Losing Weight after 50: How I Lost 9 Pounds in One Week Eating Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Losing Weight after 50: How I Lost 9 Pounds in One Week Eating Anti-Inflammatory Foods

so one of the things that I love about
this is it’s not only about getting rid of weight it’s about reducing chronic
inflammation that really is the root cause of every disease thanks so much for tuning in again to
our second act with Paige and Silke Bonnie I’m so glad you stayed with me
again I’m really excited what we’re going to share with our viewers today
because this is something that I did it’s the anti-inflammation challenge
that you brought up to me just casually in a conversation I queued in on it
because that is such an issue for me and I I had a great experience so I’m gonna
turn the tables you’re gonna interview me so I can ask the questions or I’m
sorry I can answer the questions for our audience because I think a lot of people
will benefit from this absolutely and thank you for doing this Silke I really
appreciate this because I don’t really get the opportunity to interview a lot
of people that actually went on the challenge but one of the things that I
want to say is I was so excited that you were actually interested in going on the
challenge specifically but I want to tell you why so you’re like me you’re
basically in good shape you’re healthy like if people saw you we can tell that
you work out nobody would ever think that you had an inflammation problem
from looking at you big time and that’s the same thing with
me it’s like I’m thin so nobody thinks I have an inflammation problem but I
really do so one of the things that I love about this is it’s not only about
getting rid of weight it’s about reducing chronic inflammation that
really is the root cause of every disease so I would love for you to talk
about like your experience of going on the seven day challenge you know what
was easy for you what did you love about it what was the challenging part about
it if there were any things well okay so yeah I’m happy to so as I said what got
my attention was anti-inflammation I have been especially the last three
months I’ve been searching for something anti-inflammatory I take you know
tumeric the the supplements and all that I’ve talked to dr. Lori my physician
about it excited except for etc so I tried it and
my experience was it was incredible i within a week or
even within three days I already had some of the pain and in my hand my
joints I could I mean I wasn’t as stiff anymore I really was so pleasantly
surprised and then I get you’re right I I’m relatively thin right now especially
because I lost nine pounds that is so and here’s the thing you didn’t need to
lose nine pounds I think it was five I really did this is why I’m saying like
this works on everybody because it’s not like you needed to lose weight you were
just trying to feel better and of course you got the side benefit of you know
losing the weight and feeling better and looking better and having more energy
this is what I love about this … the energy component was amazing and and that’s
what you know I did I had put on a few extra pounds that you know that we call
it that menopausal weight that you have around the waist and it did it bogged me
down I wasn’t running as as much I was I was developing a hip issue I even had my
hip x-rayed my hips my joints are fine and and the hip pain I had is gone I
mean I I can’t believe it and you know I like I told my boyfriend about it he
tried it for him okay so you asked me what was challenging really there wasn’t
much I drink wine everyday and so the first two days were like I wish I had my little glass
of wine but really it wasn’t a big deal so you can’t drink the
whole time right a big deal I don’t drink coffee so for
me that was not a challenge that was a big challenge for Paul he you know he he
had he went through the first two days of detox I mean he was lethargic he had
headaches yep he definitely but on day three it was like he couldn’t believe
the clarity that he gained so that was you know and then I explained to him
Paul you’re detoxing you know this is that that’s what it feels like and then
he was so equals but I can’t believe it I just have so much more energy I can
you know think clearer I was clear in mind I said well you’re supposed to
that’s supposed to happen that’s how you’re
supposed to feel all the time you don’t realize what our did what we’re doing to
our bodies when we are eating just let’s just say conventionally grown foods that
are not organic that are not wild you know that have pesticides and chemicals
on us that are literally sticking to our bodies and blowing us up yeah it’s it’s
it is amazing and I was it was interesting the learning process you
know the because you you know you wake up you do the warm water and apple cider
vinegar I never knew about apple cider vinegar before but let you know the hot
lemon water etc etc the asparagus at breakfast with all the spices never I
like I actually eat that now cuz it’s so good and there was no I mean there was
so much food that I was never I never went hungry which is why I so I’m so
happy to recommend this this is something I mean why it’s 10 bucks
everybody right isn’t that right the 21 oh you know what it’s 21 dollars and you
can go on this as many times as you want so if you like I recommend going on this
four times a year and the reason that I do that is because you know our
lifestyles the way that we live our bodies are picking up inflammation all
the time so what this is not a diet you’re eating you’re moving your body
you know you’re not starving yourself you are like literally eating specific
foods to decrease inflammation so if you can do this on a regular basis you can
maintain you never have to go on a diet you can feel good you can have more
energy and that’s what I really really love about this yeah I loved discovering
beets who eats beets yeah yeah well okay so now I I snack on them I have them
available I snack on them raw I loved sauteing the beets the carrots the
parsley and what what else was it parsley what else went in there Oh
cabbage so red and I chose to sautee it in coconut oil
everything organic of course oh yeah it’s amazing I love that the flavor
especially with the the approved spices the tumeric cayenne pepper black pepper
and the salt which are the only spices other than cinnamon with your fruits he
has see how well I do German I’m a good German I followed instructions which actually helped
you know I I did follow it to a tee the only thing that I might have cheated
just a teeny bit on day one and to that there was during the day where I got
just a teeny bit hungry when we’re not supposed to have a snack because you
haven’t let us have snacks three and I had an egg I had a heart by organic
hard-boiled egg see look you even cheated and it really didn’t affect you
what was supposed to happen happened you decreased inflammation you felt better
yes you went through a little bit of a detox probably because of the wine maybe
for you I really didn’t but you didn’t even go through detox which I will tell
you if you are a coffee drinker you will probably go through detox I mean I have
gone through detox because I drink coffee and what was nice you know Paul
discovered green tea through this you know I asked you before he went on and
then you said no it’s okay to have green tea that it’s the coffee that affects
your cortisol yeah and so now he’s drinking I you know I I
ste green tea iced tea he loves green tea in the morning he’s still doing
coffee went back a coffee but not as much so there was a great learning
experience there as well good so it looks like you know you guys really it
really kind of helped give you an awareness that basically helped you make
some lifestyle changes exact that now you’re able to realize that you know
what there is a way that I can eat that I can feel better it’s like food really
does affect the way I feel and I know that there’s a lot of good programs out
there you know supplements whatever that help people achieve similar results but
there there’s a lot of money involved in that or monthly charges and
that’s why this is something you can do like you said one time fee twenty-one
dollars and I know I’m selling right now and I am I’m trying to sell you on this
because this is really good well and you know what so the diet
industry is like a sixty-two billion dollar industry and like here’s the
thing you know what the twenty one dollars is a nominal fee for
something that you can do on a regular basis you want to go on it every single
month you can go on it every single month so once you have this it’s yours
to keep like we’re not taking anything away from you and we’re always kind of
putting up like new little recipes when we think of things so one of the things
that we’re gonna be doing this again coming up soon so I know that silke is
gonna put the link up and we would love to have you in the challenge we do
support you so did you feel supported you know when you went through the
challenge well I that’s hard for me to answer I know that you go way out of
your way I have you here you know I just text you okay so I felt very supported
all right but I did look at the group and it looks like that you know I do
there’s so much activity in there I think it’s terrific oh yeah I have no
doubt that anybody signing up for this will feel will feel supported not not
email me and I’ll get on Bonnie to make sure she supports you … well Bonnie is
there any other questions that you have for me no I really answered everything
because also you know did it help you with your sleep oh my gosh yes yes yeah
now a lot of people and my friends to say well you’d quit drinking that of
course that helps to but I mean it’s not like I’m an alcoholic but I think
between not having wine at night and just yeah having that clean organic food
it I felt the difference immediately well within two days and that that’s
immediate to me based on what I was you know what I came in to it with hey it
doesn’t get any better than okay well Bonnie thanks I you know I’m happy to
talk about that well good more updates obviously as you said we
will link to the the information so they can get everybody can get their own 10
date no seven-day challenge sorry and we’ll see you on another episode of our
second act with Paige and Silke So glad you were able to join us today I hope
you found this information helpful if you haven’t already done so please just
take one second and subscribe to our Channel buttons right over here and for
more information about living your life to the fullest after 50 come visit our
website 2ndact.tv see you soon

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