MEAT in VEGAN FOOD? – Silly MEAT EATER comments #3

MEAT in VEGAN FOOD? – Silly MEAT EATER comments #3

Welcome to Stupid Meat Eater comments. This
video series presents some of the amazingly stupid comments by non-vegan youtubers on
my channel’s debates and videos. Here are this week’s top 5 picks This week’s comments are read to you by youtuber
Hawke Solaris. Thank you for your contribution. Check out his channel and videos here and
don’t forget to subscribe. 1) Kimberly starts this week off with… No person can be a vegan. The goverment aloud
100% meat free food on the market after awhile an sickness happen throwout the USA . The
goverment had research done on it. the report came back, it’s the lack the meat. After that
the goverment did a sercet law to the vegan places that they have to put 2 to 5% meat
in all vegan meals and do not have to list it if it’s label vegan because it is are the
health of the people. LOOK IT UP l’M NOT LIEING. Where in the world did you hear that nonsense?
Are you telling me that fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and fungi contain meat? Are
you suggesting that all prepared food must contain animal products? Not only is it entirely
implausible that the government would do something like this, its entirely impossible to keep
it hidden. Any company making food for the public would have to be informed about such
an odd regulation, and therefore everyone from multi-national companies to small businesses
would know. This would be impossible to keep secret. Also, If it is such a grand secret,
how is it that you know of it? There is no conspiracy by any government to sneak meat
into vegan foods. There is no research showing the need to do something so absurd. I would
suggest that you head over to Dr. Michael Greger’s youtube channel and check out all
the great vegan nutrition videos he uploads showcasing the latest scientific nutritional
studies. 2)Next we have terminatorGIR with… if cows didnt want to be eating they shouldnt
be made of beef. less that 5000 cows a day to feed 350+MlLLlON people, i’d say thats
not to bad at all one day i didst eat meat, i work construction and the next day i couldnt
lift what i needed to. beef helps replenish the body’s muscle. i know there are other
ways, thats fine, but beef does it for me Do you realize that humans are made out of
meat too? Meat is defined in the Oxford dictionary as “the flesh of an animal, typically a mammal
or bird, as food”. Humans are animals and we are made of the same kind of stuff as other
mammals. By your logic, we should all become cannibals because if humans didn’t want to
be eaten then they shouldn’t be made of meat. In the USA in 2011, 39 million cows were slaughtered.
That comes to 106,849 cows a day, not the 5000 you are claiming. Regardless of the number
of cows killed, not one of them was needed to feed the human population. We humans do
not have a nutritional requirement to eat other animals. Let me repeat this again because
it important: Humans do not have a nutritional requirement to eat other animals. None. zip,
zero, zilch. This is not my opinion, but fact supported by the latest scientific studies. In regards to your claim you tried going without
meat for a day and you ended up feeling weak… what did you actually eat? If you starved
yourself by eating super low calorie foods, or junk food, i would not be surprised in
the slightest you didn’t feel well the next day. You need to eat a balanced vegan diet,
not just eat what you typically do with no meat. You can easily get enough protein in
your meals if you eat a variety of vegan foods and eat enough calories. You have judged veganism
based upon a half-ass misinformed attempt. Here is an idea: read some vegan books, listen
to a wide range of great podcasts and spend some time watching videos and educating yourself
on the matter. 3)Next up we have javier 600,000 who said… Im sorry but us meat lovers are here to stay
and we are not going to convert to vegan. I am an athlete so I need to have meat.
Sorry Beth You can always spot the incredibly lazy people
trolling the youtube comment sections. If you would spend less then 10 minutes with
google you would have discovered all the top level athletes who are completely vegan. At
the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival this past September, I witnessed Patrik Baboumian,
a german VEGAN strongman break the Guinness World Record for the heaviest yoke carried
10 meters. How much did he lift? 550 kilograms or over 1200 lbs! Thats right, a vegan beat
the world record for this event. No other human has ever officially reproduced this
same feat. You know who was also at the event? UFC champ James Wilks… a vegan. NHLer George
Laraque… a vegan. Rich Roll an ultra-marathon star and vegan.
How about do a search for UFC’s Mac Danzig, Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier, former
boxer Mike Tyson, and so many others who are all vegans. All you need to do is spend some
time with google and you could easy dispel any stereotypes regarding veganism and athletic
performance. 4) Alex Cagle made it onto this week’s list
with… Hey Gary, what’s the difference between a
tuna who is horrifically bitten in half by a shark, and one who’s caught sustainably
and selectively then killed and prepared in a loving way that respects the animal? Although this comment was directed at Gary
Yourofsky, a vegan activist and speaker, I will answer it in his place. Whats the difference?
The shark has a nutritional requirement to eat other animals, while humans do not. Also,
I’m not sure if sharks have the ability to make moral decisions, but i know that WE do.
Onto Alex’s comment regarding sustainable catch, that is absolute nonsense. The world’s
oceans are being emptied at an alarming rate. If the ocean ecosystem fails, life as we know
it on this planet will end. Ocean life is central to the health of all life. Alex also
claims that aquatic animals are caught selectively, however this could not be further from the
truth. Bycatch, which are the animals unintentionally caught by fishing trawling vessels, is a serious
issue. Shrimp trawling is the number one offender. These trawl fisheries catch 2% of the world’s
total catch of all fish by weight, but produce more than one-third of the world’s total bycatch.
Dolphins, porpoises, whales, sea turtles and even albatrosses are seriously affected by
entanglement in fishing nets and lines. This is far from selective fishing.
Lastly, Alex claims that the death, dismemberment, and boiling/frying/baking of the animal’s
body is ok because it is done in a loving way that respects the animal. What kind of
warped sense of love and respect do you hold? There is no respect in taking the lives of
sentient beings when their is absolutely no need to do so and causes them and the environment
so much harm. 5) And lastly, MrAwsome514 had this to say… I have nothing but respect for the animals
I kill. No matter how much you may slander hunters for the sake of self glorification
you cannot take that from me. Oh, the irony. With a name like MrAwsome,
you wouldn’t think he should be criticizing anyone else about self-glorification. He claims
to have nothing but respect for the animals he kills yet just like our previous commenter
Alex Cagle, MrAwsome has a skewed sense of respect. There is nothing respectful about
hiding in the bush, wearing camouflage using scents and special whistles that mimic an
animal’s call, and high powered rifles. There is nothing respectful about killing innocent
defenceless animals in their natural habitat so that you can feel empowered and excited.
It takes a real man to murder innocent life for no other reason then sport. Sure some
hunters will claim they are environmentalists and conservationists, but that is utter nonsense
spouted to try to justify their actions. Hunting is ONLY about guns and killing. Perhaps in
our distant past we needed to hunt and kill animals for our survival, but the large majority
of people on this planet no longer need to live that way. Hunting is a blood sport idolizing
death and destruction, and nothing more. It embodies the epitome of disrespect as its
entirely unnecessary and cruel. POLL:
There you have it. 5 stupid comments from 5 different youtubers. Which comment would
you vote to win the Dumbass of the week award? Would it be: 1) Kimberly’s claim of government conspiracy
in requiring vegan foods to contain meat 2) terminatorgir who thinks that if cows didn’t
want to be eaten then shouldn’t be made of beef
3) javier600000 who thinks you need meat to be an athlete
4) Alex Cagle who claims that eating aquatic animals is sustainable and respectful
or 5) MrAwsome514 who supposedly has nothing
but respect for the animals he murders for fun Please leave your votes and comments below,
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100 thoughts on “MEAT in VEGAN FOOD? – Silly MEAT EATER comments #3”

  1. I am totally in favor of a better way to manage the meat-industry. But veganism is an extreme solution imo. the sheer amount of meat we eat is far to high, but cutting it out completely, not viable. It is a part of the human diet, has been for more than 100.000 years. Hell, even chimps eat meat. It is the best source of protein there is. But as I said, it needs to be controlled and managed in a way that does not harm the environment we live in. Also, ive tried vegan food several times, its all tasteless. If we eliminated meat-eating from the world and only viewed food as nutrition millions of people would be out of jobs, because the restaurant-business would be reduced by 80%. Feel free to use this in a episode of ''stupid comments''  I would like to hear a response.   

  2. here  in Iceland's fishing and farming the main industry
    so i have a some .questions for you.

    1. where should Iceland get money? if we can not sell fish and meat to other countries.
    2.where should all the farmers and fishermen get job? they are a BIG number of Iceland.
    3.we can not grow enough vegetables and fruits for all so what should we eat then
    4.all the animals would die over the winter so what should we do with them ?

  3. Here's something to think about, the bovine family has no use outside of being a food source. They are either hunted by wild animals, or eaten by humans. Either way they become meat food, but guess what, wild animals wont use every bit of them, or the bovine will die slowly. Think, what use do bovine have outside of that, if we didn't eat them they would run rampant, they reproduce so easy, just like chickens, they have no use outside of food sources, either wild animals like foxes get to them or we humans do.

  4. Boy those Africans really need to stop hunting and go to the fucking grocery store! How dare they hunt when they could simply buy tofu with the money they don't have at the stores they don't have. More people than you acknowledge DO need to live hunter-gatherer lives, at least until their countries develop some infrastructure.  

  5. Sorry, but I have to break a lance here for hunting….Ok, there are different preconditions here in middle Europe then it is in the US.
    But here hunting* is needed to keep the herbivores animals in check. That is needed, cause middle Europe unfortunately managed to wipe out all (or at least almost all) predators.
    We also can't invite them back (without major problems / costs) because of the way we use to live and use the land.
    Those carnivorous animals would start to roam free and create havoc.
    Wild boars which are omnivorous are already bad enough, when not kept in check correctly.
    Anyway having predators would produce cost no one is willing to pay for. Eventually they had to be hunted instead of deers and wild boars.
    Not best solution ever but something practical.

    That said i have to mention that killing animals for good reason is bad no matter if it is of the species homo sapience sapience or any other.

    *= Also it is done my country at least… almost exclusively by professionals (
    Which includes sadly enough a**holes which shooting dogs and cats (and even lure in cats from distance) for their sick fun.

  6. Sorry, but I have to break a lance here for hunting….Ok, there are different preconditions here in middle Europe then it is in the US.
    But here hunting* is needed to keep the herbivores animals in check. That is needed, cause middle Europe unfortunately managed to wipe out all (or at least almost all) predators.
    We also can't invite them back (without major problems / costs) because of the way we use to live and use the land.
    Those carnivorous animals would start to roam free and create havoc.
    Wild boars which are omnivorous are already bad enough, when not kept in check correctly.
    Anyway having predators would produce cost no one is willing to pay for. Eventually they had to be hunted instead of deers and wild boars.
    Not best solution ever but something practical.

    That said i have to mention that killing animals for good reason is bad no matter if it is of the species homo sapience sapience or any other.

    *= Also it is done my country at least… almost exclusively by professionals (
    Which includes sadly enough a**holes which shooting dogs and cats (and even lure in cats from distance) for their sick fun.

  7. Figures a typical vegan bashing meat eaters we make our own choices of what we eat humans are omnivores meaning we eat meat and plants. If we couldn't eat meat we would be herbivores. How about you respect others eating choices or don't care what they eat. Some people have to hunt to survive.

  8. I ate at least 20pounds of meat a week not including chicken meat just red meat mmmmmm i am going to eat some chicken right now though lol

  9. 7:31 your response to that last guy is just as stupid and biased as any comment you rail against.  And pick better dr.s to promote.  Every one I've seen you suggest is a flake.

  10. Well you label people as ¨meat eaters¨, sounds almost like ¨death eaters¨ from HP, anyway,the first comment was indeed stupid but to label people because their eating habbits is not to clever either…

  11. >> FACT : Farming Vegan foods still kill TONS of animals !!! Small live animals like mice, groundhog, snake ,rabbits , bugs, worm and more are Tilled, plowed , and chopped up by farming equipment! It happens all the time !!!

  12. This militant veganism is irritating. Yes, these people are all dumb but the assertion that you're "morally better" than meat-eaters because you don't eat things that are lower on the food chain than you is not needed. Your choices are your own and for your own reasons, but other peoples' are too. Morality is subjective too and in general animals are viewed as "lesser beings" by human culture.

  13. I like meat.  I eat it almost every day in proper moderation with a balanced diet.  But I am properly educated about where meat comes from and its nutritional value.  These people are idiots.

  14. This video is so full of errors in language and fact that one has to believe it was made by an ignorant fool  Only an ignorant fool would try to suggest that there is an animal "with no consciousness," a concept contrary to the basic characteristic of any animal.  I'll tell you what, maybe you're the only animal with no consciousness.  I VOTE THE VEGAN ATHEIST for the IDIOT OF THE WEEK AWARD!

  15. I have been listening you comments regarding meat eaters and the lack of need to eat meat, with interest. Personally I am a meat eater just to let you know where I am coming from.

    I have the researching ability and the intelligence to eat healthily as a vegan and I agree it is entirely possible however:

    Correct me if I am wrong:

    It is more expensive to eat a fully nutritious vegan diet.

    Some people do not have the intelligence or knowledge to do so as a variety of different nutrients/proteans need to be eaten, they may well just leave out the meat from their diet. I have seen this being done.

    In some parts of the world the variety of different proteans to make up the complete protean requirement would not be available. Meat is a complete protean and individual vegetable proteans are incomplete so a variety needs to be eaten.

    Unless handy stores sell the required variety of foods it would be very time consuming to be a vegan.

    In view of the above observations some care needs to be taken when promoting the benefits of a vegan diet, education needs to go hand in hand with the suggestion or people can be malnourished if they just drop meat from their diet.

  16. @TheVeganAtheist Kimberly is no doubt, very gullible ,and it never ceases  to amaze me that the world contains so many ignorant people. Definitely number one!

    I know you love to use the word murder in reference to people killing animals, but you do know how ignorant that is? Of course you do, because you are not stupid, you just do it for effect. My question is….. How do you expect people who don't understand that distinction ,to take you seriously?

    In parts of the world, people do not have the luxury of a grocery  store that provides a complete non meat diet. There are  people living off the land the best they can, and that includes eating meat in order to survive……. that's right I said survive. Surly these people are not committing murder in order to keep their own children from starving to death.

    What you have to remember is that you are lucky enough to be born into a time and place that gives you the choice to be vegan, in some parts of the world, people do not have that option.

  17. Whether you eat meat or not, you're still eating life.
    Vegans and Vegetarians believe it's immoral to eat animals, a form of life. fruit and vegetables are a form of life. The only difference between plants and animals is that animals have a level of intelligence and plants aren't capable of feeling pain.
    So what is the difference between a carrot and a cow, apart from the cow having a level of intelligence and the capability to feel pain? There is no difference.

  18. The 2nd comment and your response to it about cannibalism has got me thinking. Thinking I would prefer to eat the meat of convicted murderers on death row than innocent animals. I eat meat but I see myself going back to being a vegetarian I was a while back. Maybe even a vegan. Your arguments (some of which I know already) are pretty fool-proof. I would even add to the 1st comment that gorillas are quite "muscular" animals. 

  19. You said that "some hunters will claim themselves to be conservationists or environmentalists – but hunting is only about guns and killing." Hang on a minute, I am a vegan atheist and a conservation student plus I also work with environmental contractors. We have major problems with pest animal species in some of the parks and reserves we work in, most notably, Rabbits, Foxes, Feral Cats, Goats and Deer, plus also some pest birds such as the Indian Myna.

    These pest animals often prey upon our vulnerable natives or out compete our native species for food and shelter. Sometimes we have to do pest management control and kill pest animals in order to protect the native species (fauna and flora) that are at threat from these species. Even our native Kangaroos can have population explosions given the right environmental conditions which can lead to over grazing pressure of native flora which in turn leads to soil erosion and further environmental degradation.

    It is unfair and to simply dismiss all hunting as pure glorified cruelty. Unfortunately sometimes it has to be done and there is no other realistic or practical alternative. Personally I'd prefer there wasn't a problem that required killing but there is. Someone's got to do it, unless of course you have an alternative. If we don't do it things only get worse and it is our responsibility to undo the damage that we have caused up on our natural eco systems. So did I make the list of stupid comments?

  20. as long as the animals we eat live untill their last days in a good environment im not against meat eating. however nowadays meat companies only care about money and treat animals in a cruel manner which is not acceptable..

  21. Anyone who takes a "if cows didn't want to be eaten they shouldn't be made out of beef" comment seriously has no business running a "STUPID X COMMENTS" series. I mean, good grief, how obvious does a troll have to be for a vegan to get it? If vegan lolcows didn't want to be mocked they shouldn't be made out of stupid.

    Seriously, has anyone ever encountered a vegan/vegetarian that wasn't full blown 'tarded?

  22. so boring and so pretentious. TheVeganAtheist: look at me i'm so moral and good, that makes me better than you tehe! tips fedora 

  23. I am vegetarian. I do what I can. I can't be perfect. I tried too be vegan, it's was too hard and I guess I'm just too selfish! I think hunting for fun is unspeakable. Also, the makings of a serial killer. If you get enjoyment out of killing for fun, get professional help. Also fishing for fun. How would you like too have a hook in your mouth. while being dragged out of your environment. Only too be thrown back too have a heart attack from the horror of what just happened too you? Normal resulting in death! For someone else's entertainment. Doesn't sound like fun for you does it? I'm pro life, anti death penalty and against any kind of animal murder. The Taking of another life is the most immoral thing you can do. Doubly, when it's for out of convenances to ones self. One thing though.. stop comparing slavery too meat eating. Yes, eating meat is wrong but, it's not the same as slavery. I can imagine that is extremely offensive too the black race. You are one, comparing them too other animals. Two comparing there suffering too a slaughter house. Though it's cruel what they do too animals. They don't whip and torture them before they kill them. They don't make them work in fields without food or water all day. They don't kick and punch them if they don't work hard enough. It's not the same and you shouldn't even compare it.

  24. If we where made to eat meat what will happen to veggies and fruits. . But if we become veggies animals are going to take care of meat even doh i think some animal are being extinct like cows and pigs just for us even some carnivor animals are starving because of some people.You know what GO VEGAN

  25. for humans, eating other animals is just as much illogical as every religious book.

    Keep up the awesome videos TheVeganAtheist! 😀

  26. Hey VeganAtheist how about those meat eaters that keeps on saying that " WE ARE ON THE TOP OF FOODCHAIN and Man did not claw his way to the top of the food chain to eat plants." Need your answer brothers 🙂

  27. !!! BREAKING NEWS !!!

    "Vegan's Lack Humor And Intelligens" ; Says Vegan-Mentor "Harry Youclownsky" To "THE VEGAN NEWS".
    "It Is The Deficiency Of Cholesterol That Makes The "Vegan-Brain" Delusional And Twisted" ; He Continues.
    "Only With A Healthy Balanced Diet Containing Meat, Vegetables, Fruit And Dairy, It Is Possible To Reconstruct The Damaged Brain".
    "I Am So Happy That The Waiter Accidentally Gave Me A Normal Cheeseburger Instead Of A "Vegan-burger" ; He Replyed.

    And That Was The Latest News From "THE VEGAN NEWS" Channel.
    !!! Please Stay Tuned Vegans !!!

  28. I don't eat fish because, like those shrimps being caught.
    I think of each animal as a life….. shit, I can see already how this is going to back fire on me… Anyway. I think of each animal as a life, and it takes far more of those shrimps to satisfy one person's hunger, where as one cattle could do the same job for more people.

    I hate sea food, because air drowning animals is completely cruel. And crustaceans being boiled alive is just sick. The counter argument I've heard, is crabs and lobsters are frozen first…. As if thats any consolation.

    I've been thinking of going vegan, but the main thing stopping me is convenience. Selfish I know. I tried shopping as a vegan for the last few weeks, and so many of the products I wouldn't ever of guessed to have dairy or animal proteins, it was unreal.
    Eggs are a big thing for me.
    So if I had rescued chickens that I didn't farm from birth. Would it be breaking the rules to eat their eggs? They're going to lay them anyway, and better they don't go to waste right?

    But just all the things I'd be missing. Cheese, milk. They're simple. But my crown glory of foods, fried pizza. That's going to be a hard one to pass up 🙁

  29. lol those are hilarios but i dont agree with the response to the hunter comment. just ask yourself have hunters existet before humans? do animals usually die of old age? the answer is that most animals are killed and/or eaten by other animals wether they want to be or not. the fact that the preditors weapons are part of theyr evolutionary design makes no difference. the only reason we HAVE to hunt certan animals is because we took away theyr natural preditors. if we let them move back in we will have to hunt less but ocasional attacs on livestock and humans will be inevitable.

  30. wow the second comment, that is an incredible leap in logic that i would expect to hear from a christian not an atheist. did i hear wrong or was your reply, since you like meat you should eat humans because they are made out of the same stuff? everything is made out of the same stuff when it comes down to it, it's all stardust. eating a tuft of grass is in no way better than eating a pig, since they are both carbon based organisms.
    i do agree that a lot of these comments are pretty dumb, but what i find even dumber is the way you try to raise yourself over us lowly meat eaters, in many ways (as your logic leap) what a christian would do. "i pity you for not feeling gods love, how can you not see that following christ is the only way to be ethical and a good person?"

    There is no health benefit to a vegan diet, no matter how you look at it. sure a lot of vegan diets tell you to cut out the sugar and the fats you don't need, that true, but if you just continue to eat a healthy diet including meat and cut out the sugar and fats you don't need you are just as well off. a vegan diet requires you to take health supplements because of all the nutrients you don't get, B12, D vitamine, animal protein, Creatine, Carnosine and Docosahexaeonic Acid (DHA) are some of them. sure pop some pills to fill it up, but why not just get it the way we're supposed to, you know the way we have evolved? We have evolved as Omnivores live with it.

    i'd like to see you make a "Smart meat eater comments" and try to debunk them.

    by being an Atheist you should be smart enough to not fall into the vegan trap, the trap i like to call the "Vegan china trap" based on the China study, you know the vegan bible you all seem to quote now and again without any regard for actual science.

  31. I'm a vegetarian now, my granparents and mom keep telling me to eatmeat and fish, because it has nutritional value and that i'll become skinny and weak if i don't. I asked them where the f*ck did they get that bs information from…Their answers: a doctor who went vegetarion -.- I can't fully go vegan even tho i liked to, because i live in a small town and don't have big stores with any big viarity of foods and vegetables and fruits…Thank you @TheVeganAtheist for opening my eyes to the non-sence i believed. Atleast my dad respects my choice

  32. Maybe you should attempt to respond to some of the more intelligent comments instead of making someone who was already an idiot look even more so. I like all your videos man, glad to know there's still a few sensible people around

  33. How about the shark gets fed for a change by what he is supposed to eat and now his less likely to try and eat the humans (coming from a surfer) I vote that the stupidest comment of the week! That guy, like many is probably afraid to get into the ocean as well.

  34. Here is my opinion: I do know for a fact that meat has different proteins that nuts or any other thing is considered "vegan". But I do not know if there is a bad (or any) effect from removing meat from your diet altogether. But who am I to talk? I'm a kid and I might be wrong.

  35. All. The businesses you showed. are actually just one just split apart and seperated by name the first comment might actually have, A point because all the product's could be massed produced. In one location only the worker's would actually no the truth. In this case

  36. Humans may not need meat, but it is important. Meat is like a condenser for calories, proteins, and fats that makes it more practical to eat than plant matter. The space required to farm the plants required to sustain the entire human population would be absolutely massive. Even so I think you've got a bit of a confirmation bias on humans not needing to eat me, we evolved as omnivores and apex predators, we can replace our needs with plants but it just isn't practical.

    And quick rebuttal to your comment on hunters, I can agree the use of guns and calls being bad but nothing else. Other predators could easily have the advantage of camouflage and using scents (For tracking or waiting at a deer's last piss break). Aside from this though, how would you view someone who hunts using striking clothing and basic tools (Such as a wooden bow or sharpened flint). Or even bare hands at that, but then humans became predators due to tools so it wouldn't exactly be natural for us to be using our squishy hands. What if someone only eats meat they hunt, and they only hunted the sick or old that would be killed by any other predator?

  37. I laughed so much when I heard mrawesome514, my screen was blurry so I couldn't read it first so I just heard it in your serious voice and lost it.

  38. I agree that these people are as you say "dumb asses", but there is still two things that bug me. One, the human body does require meat of some form. And two, some (although not all) vegan meat distributors do in fact put a percentage of real meat in their product. It has been proven time and time again with these scientific studies you're all so fond of. Same goes for the human body requiring meat. You can survive some time without it, and even appear healthy, but you will suffer from ill health effects without the consumption of meat. Though now, presently, we have other forms of obtaining the essential proteins and whatnot we get from eating meats. So your argument of not needing to mercilessly slaughter countless, and defenseless animals holds weight. Still meat is good. Not all meat, but some. I enjoy it. And no one holds the right to determine, judge, or instruct me on what I may or may not consume in order to fill myself. I'm an animal lover, but sacrifice is necessary in numerous scenarios. And even if I one day decide to become a vegan (which is very unlikely), my "sacrifice", or decision to stop eating meat won't make a bit of difference. Okay, maybe a bit, but not enough to convince me to do so. It would take hundreds of millions of people to simultaneously make the conscious decision to stop eating meat in order to make the difference needed. That'll obviously never happen, so what's the point?

    Everyone should just learn to respect other people's decisions, and belief systems. Good day one and all. And if you're vegan, well then hey. Good on ya'. Same goes for meat eaters, or "carnivores" if you will.

  39. some hunters still do hunt for food and some still do it in a way fair for the animal they are tracking, don't get me wrong there are a LOT of sport hunters but I felt it fair that the ones that are do it for what it for the proper reason be known, whether people consider that better or not.

  40. Not all hunters hunt for sport. I hunt because I don't want to support the disgusting meat industry. When you hunt, you quickly kill a full grown animal that has lived a free, healthy life. It is only the purest meat and it can also help control overpopulation in deer. Overpopulation can cause many road collisions that can hurt both the deer and the human driving, and after killing a deer via car, who would want to use that meat to eat? That's a waste of a life. Don't put all hunters under the same category as the stupid Cecil the lion dentist guy, who is obviously just some random dirt bag. Just like you were telling the other guys to do research on veganism, I'm telling you to do research on hunting.

  41. you claim hunting promotes death and destruction, but being an advocate for deforestation is somehow better? let's also not forget basic biology and that plants are living breathing beings too so now you also promote plant torture as well? wow you really better than us

  42. o and to add insult to injury atheism is old fashioned and dying due to the fact that quantum physicists along with many "great" minds of scientists that have conjured many pointless theories that god/gods could exist and also cannot disprove the theory of a god/gods causing loads of nefarious, dastardly deeds on a daily basis all over the universe. try out a more modern eye opening concept like theosophism to answer your questions about the meaning of life, everybody's doing it.

  43. If humans are omnivores why is meat and such so bad for us? You'd think it would be good for us if we're supposed to eat it so…?

  44. im a vegatarian …i have anemia and when my friends ask what it means..i explain how it basicallh means low in iron which makes me have lower supply of oxegen…they said to me …so how do you get iron …i am 12 btw if wondering why this sounds as if my friendd are stupid 😂…anyway i said that iron comes from green vegetables and meat ….as they know im a vegetarian they said then why dont you eat meat, this sort of annoyed me but i said its not because i dont eat meat..its because my body literally cant hold iron …my reletives are meat eaters yet a lot of them were anemic …my friends said that, because im so active and sporty then i cant hold it ..i found this stupid and felt annoyed

  45. Mike Tyson and George Laraque also became vegan after there Good careers not during !!!! According Wikip) Don t know about others just looked up 2 so take that for what is worth anybody ESP V.A

  46. wow wow I think MrAwsome514 is right I hunt and i'm carrying an old but great family tradition Its not all about killing there's a lot of other things to it. Moose and bear hunting is how I got most my friends. It's scientifically proven that animals don't feel as much pain as humans (except monkeys, dogs and other smart animals). I can agree that vegetables are good in a diverse diet but too much is too much.

    But back to hunting. (if you dont read all of this stuff i wrote down at least read what i written last the off topic thing)

    There are hunters that do respect the animals and hunters that just like killing. I respect animals and thears a lot of other hunters olso do. Its not a blood sport its a ordinary sport. There's a lot of ways to put respecting the kill. I usually go for the most painless way fore the animal. And there's nothing wrong about that! Wrong is to make the animal suffer!

    And rather than saying it idealises death and destruction i'd say it idealises nature and in some times friendship, team work
    of course a lot of people see things differently. This is just my juve (juve did i spell that right) I like your videos. But hunting as bloodsport is something i can't agree on.

    And one more thing that is completely off topic I'm an atheist or consider myself an atheist (Born a christian just my luck) But there's one thing that's keeping me from leaving the church and that is how is people gonna react and what if i'm wrong. I think the bibble doesn't make any sense and it sounds completely nuts. But the main thing that always causes problems for me is what if i'm wrong. It wouldn't be the first time i'm wrong. I want it to be something after but from the looks of it there isn't and that is something that makes me scared. But i also know that wanting something to be real don't make it real. Soo that's something that makes me stay up at night. (talking of night the watch is 4:30 in the morning)

  47. in Denmark we talk a lot about vegan life style and in maybe 20 years or less the meat eater will be looked upon as smokers

  48. the only time i have ever heard anyone say that vegans are morally superior to others it always comes out of a meat lovers mouth, vegans dont say that shit to people. to me it seems like meat lover just want to find a way to justify their cruelty by pointing the finger at someone else. they are also subconsciously admitting that vegans are people who have more morals than themselves. so thanks for calling vegans moral :):):):)

  49. hey hey hunting and fishing ar not only to kill fishing probaby les than hunting what i mean by that is the thing i like most about fishing is the challenge you are not aloud to be seen and everything thats allso why i dont actually like kiling the fisch i allways fell sory for him but well i do enjoy som smoked fish after a long day of fishing. and now you mayght say you hurt fish for fun no i dont hurt as of if fish can feel pain many say yes and many no but let me tell you a story i once hokd my own finger the sting hurt a litle bite maby like a surge o by the way pulling out was easy switzerlan were i life prohibit barbd hoks but well i wanted to noe if it really woud hurt surprysingly no even with all my force why because the skin streches the force is destributed over a large erea its like shoting a bulet in to a towl

  50. Voice Your Opinion!
    I'd love to hear from you which videos you want me to tackle on TheVeganAtheist. Click the link to vote in my poll. You can choose more then one answer and add your own suggestions:

  51. I work in retail. Meat products are thrown away everyday for safety reasons. The temperature cannot be maintained to assure that the decomposition is stopped. Even when the products are frozen, that does not guarantee the products do not have temp variances. That is the main reason the trash bins have the WORST smells when they are thrown away. Food is wasted in a large scale. Multiple employees and customers handle the products before you pick up the products for purchase.

  52. So we taught by science that 20 amino acid required by humans. Yet vegetables only contain 12. I can bare with changes but some vegans just going with it as a religion.

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