But I would rather eat any other fast food tbh.

  8. Now this seemed to be a vampire mukbanger I saw~ Love him immediately and go to subscribe, I regret how I discovered this late

  9. I order my QP without pickles. Not because I don't like pickles, I love them, but because that means they have to make a fresh one. Chances are good you will get one that's been lying there for some time if you order one of the most popular items (and they always get made with the classic ingredients).

  10. My favorite item at McDonald's WAS a breakfast item that WAS called "Egg White Delite" but it is, sadly, no longer on the menu. It has been DISCONTINUED.

  11. Mines ,Big Mac ,fries and strawberry or banana shake after a night out , great hangover cure, I think you’re cool , you make me laugh ,very dry humor 🥳

  12. Big Mac fries and water is the standard when I rarely go. I always avoided the Quarter pounder as the thickness of the patty would cause it to be dry and tasteless due to the comparatively low fat content compared to the likes of Five Guys. If they updated it, I will have to try it again. With low expectations though.

  13. They gave you the wrong box for the tenders and the wrong bun for the quarter pounder. Probably the McDonald's didn't have the buns and the boxes. Sometimes that happens where I work at

  14. Do you promote unhealthy eating habits, junk foods, and fast food joints? Sorry I'm new to your channel 😅

  15. Mcdonalds hot crispy salty golden fries are one of the best things their known for.none of them are broken or soggy. it just makes me wanna eat every single fry.

  16. I think McDonald's is important. Firstly it has consistency and competitive price. But even more importantly, they have 24 hour stores which are vital to non- conventional schedules. ie, our night owls and such.

  17. QP with Cheese is always a good choice, because we have to cook the beef fresh when someone orders. Every time. However, this usually leads to longer wait times. If you don't care about wait times, then make sure to tell the employee taking your order that you want your food cooked to order. Bam – soggy fries avoided.

  18. Used to fw the Big Mac no pickles with extra Mac sauce, idk man I never liked pickles on my sandwiches, but the extra Mac sauce bc sometimes a messy burger was really good but the bread becomes soggy

  19. Executives are not suppost to eat junk food,they go to pricey restaurants with a hot waitress..Millenials are being more nice treatment by large corp.

  20. Two all beef patties ,special sauce, lettuce, cheese ,pickles all on a sesame seed bun.
    Just kidding it's the quarter pounder.
    Wonder why they said all beef patties?
    What else could be in there?

  21. Damn You! I had to pause this video and walk (because I am drunk) to my McDonalds and get one of these. (Quarter Pounder)

  22. I agree about the sodas ever since they moved to The all-in-one soda dispensers The syrup mixtures I've been off I understand the It would save the company money because the amount of a syrup used is What's then A traditional dispenser really affects quality

  23. I am actually a McDonald's worker so I am very accustomed to our menu. My go-to item if in a meal is the Bacon Double Quarter Pounder in a medium size meal. I order medium so I can get my crew discount. For my drink, I fill half a large size drink cup with Dr. Pepper and the other half with coke. For chicken items, I enjoy our Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich. I also enjoy ordering the McChicken Sandwich with add Bacon and Cheese. You should try it. It costs more, but it's exquisite.

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