Muslim Chinese Street Food Tour in Islamic China | BEST INSANE Hand Pulled Noodles in China!

Muslim Chinese Street Food Tour in Islamic China | BEST INSANE Hand Pulled Noodles in China!

Alright so check it out It’s Trevor James I just got into Xining, China This is the land of the Hui Chinese And today we are going for a full on Chinese Street food tour I’m so pumped Let’s go check it out As you make your way further west in China You’ll notice more and more Hui Chinese and tibetans And a new and different variety of street food If you’re dreaming of traveling along the Silk Road You’ll be rewarded with a huge selection of delicious street food when you come We came here as the first stop on our long journey west to Kashgar And found some of the most delicious and unique street food in China This video is packed with street food Starting out with some beef organ delight Alright so first up, we’re going to get some Zasui It’s like mixed organ soup Huge lineup Look at this, there is all this construction People are eating at tables in the dirt But I can smell it Coming up to the beautiful mixed organ soup here It’s so busy Oh look at all the organs We heard that this niuzasui AKA beef offal soup Was a must try thing here in Xining So we lined up to taste the richest and creamiest organ broth Made by stewing beef organs for hours It was served with a pita bread to dip And the location was completely packed That’s when you know something is good Oh, look at all the organs And that rich broth Just look at him chop the organs over there There is so much, like stomach, intestine, liver Great Let’s go try this out Wow, it’s like on a construction site Oh yeah This looks absolutely insane Look at all the organs in here There is so many There is tripe, stomach And the broth is so rich and thick I think I’m just going to have to go right in and get a big bite of organs and report on that flavor Let’s try it out That is actually very delicious There is nothing too overpowering and gross about it The organ flavor is totally smooth and quite clean and enjoyable That is really nice There is so many organs! That is really good This is awesome Coming deep into Xining for Halal food So that was awesome The broth was so complex Now we are going to go see what other halal specialties we can find Alright so we are in a Hui neighbourhood This is all Halal food here And we are going to have a lot of it today This is a huge Hui Chinese neighbourhood here It’s all street food After that delicious breakfast We walked around and discovered a teaser for what was to come in Xinjiang A Uighur flatbread AKA Nang Handmade dough is flattened, stamped, and then put onto a wet cloth over a round spherical press It’s pushed deep into the oven and baked with sesame seeds And every nang is slightly different As we are going to see in this series But most are incredibly delicious when hot out of the oven Look at all the Nang here In a big tandoor Here we go, Nang And look at how beautiful that is Very wholesome Very wholesome and even though it’s a white bread The sesame flavor and the crispness There is a definite crisp smoky texture that really gives it life Alright we have some yoghurt So we are on the way to get shaozi mian Hand pulled Huizu noodles This is going to be a wonderful month of eating Halal Qingzhen food This is just the beginning of the Silk Road journey We have a month of taking trains Finding little villages And eating delicious halal Chinese street food This is going to be good I can’t wait I think we found the jackpot This is his recommendation right here What we stumbled into was just one of many incredibly delicious hand pulled noodle joints Scattered all throughout Xining When you walk in And witness the locals slurping their noodles in delight And you see and hear the slap of the noodles before they enter the giant noodle cauldron You can feel the magic and soul that is put into each and every bowl of hand pulled noodles Awesome! Wow! Just look at this! This is what dreams are made of It starts with a giant mound of dough Then stretched into smaller blocks Which are then individually pulled into noodles Wow that is total noodle heaven I’m going to get one of those We’re going to get one of those shaozi mian, just look at that The slurping you can just hear the slurping You know it’s a good spot when everyone is slurping Big fat noodles It’s almost like a big gloopy gravy with lots of chili oil and tofu slices Green onions And I can smell how peppery it is Oh, we are going to get some of that Oh look at that! That looks really fatty actually But we are going to start off with the beef Oh its tender and quite fatty The original flavor, slightly salted Oh it tastes quite, almost herbal, and peppery And the gravy is gloopy The green onions give it a really fresh nice punch of joy After that delicious bowl of hand pulled noodles We went for a walk and stumbled on the largest mosque in Xining And while I was taking some videos of it The local man told us we could go inside to take photos And it just happened to be Friday call to prayer So we are going to enter this huge Mosque in downtown Xining It’s really beautiful And we just had a great bowl of noodles Amazing noodles Nice people And really friendly people Everyone here, like everyone here is smiling at us as we walk past This is really beautiful here Wow! Hello Everyone is so friendly Everyone is so friendly Look at this guys It seems like its a mix between Chinese and a normal mosque you would see This is really something, Ting, what do you think? It’s beautiful right? Look at this, just look at this, after a bowl of noodles I think we can just sit down and chill Let’s do that This is really nice to come to Xining and eat the food And meet all of these amazingly friendly people I’m actually blown away What about you Ting? Yeah, me too But I have to say That the people here are so friendly and I’m just blown away So we just spoke with a local who said we could come in and shoot But they just started the call to prayer And the prayer begins in an hour And you cannot shoot during that So we are going to leave Just to be respectful But what an experience it was coming in here After that big mosque exploration We went for a walk to find a specific bowl of noodles I had heard a lot about Stuffed sheets intestine noodles Look at the yangchang Just look at this yangchang Its boiling Its being boiled in chilies It looks strong And then he is making noodles in the back here We are getting a big piece of lamb And some noodles and lamb intestines As we began to discover As you move further west in China Mutton and meat is a huge part of the culture and diet of the locals Lamb kebabs, organs, and noodles with big chunks of meat are the norm And what we walked into here was just one little noodle joint that locals love to get their meat fix at Big hand grasped mutton chunks and mutton kebabs are grilled over the flame with cumin and chili And the noodles we ordered were topped with stuffed lamb intestine This is just like a mutton feast We have the shouzhua yangrou here Which is just like mutton on the bone And they chop it up And grilled it in a lot of dried chili paste Look at how tender and covered in sauce that looks Classic lamb kebabs over here Oh man And then the real treat is a bowl of noodles that I have never experienced before Lamb intestine noodles, look at that There is potato, there is yangchang which is lamb intestine And it looks like its ganban style, so you have to mix it up There is also potatoes and green onions And lots of chilies Oh look at all of that This is totally different from Sichuan chili oil I can just smell it It smells like it has vinegar in it And it smells like it is a little bit drier And has more chilies and less oil This yangchang Actually it’s lamb intestine with lamb heart and lung and flour stuffed on the inside I think there is also a bit of garlic and salt and of course lots of chili that it is fried in Let’s try it out This yangchang almost exactly tastes like blood sausage So I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some blood in there And that is totally enjoyable Thats the texture it has And it gives it a lot of flavor and a lot of flavor and juice When you have these noodles Those intestine noodles really grew on me by the end What a great day in Xining And this is just the beginning of our Silk Road journey So you’re going to want to stay tuned Because this series is going to have a lot of delicious food So please click that thumbs up button Leave me a comment down below And click that subscribe button as well if you haven’t already Because this series is going to be a lot of fun Thanks a lot guys

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  4. Man how can you enjoy every culture and speak many languages like you belongs to that all
    You're amazing

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  10. Assalamualaikum
    I am from Afghanistan
    But I really love to eat Chinese noodles
    Halal one
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