1. That seafood boil looks good! 😋 I’m good. I hope you are, too. Happy Tuesday to you as well. You had me laughing 😂 when you said your coworker going to come back and say what’s that smell!! 🤣🤣🤣 Good video. Have a great 👍🏾 rest of the day! 😊

  2. ღஃ🍀ஃʚ⊹⊱๑🏰🍸From MixJoy Satisfying💘ღ♡ █▓▒░💯LOνЁ 素晴らしい🐾∧ღ♡👑∧💕Happy!LOνЁღ♡∧ღ♡ღ

  3. Like#7 Nice day for some good seafood sis. I love the quote that you have posted in your description box. "Start unknown…Finish unforgettable." Thumbs way up! <3

  4. Hello my Sister. Great Mukbang. I didn't get a chance to see Love and Hip Hop this week. Our weather is the same. Hot one day and cold the next. The food Sounds good Lol….that crunching 😋. Have a wonderful Tuesday 🌺

  5. That sure did look good👍 you had a variety of crabs yummy 😁 I'm just here working on my grandkids Valentine's boxes for school and daycare.. I'm forcing myself cuz I hurt bad today, I just got to deal with it. Girl!!! I know you have plenty of cop stories you can tell us 😂 be safe & TFS 😁👍

  6. Hay sweety, I just had some sloppy Joe and a green salad. I have a great neice with cerapolposy,she's 9, but I think of her as my baby. I work with her all the time so she know how to do in life and I love,love, love her. Talk to you later.

  7. Treka you gone stop doing this to me 🤣😂. You took the boil to work?!!! This just made my night. I LOVE blue crab more than anything. I had a gator dog over the summer and I'm still chasing that taste. I havent seen Love and Hip Hop. But I find the timing of that proposal to be questionable. But if that's what made him come to his senses then good! She stuck around way too long. Its warm and rainy in Atlanta today. I work 7 days a week, I never have juicy stories lol. I just say whatever. I can watch you seafood all day. I would also like to see you make Texas style BBQ, a loaded Texas Potato or even your favorite meal. I'm here for whatever you whip up Lol!

  8. Hi hunny how are you⁉️ Love the video and it looked delicious 🤤 let’s att connected 😍😊

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