Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | mithai ki dukan | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | mithai ki dukan | Wow Kidz

Eat at your own risk. Wow! First of all this tempting food is kept here to tempt me and then it’s written- “It is forbidden to eat any of it”. When will I get to eat such huge samosas ever again? Who is this ill-mannered person? Wait, I won’t leave you. This sweet looks simple enough, I’ll eat it. You shameless, ill-mannered person! How dare you? You just wait; I’ll teach you a lesson. Run!! Help!! Don’t do this. What are you doing? Let me go! Was it a dream? Oh! What a dream it was! I can’t believe it. There were sweet meats and samosas all around but we could not eat any. It sounds like we were sitting in a sweet meat shop. There are sweet meats all around but you can’t eat any. I have 20 years of experience of sweet meat shop. If two of you are thinking of opening one then I will help. If I had my way, I would open a sweet meat shop today itself, but where is the money? Dr.Jhatka will give us the money. We can make him our partner. We will do all the work and everyone will earn money. Agree? It is a great idea. Come on, let’s open a shop. Motu, as we opened the shop, we got an order of thousand samosas and sweet meats. Today is a lucky day! But you keep a control over yourself. Don’t sit here and start eating yourself. You think I am so weak? What do you think? I will just pick it up like this and eat it? What do you think? I’ll just pick up the sweets and eat them, like this. No, my friend. Enough! Now you even touch it and see, what happens. What are you thinking? It is your shop! Eat whatever you want. Who can stop you? No, don’t do it. If you eat from your shop then the loss will be yours. You eat, I will deal with him. Yes, that is right. If the shop is mine then, why can’t I eat? You will never improve. Come on, move aside from the counter, move now. It’s my shop and I cannot eat? That is unfair. Motu, if you behave like this then how will we do business? You go and serve the customers and I will sit at the counter. Get one plate samosa. One plate is not enough. Our samosas are world famous, have two plates. Fine, give me two plates. Hey, Motu, you are a good businessman; you sold two plates instead of one. Just a second, I hope that there is no thought coming into your mind that the samosas are stale. No. No, it’s important that you know that these samosas are not stale. See, I will taste and tell you. See, nothing happened to me. But if you still have doubts, I’ll taste one more. Why have you left these two, eat them too. Oh! Thank you. Customer is always right. I cannot argue with you. Thank you!! Motu, you will not sit in the shop from now. There is an order for a party. I have loaded samosas in the tempo. There are thousand samosas, take them to this address. Long live!! The hunger is killing me. Go and get something to eat. Boss, the food is coming right to us! Essence!! I will not eat, it’s not right. I will not eat. Who came under the car? Stop!! I haven’t even tasted them till now! John will become the Don!! I will eat the sweet meats today, who will stop me? Wow! boss, what a poetry! Patlu, get Chingam and come fast. John has taken our tempo he is running away. I’m following him. Boss, this Motu is a very brave man. Look, how he is chasing us. Right number 2? Help!! Someone stop this!! Help!! Help!! Stop!! Boss, what a jump that was! He is truly a hero! Just drive the car fast. Chingam sir. Are you alright? I’m fine. John has gone in that direction. Sir, follow him. Its impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, impossible. First catch him sir, after that you can say your dialogues. Motu, drive fast. I didn’t ask you to drive so fast, stop! Help!! Help!! Wow, boss wow! What stunts Motu and Patlu have shown!! They were exactly like film heroes!! right? Motu, Patlu, I salute your bravery. Salute!! I revere you two a lot!! Will you just keep saluting or will you go after them also. Why fear? When Motu and Patlu are there. Look at them, how they are riding on the roof of the tempo. It’s only a matter of time before the catch John. Unnecessary, I came with you in this rickshaw. John, stop the tempo. You are surrounded by the police. Where is the police? He can also see that. Haha!! You two cannot catch me. Help!! Got saved!! Hurray!! Help!! I am dead, I surrender. Motu, Patlu, we salute you! Salute you!! Where did Motu go? Yes, where is Motu? Motu!! I cannot control anymore, you can cut the cost from my share of profits. Oh my lord!!! One thousand samosas and sweet meats, he ate them all. Since which life are you hungry? Beat him up!! He ate up all the sweet meats and I have been running with the tempo.

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