Mom Snacks Taste Test

Mom Snacks Taste Test

oh that was so personalized yes it was welcome to good mythical more where you know what this whole experience is personalized for you you just you just you so thank you for joining us that works um Wow Mother's Day is coming up which leads us to put something in our bellies to coat what's in there cuz I don't feel good boom you need me to cover up that pigs now this really has nothing to do with moms it just has to do with no but it does this has to do with my mom cuz so we were talking uh and we realized that my mom made a lot I like classic like snacks for me growing up and Linc said that you just ate like pre-made snack my mom my mom didn't make a lot of stuff but she bought some sweet snacks like you had like the oatmeal cookies every time I went over to fudge right but I was a foot round man but you know what else she would again you can go ahead and get your stuff out she would get me not just fruit roll-ups y'all she would get the fruit roll-ups that had the shapes and you know when I first got that I was like wow she unwrapped the fruit roll-up made shapes rolled it back up that is love and then I came home that night and I was like mom you're amazing she was like they just that's a new thing I do love you but I mean that's just the thing I mean I'm not gonna take credit look at the arm straight up just untainted think of peanut butter just like you just poured in there that is a good sign I know wait I know where you're going with this yes I'm you know what you know let's bring some people out to enjoy this these treats with Edward give me some food anybody else hungry for moms true chase you guys I'm looking for who looks the hungriest now did now did you have one pair there did you have this growing up cuz I did you like what about a grandma did a grandmom make this kind of thing now you were so picky as a kid I assumed you would not eat celery so I would eat anything if it was coated in peanut butter okay and still do brother man I need to get some peanut butter in there okay well these as everyone already knows pull on up at least if you grew up in the US of A you know what I'm making right I'm making some ants on a log look at that you got some celery and you got some raisins I'm not going to make it sweet as my mama made it but I will make it just as sweet as I can now I seem to recall when you will come to launch these will be wrapped in like cling wrap because you got a tree they're hard to transport mmm look at that nut I mean this is like mmm it's just like dream kid hors d'oeuvre I'm gonna have a paper towel I've had these with chocolate chips Oh sounds Mutchler Wow oh no this is great the chewiness book the chewiness you guys like it mm-hmm I mean for something that sounds so gross looks good now that's an idea for another episode what's wrong like ants on a log and then it's like is it gonna be these or is it gonna be it's on a log yeah now let me again just ill have to eat now this is really special what I'm about to do right now this is really special because my mom would do this now we had a we had a never-ending never-ending supply of every every my mama had a never-ending supply of whatever she needed so it's like in my mom's house and this is still true to this day like if you go in and you get the last piece of Bologna you like pick the package up and there's another piece of the package of Bologna I know the whole bag my house doesn't work that way like it when we run out of your other groceries when we run out of stuff we put it on this list and then like two months later we get it my mama never runs out of stuff she's got like peanut butter then peanut butter behind it and it's like a frickin grocery store in her freaking cabinets she never runs out of anything but she always had Bologna and we did a lot of Bologna these are thick slices tube Loney here's what I'm gonna do for you guys don't make one for me I am not eating it what come on you gotta taste it man I just ate that in snout form there it is just in disk for them no no you don't know what I'm about to do I'm about to create oh this is weird you're completely transforming that Bologna dress look at oh yeah oh I forgot it was Bologna no just a Bologna and cheese roll up just admirable like that oh my mom made this yeah of course she do about yeah yeah drinking me back right oh yeah I mean you don't eat the whole thing in fact I'll just make another one in y'all can split it amongst yourself I'll eat the whole thing okay Idi Amin chase we'll split it we'll start eating at one end we're like lady in the Tramp it alright you just said it no no no you have to no no you have to because it won't snow so no don't do it guys seriously it was a good idea now you have to do it I'll do those eggs don't have to touch I'll take one night I'll take one yeah I'll take a nose just hold it in the middle like a cigar yes look guys I'm it y'all didn't have to make eye contact yes I did oh yeah alright shut down for a second and then I turned around they were kissing by their round baloney and I was like it was a little shocking how close his face really was to my was like okay I kind of tagged with an optional I'm about to go to I've told you guys about this before I'm going to a very special place in my heart right now because what my mama would pack for me in my Qbert lunchbox on a very regular basis was a hot dog sandwich now not only because she thought that if he didn't cut hot dogs like this you would choke and this is actually true choking hot dog hot dogs are the number one cause of choking and kids so you should always cut hot dogs like this if you're going to serve the children I will take you choke on two different parts Alexes of it I said not true he said not a liqu Simitis like came in the corner to watch and then I saw Ellie's turn the Mike say not true yeah you said that right yeah yes I see called statistician but it doesn't matter okay the tissue so what she would do is she would take white bread and then she would cut these hot dogs like this and she would lay two whole hot dog you're blocking your game with your low fish just like this hot dog sandwich right oh this is a hot dog sandwich oh oh and listen your hands clean yeah yeah I just been touching everything here I just I just I'm definitely eating it might have been touching no I several times during that episode I wiped my hands off with the antibacterial wipes now and then of course well your bacteria you got to get some ketchup and I want to explain to you what my mom would do here ketchup of course Diane shoutout in mustard but not a mustard well too bad well apparently cuz gonna do it away Diane did it I listen and then you put the top on like this that's the top and you put that in a plastic bag and let it sit from you know 7:00 a.m. you let this thing sit from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and you get you you get your cubed lunchbox and you open it up and you can see the spots of ketchup and mustard have come through that white bread and you would think that's a bad thing that is an incredible thing here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna cut it up for you thanks thanks mom Jesus I do you're not liking this because of the mustard yeah I'm not a huge mustard fan but I'll eat it like on a hamburger like McDonald's oh gosh and then I gotta get a little bit of this so you can that nope you can have mine I'm not eating that yeah okay ha ha ha no no I don't I'm just I feel sick honey I can't put a hot dog in there right now but I've got just a teeny bite man I'm sorry saying we grew up together I ate this over my little Qbert lunchbox were you over there in your little prepackaged crap my buddy made this pudding jello fruit roll-up and that was your whole meal and I just want just for a good old time sake I just want you to have a bite just as a friend I just want you to have a little bite just a teeny little bite just a teeny little bite it's too reminiscent of the room of pigs now these are beef these are all beef hot dogs they're not they're not Pig they're all like great hors d'oeuvres for like I want I don't want you to miss out on this link I'm gonna spoon it out I do that it's nice just go ahead you trying to get out of it don't you there's one little bit I can't right now I'm just okay no I mean you love it huh Eddie will make a mean grilled cheese thing just better if it's been sitting out for fun once or twice a quarter all right here's I'll hear some sizzling taking grilled cheese orders yes what's a quarter you need to increase that frequency you got a no we're going through that that was that the big shizz Inga that was it I mean I have a whole thing of mayonnaise usually just give me that in a spoon right man my Cuban lunch box is heavy today if things got really really slow case she just gave me a pack of Ritz and mayonnaise jar really no but and I've said this before when I would go to rats house the one thing that I know she would have like layers up and I would go and eat I'm about to burp I'm holding it back that's what I'm doing like this you can talk I know what you can but your microwave bacon bacon bits and those crunchy bacon bits not those like soggy actual made of bacon bacon bits I'm talking like artificial baikinman's they convey a bit like shards of fake bacon that would just like you could shake it like a shaker you're the only person you hate those she kept him for me man no you know what she would do I would like put those on a salad though she did put those on a set I'd pour it pour it all in my mouth how we used to shade you it's just good bacon is just good burger huh okay well you know what thanks thanks for hanging out I'm good I'll uh I'll be here all week and next week and you gonna become the lunch man anything anything you want me to make for you I'll make so say hi to your mom for me she did some my good stuff thanks for watching mom love you res mom I love you so much I love my mom – I'm thank you for all this wonderful dejeuner for me hi mom link didn't want to eat any of it but it's cool you already knew that you didn't like him as a kid anyway

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  1. So that’s why Link is always so picky: he was raised on factory-engineered, satisfying, delicious treats that are literally made to please you. Whereas Rhett had to eat celery, so he appreciates real food.

  2. My mother always made the first snack for me except without peanut butter instead of peanut butter she would put cheese whiz in there

  3. My name's Edward and when I heard that first part about this is personalized for you and then later I heard him say Edward?

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