Man Inside The Lion Cage

Man Inside The Lion Cage

okay so this time that I am you can kiss
this one okay so we gonna feed that lion sorry
this time Quintin is gonna go in first he’s gonna get him in position and then
you guys are going on so if you’ll see why immediately the only thing you have
to watch out for him is when you’re feeding him he likes to stand on place
to put his ball on your foot sometimes it’ll probably be Quinton’s foot but if
he does it to you just don’t move your foot don’t take it off don’t worry it’s
just it’s just something goes where you are okay okay we get inside now so what nothing wait how much of the way
is about 250 kilos educating us today um you can’t quit
remember with this one you have a mouth like a joystick so you’re just gonna just a little bit
like that that’s the cheek or dad like that ma’am
don’t wanna feed that to you I’m trying because it’s trouble yeah
it’s true it does of this good it’s not into this interesting yeah you
feel the power yuge yeah from here you guys of the head it doesn’t you adjust this when you’re
standing outside the key you don’t realize how I just have to get imagine
if that’s enough documents naturally I don’t have a change nothing I can do
miss you guys and they see oh yeah now you feed them or some admit grunts a
week once a day how much meat you hid how much kilos in one meal ten kilos 15 35 to 45 kilos in one week
yeah so basically so mine can do that all in one city hey solo hey hey mister sorry good boy okay yeah

58 thoughts on “Man Inside The Lion Cage”

  1. Scary shit, like interviewing a bipolar schizo homicidal inmate in person where he has a sharp long knife in his hand. You just don't know what will happen.

  2. As strong and powerful as those are, there is NO way I would go in a cage with a lion. They are gorgeous creatures but I am too chicken to do that

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