MUKBANG | 직접만든 라면 떡볶이와 통김밥 먹방 | 레시피 | SPICY NOODLES RICE CAKE EAT [SIO ASMR 시오]

MUKBANG | 직접만든 라면 떡볶이와 통김밥 먹방 | 레시피 | SPICY NOODLES RICE CAKE EAT [SIO ASMR 시오]

Making Kimbap From the left, there are dried laver, ham, crab meat, pickled radish and burdock. Egg Cooking oil Ham Crab meat Rice Sesame oil Salt Chrysanthemum I’m done! Dried laver Rice Kimbap is done! I’m going to make RABOKKI(combines Ramen and Tteokbokki). green onion, sausage, rice cake, fish cake, spicy noodles Welsh onion Fish cake Making RABOKKI Sauce – Noodles soup base Red pepper paste Oyster sauce Sugar Starch syrup water 1000ml of water Rice cake Fish cake Sausage Noodles and sauce Welsh onion Done! Sesame Hello, I’m SIO. What food will I eat today? Tteokbokki and Kimbap, the food I cooked. Let’s go! Here, Tteokbokki! Its original name is Tteokbokki, but it is called ‘Rabokki’ with noodles added to it. I cooked this, but it’s really delicious. Delicious! ? ???? Tteokbokki is so delicious! Eggs !!!!!!!!! a half-boiled egg ??????? ????????? I almost died of thirst. Look at this. I ate a bit of food while cooking today. So I’m a little full. So I’ll eat this later when I’m hungry! Today’s meal was really delicious! Well, today’s eating show is over! I packed the leftovers like this. I’ll eat this later when I’m hungry! So, today’s eating show ends here! See you again!

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  1. 오늘 먹은 음식은 제가 만든 라면 떡볶이와 김밥이에요.
    레시피를 소개할게요!
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    재료: 떡볶이양념(고추장 4, 설탕 2, 물엿 1, 굴소스 1, 물 0.5 ,라면스프 0.5) , 어묵, 떡, 파, 소세지, 라면
    김밥은 밥만있으면 되는 간편한 재료를 사왔습니다.
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  2. me when i see this food:„why you bullin me dont make me hungry my parents dont allow me to eat food like this and i dont know why

  3. You are ready to marry someone,you are good in cooking foods,….😁😁😁A advance congratulation from me.😬😬😁😁

  4. 何か黒い物が噛みちぎれなくて笑えた(≧∇≦)b豪快に食べてスカッとしますね❤️

  5. ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه حبيت

  6. Goddam it. Why mukbangers remain skinny after eating this much?? I would gain 50 pounds only taking a bite.!😒🤯🧐

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