Medical associations oppose bill to mandate nutrition training

Medical associations oppose bill to mandate nutrition training

“Medical Associations Oppose Bill
to Mandate Nutrition Training” Given the fact that “7 out of 10 deaths among Americans
each year are from chronic diseases;” given that diet is a major factor; given how inadequate nutrition
instruction is in medical school, a California bill was introduced,
mandating physicians, anytime before January 1st, 2017,
get 12 hours of nutrition training. That was obviously too radical,
so the bill was amended. How about seven hours? Who could possibly argue that doctors
shouldn’t get seven hours of nutrition? Who could possibly
be in opposition? Teresa Stark: “Thank you, Mr. Chair, and members. Teresa Stark with the California Medical
Association. We are in opposition today. We would like to thank
the author and his staff, and his proponents for talking with
us extensively about this bill. CMA consistently, we have policy,
that we oppose any CMA mandates on physicians. But the biggest concern is that
this should be left up to the individual physician. I think we can probably all sit here and
talk about a number of different topics that we think would be good for
providers to take, in terms of CME. If we started to go down that road,
it’s a very slippery slope, and there’s going to be lots of bills,
lots of mandates. This is not something that,
you know, kids aren’t getting. There are a number of
voluntary efforts going on. The First Lady has an initiative. The soda companies are now putting
calories on the front of the beverages for the total number
of calories in the drink. That’s a positive move, and they’re
responding to concerns toward sodas. So, there’s a lot of things going on
that are going to solve this problem. There’s no magic bullet here. All of these things
have to work together. We’re concerned that, that, not only
will this not actually get to the problem, but could cause
unintended consequences.” The California Medical Association
was opposed to mandating seven hours of
nutrition training for doctors. What about the
California Orthopedic Association? Dr. Tim Shannon: “I’m representing the
California Orthopedic Association. So, this is just one more additional—
and it’s not minor—it’s seven hours; that’s a lot, even if it’s
over one four-year period. Seven hours is a lot for one subject. These things become cumulative,
and they get in the way of the physician being able to really stay on top of
their own specialty and sub-specialty. And so for that reason,
we’re opposed to this. Thank you.” Surgeons are not known for
their passion for prevention. But what about the California Academy
of Family Physicians, though? Surely they’re in favor of a
few hours every four years on nutrition
for family docs. Dr. Tom Riley: “I’m with the California
Academy of Family Physicians. Ditto. It’s very, very difficult
to keep up with it all. As Dr. Hat has pointed out, he said, ‘I, for one, don’t believe government
should be involved in micromanaging.’ They have to make
an intelligent decision about how to educate themselves,
and also navigate all of the requirements that are
put before them. I urge you to vote no.”

8 thoughts on “Medical associations oppose bill to mandate nutrition training”

  1. This inability to disclose nutrition facts in favor of prescriptions and surgery is unethical and hypocritical … follow the money. See also Dr Greger's video; "More Than An Apple A Day" regarding the number one killer, doctors. Thank you for your courage to expose these greedy, evil wrong doers.

  2. thanks dr greger for studying nutrition and sharing your findings – hippocrates would applaud your actions – i hope the ruling governmental bodies do not throw you in prison for 20 years as they did to hippocrates for opposing the existing system

  3. are they ACTUALLY opposing 7 hours of nutrional training because "THATS NOT MINOR"?!
    if i was in that room i woulda fallen to the ground laughting loudly
    7 over FUCKING 4 years LOL

    there are people in yail for smoking weed……but this guy effectively kills humans (most likely with ill intentions…no human being can say that 7 hours over 4 years is much…)
    in fact more people die because of this retarded fuck in the long run than of any 1 terrorist attack in the last 20 years combined
    what a shithead
    hope he cant sleep at night

  4. Doctor's here do not know what to tyell patients on wellness… I will be active in getting the movement to CHANGE!!! Health is what gives quality of living, we all need to get our body, mind and inner being in check with what is good, not surgery and drugs

  5. I don't understand how this is even legal when patients will solely ask a doctor for answers. How can doctors inform if they do not know themselves.

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