Model interview | Yana | Daily menu | Healthy food | Diet Weight loss | Eating disorder | ENG subs

Model interview | Yana | Daily menu | Healthy food | Diet Weight loss | Eating disorder | ENG subs

I’m not too obsessed about my meals planning… Here, in China I usually have oatmeal for breakfast. I add honey/yoghurt/nuts/fruits there… Just keep on experimenting with oatmeal. lol it’s my best option for breakfast. That’s it And because of the castings I usually miss the lunch… I mean I have some time for time… But something’s just go wrong…lol I usually have sushi rolls as a snack I have it in my bag right now 🙂 I like salads, vegetables, omlettes… it’s really hard to find dairy products here, in China There are some yoghurts… But no cheese… Yes, it’s hard without European food here But you can easily find most of the products here… Like chicken… I don’t know, I eat everything 🙂 nothing special Are you ever being on a diet, count calories or just eat intuitively? I don’t count calories… I actually don’t know anything about it… lol I just don’t eat chips, don’t drink coca-cola and all the stuff like that… I’m trying to avoid too spicy food as well Sport… I want to start running. I do some workout routine too. A walk a lot. Shanghai is much bigger city than my hometown There are many interesting places to look at here You’ve mentioned before (in our previous interview) what you usually bring to the work trips. Could you please share it with us one more time? Sure. I brought buckwheat, 2 packs of oatmeal. But you can buy it here too… But the buckwheat is hard to find in Shanghai, so i’m trying to enjoy it and eat it slowely. lol I still have half of the package and I’m proud of it lol The honey. You can buy it here too… But, I don’t know why, I think it’s not natural here… But I buy it anyways Why not? Girl often bring honey & sweetened condensed milk to their trips I brought quark, cheese… And I’m trying to save it for longer time because you can’t buy it here as well. As I said before, it’s really difficult to find good dairy products here. You can probably find those good in some European shops but it will be really expensive…. I also brought nuts, it’s very expensive to buy it here too. Do you know any crazy stories about models diets, weight loss or maybe eating disorders? When the girls are really starving themselves or someting like that? It really happens very often When the girl being told to lose some weight She lose some weight, then she’s being told it’s not enough… She thinks she’s skinny, but then she’s staring overthing and count calories… She eats like 400-500 calories a day and being on a strict diet ( like those when you can only drink and eat liquids or smth)… I just don’t get it… Yes, I know few girls who even have been hospitalised I don’t think it’s a normal thing 🙁 I guess they didn’t realize the importance of healthy eating Do you know how they have recovered from the eating disorders? Does only hospitalising have helped? Most of them have recovered in hospital. Their metabolism has slowed down because of all of that diets Those crazy things like having an apple/pear for brakfast/lunch and dinner… it’s hard to control your body when your metabolism isn’t working properly As soon as you’re done with your diet, you gain 3 times more then your previous weight – So you get an opposite effect – Yes, exactly Because your body’s starting to think: are we starving again? So, most of the people I know have recovered in hospitals, but some of them has found a way out of that too. Whats the difference between your daily menu here and your meals at home? I’m having some tasty homemade meals at home… Soups, puree… It’s harder (eating healthy) here… I don’t cook soups, just sometimes buy it at the cafes Everything is really spicy here So you usually have to tell everyone “no spicy”… I even had an allergy because of this type of food There’s a lot of rice here… And some, I don’t know, the food is really different from what I used to eat at home The first week of my stay here I used to take a medicine for my stomach When I’ll come back home, I’m going to eat salads, Olivier salad ( traditional Russian cuisine), sausages. lol My inner voice is telling me to have some sausages. lol Have you tried some exotic food here? I’ve tried tofu Its taste was really strange. Too spicy… It’s some kind of a cheese, right? Soy cheese? – Yes, it’s some kind of a cheese made of soy… You can buy it in our countries too… – It’s quite strange here it usually has a very neutral flavor. But depending on how you will cook it, it easily soaks up the flavors of other products like sauses and etc… So i guess you’ve just bought a tofu cooked with some spices And I saw a chicken feets at local supermarkets… Yes, everybody talks about chicken feets… Strange At the supermarkets you can also find various boiled food (like sausages, chicken and some strange stuff). I don’t know what exactly it is, but its taste is actually good. Tofu, seaweed… Crab balls… It doesn’t look really good, but its taste is actually fine. I don’t think this kind of food is too bad…. It looks like a soup with some boiled products in it… Yep – Thank you so much for sharing these. It was really interesting. – Thank you too 🙂

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  1. Aww how old is she ? so beautiful 😍 btw I guess russian girls loves buckwheat lol.:D

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