Milk Choco | Kill the Devil

Milk Choco | Kill the Devil

Welcome back to Cho Cho Channel. Hello everyone, on this occasion Cho Cho will play Milk Choco where Cho Cho gets a map Which is called kill the devil in the game Milk Choco or Milk Choco Online. Okay on this occasion, Cho Cho is still not get or not kill any enemy and let’s see. okay just now Cho Cho managed to get or kill 3 enemies in Milk Choco on the kill the devil map Wow there is a bot in front and I think when fighting bot it is very easy and helps to increase kill / death OK, in front there is an enemy and he uses an air hero and he does the skill Okok he ran away and it looks like he is looking for reinforcements. Wow on my left there Hero again and it seems like he’s not a bot player. Okay Cho Cho needs to be careful even though his mission is to kill the devil or map kill the devil is killing devil. Okay okay in front of me there is an enemy, who is that? Okay I fail or he runs away from me, okay. Wow I’ll throw Grenade and look, wow wow I did it and it looks like I was lucky because the enemy was killed by my grenade In milk choco or milk choco games. Okay, where are the other enemies? In front of me there are two enemies but me choose to kill his devil first. Oh no, suddenly there is an enemy behind me and I will pursue the enemy oh no i am dead brother. It was shocking to lose when 1 on 1 against the enemy or Dusty (the name of the enemy.) wow it looks like I’m Deja Vu because before I killed 3 people and I died. It happened to me again, but I don’t know if it’s the same person or not in this milk chocolate. Okay Let’s forget first. Wow wow when I fought the bot suddenly the enemy killed me. Even though the enemy is a bot, we must be careful. Okay, I only have one minute left I can win or not because the score is a little different, which is 3 scores and it’s quite difficult for me to win wow I die again, okay, it looks like Cho Cho will lose this match. But let’s see Did I get the MVP or not? I do not know. Okay oh no, in front of me, I need to be careful. Residence time ….

10 thoughts on “Milk Choco | Kill the Devil”

  1. Hola crack 🔥🇲🇨 saludos desde Colombia 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴 buen video vas a ser grande mi amigo veo tus videos siempre ya le di like antes de q empezar 此次第nose q dice pero bueno 🙂 es chino la letra creo

  2. Suara nya kok kaya lagi nyiarin pertandingan sepak bola bang..
    Yah Chocho kok kalah sih..
    Semangat Chocho pasti nanti menang lagi..

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