Lollipop Sushi Roll Demo – Sushi Bushido in Kapaa – KVIC-TV, [Chef Demo]

Lollipop Sushi Roll Demo – Sushi Bushido in Kapaa – KVIC-TV, [Chef Demo]

Aloha, how are you folks doing today? I’m
Victor Heresa, owner and executive chef at Sushi Bushido. Today I’m going to be doing
a unique roll that is only found here at Sushi Bushido, it’s made out of cucumber, some
fresh fish, and a homemade sweet eel sauce that we create ourselves. I’m going to start
off, hopefully you can find a nice straight cucumber. What we do is find the sides and
make a straight cut like that there. We start with taking off the skin first. Very carefully.
Then we cut the outside skin of the cucumber so that it’s nice and straight. So you can
see why it takes a lot of practice and skill, if you want to try this at home. If you want
to do it you can easily hollow out a cucumber. We do it this way at Bushido’s. When you
get the skin nice and straight like this, you put down your fish. We use tuna, hamachi,
and fresh salmon, which is the most popular fish that people like, and you roll it nice
and tight back in the skin. I cut mine into 5 pieces. You have your barbecue sticks here.
There are no carbs, so for all the heathy eaters out there, this is a good roll for
you. With the extra cucumber, cut a nice base. I like to make mine all different sizes so
that it looks nice in the base. Careful. There goes another one. Then this is the sweet eel
sauce that we make. Brush it on. I used to be a painter, it takes a lot of skill to paint
the unagi sauce on this roll. I use a wasabi coated sesame seed, gives it that nice color.
Put some obachi on the plate here to make a little presentation. So there you have it,
the original unique lollipop roll found only at Sushi Bushido. Thank you for joining me.

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