see the world in that shot they live with no distractions and get away this is Bob we waited for hi guys and welcome back to another Mills of the week video I cannot believe this is number 52 which means we have been uploading these videos for an entire year it just seems crazy only feels like about 10 minutes ago that I did my first one so if you do like these kind of videos there is another 51 of them I will link them in the description box so let's go and have a look at what we've had to eat this week so for dinner tonight the boys have got some chili con carne with rice this is chili that I made previously and it's been in the freezer so we just needed something quite quick so I got that out I've also got two different Rice's mixed I think ones best Marty and one is just a long grain and I've also served it with this garlic and rosemary bread I got this reduced in Tesco I think it's at one pound sixty and I've got it for forty P so I've just popped that in as well so there's Bailey's Jake's Oscars so for dinner tonight Steve and I have got salmon and spinach fish cakes these are the Tesco finest ones and we also got these reduced in Tesco obviously the Tesco fish cakes very funny I think there were like 49 P for two and they're supposed to be at two pounds something I'm having mamas salad so while lettuce tomato cucumber onion and a little bit of really really spicy Mexican cheese today is having his with hash browns and baked beans and he's also got some bread and butter to go with it so that's what we have everybody in there tonight dinner tonight I've done the boys some pepperoni stuffed crust pizza these are the fresh ones in from Sainsbury's and some cheesy garlic bread and some carrots and cucumber just to make it look a bit helpfully so this is Bailey's we've got Jakes this one is Oscar's and we're off to watch a movie because it's Friday and Steve and I have gone for some pasta with a pork mince polonaise this is one of the Napoli nee is it knuckle any sauces I think so it's a tomato and chili one I've added some extra mushrooms some Asian chili sauce because I always do and some fresh basil from our basil plant so this is mine that is Steve's and then we've got a block of cheese you're not going to eat all of it obviously but we're gonna grate some cheese on top and then we've got this mozzarella and basil pinwheel kind of bread that I got from Sainsbury's and that's what I haven't enough dinner tonight the boys have got the pork and beef burgers that I got in my last em Saints B's food hall and then they've got them in brioche buns served with some Emmental cheese and I've just melted the cheese on top under the grill they've got some chips that I've actually done that oven chips but I put them in the airfryer and they've actually come out really crispy and then they've got all minted lamb kofta kebab as well so this one is Bailey's he's also got lettuce some light mayo and some mustard in his burger Jake's got pretty much the same I think he's got a little bit ketchup in there as well and then as always a little I don't like bread person has got his kofta his burger and his chips and this is what the boys are having tonight so we were going to barbecue this but it's come over a bit overcast so we thought we'd save the chance of rain and cook it indoors so this is what the boys have got for dinner and Stephen I've gone for kind of a I don't know meze barbecue II can't I don't know it's a mixed platter basically so you've got some halloumi cheese we've got some cucumbers from our neighbor's garden some leftists this is some wafer thin salami we've got some Tiger Berber butter some olives and then back round this side we've got a minted lamb kabob and some chicken wings that I've done in the air fryer and as this got exactly the same he's also got their brie on his and he's got a pork and beef burger on his and Oscar has also gone for an extra platter even those already eaten is doing that he's got some olives and some cucumber and I think a little bit of this salami so this is what we've got for our dinner tonight it looks absolutely amazing and I can't wait to go and tuck in dinner tonight I've just done the boys some sausages we have cheesy pasta Bailey's got carrots mixed in with his and the other two have got peas and I've just added some butter salt pepper and grated cheese so for dinner tonight I have done the boys a creamy herb and tomato castor bake with some tuna in there just chopped up some garlic bread and popped it in these little hotdog trays and I'm just about to dish up Steve and I are actually having a prawn salad which I will show you in a minute but he's not home from work yet so yeah this is what the boys I have him and Steve and I have got our salad we've got some jumbo king prawns with a little bit of a Mary Rose mayonnaise ketchup sauce we've got some sriracha on our salad and some charred grilled chicken breast that was already cooked so I think this is mine and this is Steve's and that's what we've got for tonight's dinner so every dinner tonight the boys have got fish fingers croquette potatoes and beans so this is Bailey's this one is Jake's and this is Oscar's it's a nice dinner I have done the boys some marinated chicken with some baby jersey oil potatoes and salad I've just done the chicken in some tender meat spices some bottom of vinegar some garlic powder and some smoked paprika and then actually popped in the oven and so this one is Oscar's this one is Jake's he's gone off lettuce for some reason at the moment and this one is Bailey's although he's not home yet he's gonna have his cold because he's out with his friends so he should be home in about 20 minutes and he hasn't got tomatoes and Steve and I are gonna have something a little bit later on and Steve and I have ended up with a kind of picky what do you wanna eat dinner and neither of us could decide and I'm sure everyone has moon lights like this so Steve has gone for its all-time favorite which is tuna mayonnaise and cucumber sandwich on white bread and then I've got a salad just tomato lettuce cucumber and some onion and then I've got some chicken breast was from the boys dinner that they didn't I didn't dish up for them and then I've put it in the microwave with a little bit grated cheese on top and some sriracha sauce on top so this one is mine and this is thin if they move laughs if the hoe makes it look so plain but this is what we wanted to this is what we've got for dinner tonight so for dinner tonight we've got jacket potatoes with grated cheese some tuna mayonnaise we've got some cucumber some B root and some gherkin so we've got Bailey's Jake's Oscars so Steve and I have got the corn snake style pieces with some of the Barenaked zero carb noodles and courgettes some mushrooms and some fresh chili and then I've added soy sauce garlic ginger and onion powder so this is my one and this is Steve's its portion works out about 200 calories each which is like literally nothing because it looks like a full Chinese meal so that's what we've got 14 them so I'm just starting or I'm halfway through doing tonight's dinner and I'm cooking a gammon joint I just wanted to show you this thermometer the company reached out and emailed me and said would you like a meat thermometer and you know I'm not any kitchen gadget so I said oh yes please send it over I'm quite happy to try it but it's turned up and it's really really good so I thought I'd show you basically it comes with two probes so you can do two separate joints at once so if you like Christmas you are cooking a turkey and a gammon or something so you put both your probes into the little unit and then each one has got a different setting but I'll show you that in a second it's completely heat proof so you can actually put your probe in the middle of your joint I've got a gammon in there at the moment and then you can put this in the oven like it is it's got like quite a long lead and then this just sits on the outside I'm almost done with my cooking so this is nearly there I think the cleverest thing is that it comes with an app so I don't know if you can see that we get my phone so there's two settings one for each probe and basically you can just control it with your phone so I could pop that back in the oven now with the probe still attached to the gammon go off into the front room or you know into God and whoever do my editing and I will know when my gammon is at the desired temperature I just think that's so cool Steve is going to love this so you can set timers so that when it reaches a certain time the app will go off on your phone but you can also choose a meat here so if you want chicken and it says she'll be done 74 degrees and you can go set preset and then it's telling me and this is cousin my phone is vibrating and buzzing and it lets me know the chicken is done and I just think how clever is that so I can just pop it in off I go and you can do it for all different presets so obviously it says pork I mean I've got Gambon it says pork is done at 63 degrees you can have your beef like Rare or so you've got rare medium rare medium medium-well well-done you know you have you can do the same with lamb and then there's turkey fish you've got hamburgers you've got hot smoked cold smoked then you can set your own presets you can also set your own preset you can change your temperature you can change your alarm interval your ringtones and everything all from an app and I just think I love it I'm so pleased with it so there is a discount code and we'll leave it in the description box at the moment these are about 22 pound and I've actually got a 50% off code for you guys which is making these about 11 pound or 11 pound 50 get them on Amazon oh yeah if you're interested in one I'll leave all the information in the description box down below but yeah I think it's amazing I'm gonna pop this smile actually this is cooked because 77 is probably perfect that is hot enough for my Germann to make sure it's completely cooked so I'm not sure I'm cooking with the rest of this dinner yet but I just I love the fact you can plug two things into it like if you're doing a barbecue and you want to test out the sausages and the burgers and then you can just check it on your phone so I will leave everything linked down below but yeah this is really cool and I know my little Steve would love to play with this and my dad would love this as well so if you're looking for a present for someone who's into their gadgets and their cooking I really highly recommend it so yeah I'm gonna go now because I need to go and get the school run done but the Gammons all cut ready for later I think I'm probably gonna do it either cold with like potatoes and pickles and salad or I might do a few roast potatoes and just warm it through slightly but you'll see that in a minute and anyway so here we have the most inner dished up it does seem lately as though Steve and I are we in completely separate to the boys we usually do eat with them if we can at the moment Steve's coming home later quite a bit so I wait for him also there's like clubs that they're going to a gymnastics and Jake Scottish school camping and there's that all the end-of-term stuff so although this video see in particular seems like we've hardly eaten with the kids when we do sit down and eat with the children as much as we can the weekends be fine we do a lot more as well because we're all home so anyway just so I'd say that because I know some people are how come you always feed your children first at the moment it just makes sense so this is Oscar so we've got the gammon that I showed you cooking earlier he's got some cauliflower carrots there's some broccoli buried underneath there and some roast potatoes and then I've just made a quick chicken gravy and then this one is Jags they've all got exactly the same and there's plenty of gammon left to sandwiches as well so this is what the boys have got for their dinner tonight and Steve and I have got kind of like a jambalaya or like I don't know basically it's a corn like chicken style pieces with some cauliflower rice and some chopped tomatoes and then I've used some cumin powder some smoked paprika garlic powder onion powder chili powder and some dried chilies there's also a bit about something vinegar in there whereas salt and pepper and I've also chopped a spring onion after cooking it on top just to sort of garnish and give it a little bit of crunch so this is mine and this is Steve's and that's what we've got for tonight's dinner so hope you've enjoyed that video I will leave all the details about the thermometer in the description box along with the code for you to get 50% off if you're not already subscribed please go and do so and hit the notification bell so you're notified every time we do upload a new video yeah and check us out on Instagram it is the Folger family and we will see you in our next video

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