Model interview | Nastya | Daily menu | Healthy food | Diet Weight loss | Eating disorder | ENG subs

Model interview | Nastya | Daily menu | Healthy food | Diet Weight loss | Eating disorder | ENG subs

Please share with us how do you stay fit, what’s your usual menu and do you ever count calories? It’s such a burning topic lol I realise that I have to eat eat healthy food And I do eat healthy from time to time… But sometimes I eat sweets. I love it too much…. About staying fit… I’m going to gym How often do you go to gym? Twice a week I have a personal traineer and my workout usually lasts for 1 hour. Not that long Could you please give us an example of your daily menu? If I’m eating at home… It’s just a really simple homemade food In the morning I can eat everything… Well, not exactly everything.. Oats with milk for example… Coffee… Something like that I’m having an absolutely usual food for lunch too… Like soups, buckwheat with something… Meatballs for example. And salads or quark for dinner. Something like that And between main meals I’m having snacks. I guess eating small portions about 5 times a day is the right thing to do Yes, it’s quite close to healthy eating phylosophy. – Yes OK, is there any difference between your daily menu at home and your meals during working trips? So, let’s start with the fact that I don’t cook at all… So, during my work trips I usually buy foods lol For example, there were really cheap fruits in Shanghai. So I’ve used to eat them all the time And sometimes we were looking for cheap cafes and were eating there And we didn’t have many opportunities to cook And what was your menu during the castings time? Well, during the castings in Shanghai we usually went to some small grocery shops and used to buy something there Most of the times it were some snacks. Like onigiri – yes 🙂 Family Mart, Seven Eleven… Something like that About the other countries I can’t say anything special because we didn’t have much castings there, so we just ate at home after that or weren’t hungry at all Whats your opinion about dieting? Do you think strict diets are necessary? Well… I don’t think that the strict diets are necessary Because it causes some real damages to your health It’s my opinion… And after such diets you’re starting everything all over again. It’s kind of a hell circle But the normal diets… I can’t give you an example at the moment… in general I think it’s possible to lose weight if you’re eating healthy. Of course if you’ll do the sports too What are you doing if you need to improve your measurements in short period of time? I follow my usual meals plan anyway… But the portions of what i’m eating are getting a bit smaller I exclude everything which contains sugar too OK, thank you So, I’d like to ask you about the eating disorder problems among models… Because of the stress, often flights & dieting it happens wuite often… Maybe you know some crazy stories about stricts diets or someting? What’s your opinion about it? Everyone I know have no problems with eating. They just eat a normal food like usual people… At leats those whom I know quite well… didn’t have any eating disorder problems So, I can’t say anything special about this problem – And it’s a good thing. – Yes 🙂 Do you bring any food from home to your working trips? No, I don’t bring anything Yes, there is some food you can’t buy in certain countries… But I can easily live without it. So, when I’m leaving for 3 months I just forget that quark and sour cream exists. There’s nothing special about it. OK, have you tried something really exotic? I think everything was quite normal… I really liked Korean cuisine although I can’t eat spicy food I haven’t been to traditional food restaurants in HK, but everything was OK there too Once in Shanghai we were invited to a dinner Traditional cuisine We’ve been told that it’s really delicious So, there was a huge pan on the table With beef soup inside of it There were huge pieces of beef cooking there it was cooking in front of us And we should have put other ingridients there by ourselver. Corn, meat, some greens It looked absolutely terrible And the man who tooked us to that restaurant was so happy. He was saying it’s so delicious, you should try it We were like: Are you serious? We thought he was kidding So, that was quite a memorable moment because it was terrible lol What about the positive experience? lol Something you can’t buy or try here maybe? I guess everything I like can be bought here too… but there’s one thing I like the most and usually eat it in my travels It’s dumplings It’s like Russian pelmeni but a bit bigger and with more veggies inside. Really delicious! – Oh, I absolutely understand you! lol – Yes – Thank you so much for sharing with us, it was really interesting! – Thank you too.

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