My Favorite Fast Food Items From Culver’s

My Favorite Fast Food Items From Culver’s

Hello everyone, this is running on empty Food review. Well, hello ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching. This is running on empty food review I’m your host the report of the week Culver’s What the heck is a Culver’s? What is it? Review brah tell me what is it? Well, that’s what I’m here to discuss That’s what I’m here to go over with you to enlighten everyone Perhaps even go on an enlightening journey myself a Culver’s is one of those chains. That’s it’s regionally based though I would say that they’re expanding It’s a burger chain, you know plain and simple fast-food burgers for the most part They’re known for their butter burgers and we’ll get into that in a minute They also you know kind of serve cheese curds a frozen custard a variety of of chicken sandwiches sides You name it and they’re mostly centered in the Midwest I believe their headquarters is in Wisconsin But you kind of find them in the Great Lakes region and now they’re kind of expanding to different places A few of them are starting to pop up in Florida few of them maybe in the southwest In Texas, I think there’s a few now, but really they’re based out of the Great Lakes now thinking to myself, you know Culver’s I’ve been here before. It’s like this is the first time I’ve ever been to this establishment, right? I’ve been to Culver’s and I know what they serve. I’ve always been satisfied with their food, but it’s been a while I was thinking to myself before I went here. I was thinking you and wonder and wonder if they’re still good I wonder if they’re still maintaining the standards. You know, how how the quality is? I think you know how some fast food places can be just changes. Sometimes the food starts out good and Sometimes it gets better. Sometimes it gets worse and I was thinking to myself well, if I’m the only one wondering this well Maybe I am maybe like I’m the only person in the entire world even wondering about the quality of of culver I don’t think that’s the case Well, I’m just gonna check in see how they’re how they’re doing and really just get like a generalized Culver’s meal and give an overall assessment of it Now the last review that I did for Culver’s was two years ago back in 2017. So things could have changed And I’ll be honest if I think it’s good I’ll tell you and if I like if I’m trying to throw it back up in my mouth I’ll tell you that – I’ll try not to make a mess of things, but I’ll let you know But uh, we’ll see I’m just gonna take an objective look at all this stuff So we’re gonna be trying to try a burger and a dessert. So we’re getting a little bit of everything here So to start us off, I’ll be trying out the Culver’s Deluxe burger I thought that’s like a good representation of their their their wares best way to put it It comes with cheese two slices of Wisconsin cheddar cheese. That’s supposed to be one of the the higher-end cheeses comes with lettuce tomatoes pickles red onions and Their Mayo and it also is a butter burger so what that is I was going to explain it is They just say it’s lightly buttered right at first when I heard the name butter burger I was even scratching my head and I was thinking like what the heck is a butter burger Is that like there’s this one video that I saw I remember those from Wisconsin. They’re making these burgers They were taken like half a stick of butter and just slamming it on the thing. It is not like that Don’t don’t think the name is a little misleading But don’t think that it’s like drenched in butter and that you know It’s gonna take ten years off your life if you eat this thing It’s just there’s a little bit of butter on the bun. That’s all that there is to it So the name is a little misleading, but that’s where it stands I’m also going to be trying out there Wisconsin cheese curds a blend of yellow and white Wisconsin cheddar deep fried and then that frozen custard I believe it’s cookies and cream with some Oreo pieces today. So, you know What what’s on the metaphorical menu? No We’ll just work our way through it really the best way to do it. You can see there’s the Culver’s bag right there. I Am holding it preciously Yeah, you got like that’s it that’s the greatest achievement in life And here’s the Colbert’s commemorative box right there and Let’s see this burger so the Culver’s deluxe There’s the burger in there the Setting Sun right there There we go, I’m using some real high-tech Light adjustment right here. It’s like I’m holding the burger box blocking out the sunlight for the optimal viewing experience, but That’s really what I’m doing. Uh You know You can kind of see you can really see the beef patties there if I take it out of its Wrapping and now we’re really living on the edge. So be wary The toppings are underneath everything which is kind of Interesting and see those cheese slices. You can see the some of the tomatoes the onions all that stuff It’s like a signature Deluxe burger. Hence the name So I’m gonna try it out. I’ll let you know what it tastes like the Culver’s Deluxe burger From Culver’s going in We’ll take a couple more bites Yeah, we’ll take one more bite The Culver’s deluxe what do I think about it? It is a very rich burger. I think that’s the best way to describe it. All right It’s got a ton on it. Everything blends together really? Well, I would say the biggest observation of it number one. I Would recommend if you get something from Culver’s I would say got it with two beef patties because sometimes it can be a little thin, you know, the buns are very You know, they’re they’re chewy. There’s a lot to it. There’s a lot of substance right and I would say I would recommend getting like two two beef patties if you’re up for it I think they get the optimal flavor of the beef Well, it is rich though. It’s flavorful. It’s juicy. You know it tastes good. It’s good quality And you know, I could taste a little bit of that that butter on the bun, you know it adds us a little bit of a Mostest the salty, you know just texture to it. It is a salty sandwich It’s the best way to put it. I imagine that the beef patties are seasoned than everything – The other thing that I did notice there all the other toppings on it a fresh, you know, they go together well the one thing that I do notice of I do want to mention I Think two slices of cheese on it is actually a little too much like half the time you get these Fast-food places and the cheese is like absolute garbage. I think you know where I’m getting at This is rich cheese, but it’s just like one slice I think is enough. It does the job So is just a little overboard though again, if you want to live life on the edge and go for it But, you know proceed at your own risk. I’m just saying that right now I’d recommend one one slice of cheese price for that $5 19 cents out of 10, you know, I think it’s good quality I’m gonna give it a 7 out of 10 because I think when it comes down to fast food Fast food burgers and all that stuff. I Think it’s better quality than a lot of the stuff you get on Alright, let’s let me move over real quick to be Can get some dipping sauce I recommend the marinara sauce, but if you want to get like a ranch or something you can do that, too Like I said, this is just a blend of the fried deep fried, Wisconsin cheddar cheese, okay We had a cheese curd on the loose There we go that thing put it in there We’ll be careful with it this time around you can see there that you are in there though It’s like a little sack of cheese curds right Fried you see it right there We’ll just try it out These remind me They’re like mozzarella sticks, but different of course, right? They’re cheesy. It’s like that same consistency It’s got like that deep-fried coating Crunchy, you know fatty. It’s like a good little snack. That’s like something you could pop in Real quick, I’ll try it with the marinara sauce. I don’t want to keep this going too long So I just let you know how it goes Honestly, I’m fine eating them without any dipping sauce. But I think a lot of us like that dipping sauce Sorry, it was a huge obnoxious truck that was driving by things like the size of a monster truck. It was ginormous But yeah, the marinara sauce. I don’t know why I saying mozzarella I guess because the mozzarella sticks the marinara sauce does go really well with it though and why you’d want to do Real quick Kind of put them Back a little prematurely. I wanted to show you the inside of one of these cheese curds. Anyway, I’m gonna take a little See There’s that cross-section you can see all the cheese in there, you know, and it’s definitely it’s got that fried shallow fried coating I Think it’s a good size. Oh good nice little fried accompaniment to your right here burgers It’s definitely good quality $3.00 89 cents is the price out of 10. I would also rate those You know I would give it a 7 out of 10, again I’ve not had a lot of cheese curds But it’s pretty good for what it is. It still is they’re maintaining the standards. No doubt about it. This is their cookies and cream There’s a Culver’s insignia the cookies and cream frozen custard right there definitely It’s more like egg based best way to put it you can see there it is This is also what they’re known for just a custard in general not the cookies and cream They have a flavor of the day though. So it changes by the day. So it’s something to check out I’m going to try it out real quick for you It’s called Mmm, that’s good. I’ve been sitting here for 12 minutes. It’s still cold, which is good. It’s not good soup or anything yet It’s just really smooth it’s the best way to put it It’s really smooth just really creamy and it’s just got a nice texture to it. That’s the best way to put it You know, it’s just rich it tastes good and I think it’s a good dessert for time consolidation Anyway price for this two dollars 49 out of ten six point five rating One of my one of my last thoughts on Culver’s to be quite honest over the years I think they’re still maintaining the standards a lot of places go up and down, but I think Culver’s is still, I mean, they’re still they’re still doing their thing and I think they’re doing a good job at it at that Have you ever find one just check it out. See what they’re all about. And I think you’ll have quality meal That’s all that I have for you three reviews in one and again, that’s all I have I’m your host to report of the week. Thank you for checking in and take care

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    I don't know why, I'm a vegetarian, but I'm glad I'm able to taste stuff through ReviewBrah, and that is good enough for me 😂

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  7. ReviewBrah says “and everyone watching” because he’s the connection between us humans and the other gods

  8. Fun fact Culver shakes are supposed to be served with a flat lid with a spot for a straw but most people dont because it a pain to mix the shake with out the dome lid and it's a waste to throw it out and can make a mess while taking the lid off just to put a flat lid on so yea it get served with a dime lid

    Before any one goes no that's not how it works it does I work at culvers and this was basically what I was told also i think I misspelled lid like for a bottle so yea

  9. Culver's 9/10 all day. You'll find better curds at any bar, however. Or Tom's Drive In. If you ever find yourself in the Fox Cities, go to Tom's. You won't be disappointed

  10. My Culvers is having a car show in a few weeks! I drive a Geo Metro but it just qualified for collector vehicle tags so Im gonna take it and then eat Review Brahs favorite burger.

  11. Now I want to try Culvers!!! I've never heard of this place but it looks so yummy!! The one closest to me is 91 miles…. I'd say worth the drive lol.

  12. Drove 30 minutes to try my first Culver's after watching your review and you weren't wrong. Definitely a top tier fast food burger! It's neck and neck with Five Guys, but didn't bump out my all time favorite, Shake Shack.

  13. If you're ever in Wisconsin, please try Culver's here. It's 100% times better here! I hear the cheese curds don't squeak outside Wisconsin 👀

  14. Culver's 🍔🍟🥪🍦🥤 opened in central FL around 2017 or so… I ate there often when I worked near the Mall of Millenia, Orlando FL. The 🐟 sammy is ✔. The fries & side items are good. The soft drinks, milk shakes are +. I also eat the "pot roast" sandwich which fills you up, great meal… I dont recall eating 🍔 but my friends liked them. Prices & service are good, clean restaurant.

  15. Omg yes. Culver's is my favorite fast food franchise. It only beats Chick Fil A because I prefer beef over chicken. I actually work there (my opinion of it hasn't changed because of my employment, so I'm not really biased). I think it is incredibly unrecognized and underrated.

    Edit: everyone loves the cheese curds. They are like "the thing" if that makes any sense, what they are known for. Tbh, I don't like them. They cost more than fries, still good, but overrated. They are bite sized mozzarella sticks. But they lack the most important thing in the sticks, the stretchy gooey cheese. Cheese curds don't have that texture.

  16. Did anyone else's heart sink when he said 2 slices of cheese was too much? Lol In Wisconsin there's no such thing as too much cheese! 😂

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  20. All my life I've lived in places that don't have Culver's. Only recently now that I'm all over the place have I seen one, and the minute I saw their menu I realized I was in for a treat. So were they, watching me stare with perplexity over their heads for so long.

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