MUKBANG| 김볶산! 김치볶음밥,계란후라이 먹방|KOREAN HOME FOOD EATING SOUNDS الأرز المنزل Nhà gạo [SIO ASMR 시오]

MUKBANG| 김볶산! 김치볶음밥,계란후라이 먹방|KOREAN HOME FOOD EATING SOUNDS الأرز المنزل Nhà gạo [SIO ASMR 시오]

Hello, I’m SIO. What is the food to eat today? Kimchi fried rice Mountain! Let’s go! The food I prepared today is kimchi fried rice. The special thing is, I’m going to pour some cream over here. Then, I’ll pour in the cream. I’m done! I’m not lying. It’s really good. When I made this food, I put in a very spicy sauce. This cream makes the food a little less spicy. But it’s still a little spicy. It’s delicious. It’s delicious. What? Really good. I think my cooking has improved a little. Actually, I thought this food would be bad. Really good. Landslide! Guys, I know this food doesn’t really taste good. But it’s really good. Among the kimchi fried rice that I have eaten so far, I think it will be in the top three. Really I think kimchi fried rice and spicy sauce go really well together. You guys should try it like me. I love it. I was eating hard, but the camera went off on the way. I’m really upset. Because I’m upset! I’m going to eat rough. It tastes a little bit greasy. It’s really delicious without cream. I think this food is delicious. The cream is really delicious. What? Today’s show is over! Actually, my friend from abroad recommended me to cook today’s food. The food was more delicious than I thought. Than I thought. Maybe it was more delicious than I thought. Whether I eat kimchi fried rice or risotto, I felt that way, so it was a little weird. But I think it was a good try. Then, today’s eating show is over here! See you again!

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  1. 오늘은 간단하게 집밥을 먹어보았습니다!!
    지인분이 김치볶음밥에 생크림?을 부어서 먹어보라해서 만들긴 하였는데..
    상상한 그대로 만들다 보니… 음식이 웃기게 되었네요..ㅠㅠ
    아 생크림말고 감자치즈를 부었으면 더 나았을 것 같은데..
    그쵸? 그래도 이상하게 입에서는 맛있다고 하니 참 애매모호한 음식이었습니다.
    요즘 재미있는 음식을 만들어보고 싶은데, 구독자 여러분들이 아시는
    최고의 조합, 재미있는 음식이 있다면 알려주세요! 만들어볼게요 ㅎㅎ

    행복한 식사 하시고 좋은 하루 되시오~^^
    시청해주셔서 감사합니다~

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  2. I'm liking the dish but I gotta ask why is the cream liquidy? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 is it milk??? and your faces be priceless I swear I keep laughing.

  3. My first time watching you. Subscribed because of your voice…also, coz I love kimchi fried rice too. ❤️😅🍽️

  4. You make me feel hungry in every time i watch your videos, im going soon to korea, i miss korean food and my boyfriend 😍

  5. Not the most appetizing preparation from Sio. I hope it really does taste good because uncooked cream tastes just like thick milk and he poured too much of it, imo. 😅

  6. Him:cracks 2 eggs at once
    Me:can't crack a single egg with two hands without droping a peice of the shell in bowl

  7. I get the same feeling when you eat something and it just taste so good then later u found it funny how the food is so good and u start laughing lolhahahahahaha

  8. 안녕 시오 오빠, I'm a big fan of yours from Singapore.
    I enjoyed watching your 한식 묵방 in every video. 특히 김치 찌개가 너무 맛있어요.😊

  9. 我是杠精

  10. Gente eu fico imaginando como consegue eu assisto até o final só pra vê se ele vai comer tudo, e coloca pimenta em tudo, come com tanto gosto que dá até vontade de comer. E essas caras e bocas que ele faz e o melhor hahaha te amo sio lindinho 💖💖💖😍🇧🇷

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