Lobster Rolls & Clam Digging on PEI with Matty Matheson – Keep It Canada

Lobster Rolls & Clam Digging on PEI with Matty Matheson – Keep It Canada

>>Big Red? Who’s Big Red?>>Phone rings.>>[CROSSTALK].>>Hello Big Red.>>Yeah.>>Hey, how are ya?>>Good.>>What are you calling
for, there Red?>>Who’s this?>>This is Matty,
I’m from Toronto. Why is there no
strip club in PEI?>>Good question. Good question.>>Got too many fuckin’
potato farmers. That’s why.>>Oh, fuck you.>>[LAUGH]. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Yo, what’s up guys? I’m Matty Matheson I’m
here on Prince Edward Island,
the land of red sand. So, I’ve been going to
PEI since I was a kid my grandfather’s had
a restaurant there for about 20 years, and seeing the PEI now versus
when I was a kid its a completely
different experience.>>[MUSIC] I’m gonna be checking
out lobsters, doing clam digging, digging up potatoes,
this place is sick. You’ve never been here? Come here, it’s in Canada,
it’s by the ocean. [MUSIC] If you like lobsters and
I know you do, PEI catches 5.4
million pounds of lobsters annually. If you’ve ever had
a great lobster, I guarantee that it came
from the maritimes. The first thing we did in
PEI, was go to Richard’s. I’m gonna eat some really
good shit right out of the fucking ocean. So I’m down here
at Richard’s in Brackley Beach on
Prince Edward Island. We’re gonna get
some lobster rolls, we gonna get some
deep fried scallops. We’re gonna see what
this place is all about. The best restaurants in
the world are places like this, cuz it’s like,
they have like four or five things,
and that’s it. There’s no canned
lobster in this place, I don’t think.>>We’re very straight
forward there’s nothing too, nothing too
complicated.>>That’s why you guys
are the best, right?>>Yeah, well. [LAUGH]. When this place has been
here for about 35 years. I’ve had it for five. And we’ll open at the
beginning of June until the end of September,
but we’re, primarily, July and August
are our big months.>>[SOUND] This is
unreal we got our order. We have like the most unreal looking lobster
roll I’ve ever seen. This is like a whole
lobster on here if your lobster roll doesn’t
have a claw in it, then it’s not
a real lobster. You should throw
it on the floor. Just pure lobster. It was like a pound and a half of meat
on a brioche, grilled, buttered bun. This tastes better than the first pussy you’ve
ever eaten in your life. In Toronto, people
always try to mess it up even when they try
to make it simple, they still kinda mess
it up, you know?>>Yeah.
But I think what’s really
important too, I mean I know is that
the lobster you use, we steam ours in,
in sea water.>>Yes.
>>We cool them down in sea water. So it’s->>Yeah.
>>You have that saltiness, which I think
sometimes they forget and over-processed it,
it loses that.>>So, here we got
some scallops. They’re scallops. They call them scallops
on the east coast. It’s almost like
bone marrow, how soft it is you’ve
got some chips. And you got some
huge steamers. Have you seen
a clam that big? Oh my god. Everything here’s
like perfect, you know you got a shack
on the side of the beach, and you have
perfect seafood. I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of lobster rolls
all around North America. And you know, we just, I
just had one of the best ones I’ve ever had, and
I wanted to thank you.>>Thank you.
>>It’s pretty amazing.>>Very good.>>Keep it Canada. [MUSIC] Next stop,
is definitely one of the best things I’ve
ever done in my life. Clam digging in Georgetown with
PEI Perry. We’re about to go on
Perry’s boat we’re going to go check out some
lobster traps I’m gonna put a wetsuit on,
go clam digging actually. Haven’t been on a boast
since I was a kid. It’s gonna be 13 degree
water my balls are gonna shrink up. We’re gonna check
out some clams.>>Actually we’re gonna
take you 5 miles out, there’s an island out
here off the coast. And we’re going to get
you in the water and we’re gonna dig
up some clams. These clams are about a
pound to two pound clams.>>Okay.>>Gonna shuck
a couple raw and see how you like them.>>Yeah.
>>And then we’re gonna cook up a couple
steamed in sea water.>>Yeah buddy.>>And that, that’s the
way I like doing them. A lot of people put
all the stuff in them, you know you’re
a chef and I’m sure you doctor
them up pretty good.>>Yeah, yeah.
>>But seawater’s great. The island that we’re
going to actually, my grandfather my
father were born and raised there so.>>Okay.
>>I have history down in this Island, I know it
like the back of my hand I’ve been around
it 1000 of times.>>Yeah, yeah.>>And
it’s a great place to spend the summer
down there. We got a lobster
trap here if you wanna haul it.>>Yeah!
>>Check for shells.>>Yeah.>>Okay man,
you pull her up there. There’s a few tips
that we always like to tell people if they
are looking to cook good lobster. Usually tell people,
always look for a nice hard shell, if
you are buying inside of a store, look for long,
long antenna, they should be small enough
to thread a needle.>>Okay.>>If, if they are chewed
off down here, they’ve been in
that fishbowl quite a while chewing each
other’s antennas, so look for long antenna,
hard shell. Peace out lobster.>>Got a crab trap, too,
if you wanna see it.>>Yeah?
A crab trap?>>You only get $0.35
a pound for it.>>$0.35 a pound?>>So you gotta get quite
a bit before you can make a day’s pay.>>Yeah. I’ve never had crab
the whole time I’ve been coming to the PEI.>>Is that right?>>Yeah,
I’ve never had crab.>>Well, we’ll, we’ll
keep a couple crabs here, and later on when we’re
doing up our clams, we’ll fry them
in the pot, cuz there
they’re amazing.>>This is the first time
I’ve ever caught crabs. [NOISE] [LAUGH] I’ve
never put on a wetsuit, you know. Like, I was in my
sexy sweat suit.>>Did you put
the zipper to the front?>>Zipper in the back!>>Yeah, zipper in the, I’m sorry, I forgot
you were a city boy.>>This is like, I’m putting on a fucking
condom on my whole body. Big old fat tummy. The day it doesn’t get
much better than this. I’m about to live
my childhood dream. Clam digging.>>[MUSIC] [NOISE].>>Hop right in. Step on the seat, man.>>Does that go
all the way down? Ow! [MUSIC] Hey, I’m glad it’s
you going in. Not me.>>Yeah. [LAUGH] He’s usually
the first one in.>>Okay man. Here we go.
Ooh!>>You cold?>>Oh! That wave good?>>Fuck!>>[LAUGH].>>Okay! Let’s work!>>Get in and get under. That’s cool.>>See anything?>>Yeah, that’s a little
guy, he’s too small.>>That’s too small?>>Did you see anything?>>Yeah.
I got it. Oh yeah!>>Okay. Now, you gotta
measure him to see if he’s big enough. [NOISE].>>He can’t pass through,
we’re good.>>If he can’t pass
through, he’s good.>>We’re good. We got our first clam.>>The first one.
>>The first clam of the season PEI. The best! [MUSIC] [SOUND] That’s two. It’s a lot of
fucking work, eh?>>[LAUGH]. [SOUND]
This is nice. This is good, man. [LAUGH] It’s not too bad. [LAUGH] [SOUND] Yo,
so me and Perry here, mostly me, mostly me.>>But you know, I got
some I got clams here.>>You done darn
good actually. A little wussy there
with the cold water but.>>A little wussy! But now I’m a man.>>Yeah.>>And we’re gonna
open this guy up.>>Oh yeah,
he’s already broke, yeah.>>This guy’s already
broke [NOISE].>>Did you get it?>>Oh shit.>>Man, did you ever
you slice yourself.>>Rip this clam open. No, it sliced my
fucking finger off. Clam digging
is dangerous. Don’t ever clam dig ever. If anybody
ever brings you clam digging please
don’t go clam digging. You die. [MUSIC] What Island’s this?>>Boughton Island.>>Boughton Island.>>You hear all these,
like, screams from
the fucking forest. It sounds like
Jurassic Park in there.>>So, we’re gonna
steam up some clams.>>Some crabs.>>Some crabs.>>You see this clam
that fucking bit me? I’m gonna bite it back. Fuck you. [MUSIC] Matty won, today. We go to the beach and then we do a real
clam boil. So, we just grab some
some water right from the, from
the strait here. And now we’re just
gonna put the clams in. We’ll steam them we’ll put probably
the crabs on top.>>Okay, watch this
the girls like this.>>Whoa.>>[LAUGH] Should we put
him in some water to get some salt off her?>>Yeah.>>Seems kind of mean. [LAUGH]
Look at that. There you go, there’s
chowder right there.>>That’s the best
chowder you can get.>>And then you put
the hot clam chowder back into it,
to warm up the clam. Don’t dip your
whole hand into it. And then here you go, this is some real
authentic clam chowder. Tom buddy, there’s so
much body and earthiness. Yes, and like umami
just in that water than anything
you’ll ever buy. This is crazy.>>Here. So, I’ve got those
crabs that we got. That’s it, there you go. Little crab meat claw.>>Just the way my, like, when we used
to eat crabs, lobsters, we never ever
used forks, knives.>>No.
>>Everything was just. With your hands.>>Put them right in
the crunchers and.>>Yeah.>>We’re catching
crabs and clams out here we’re cooking
them on the beach. This is like,
a beautiful thing. More people
should do this. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] We’re at the New Glasgow
Lobster Suppers, it’s a 500 person
dining hall. And we’re gonna go eat
some lobsters with Carl.>>Back in 1958 that’s
what it looked like. And the price of that
lobster dinner was $1.50, and it included
the dance.>>Okay,
included the dance.>>[LAUGH]
>>All right. We’re gonna go check
out the kitchen. Right, Carl?
>>Yeah.>>Okay. So what we do is we,
we bake all of our, breads and
rolls fresh everyday. You know, if, if we’re serving seven,
800 people, I mean, we, we average about two
rolls per person.>>Right.>>So it’d be like,
1,400 rolls. [MUSIC]>>Woah. How much is this guy?>>That’s a five pounder.>>You’ve got
20,000 pounds of lobsters in their
holding tanks at a time.>>And
do you think this guy could break your hand?>>Oh, yeah.>>Yeah.
>>Yeah. If you took
the bands off.>>He’s like Leo on
the front of the boat. [LAUGH] And now this is. The pinnacle moment of
becoming a man in PEI, cooking your
own lobster and New Glasgow
lobster suppers. Now, that’s gonna take
one hour to steam. [LAUGH] Then
we’re gonna eat the biggest fucking
lobster you’ve ever seen. [INAUDIBLE] To eat
a five pound lobster. It’s about 75 years old,
probably. [LAUGH] I’m probably
going to sweat a lot. This is unreal, this
is it what do you guys known about eating
lobsters not much. [MUSIC] I’m a big guy,
you know, I’m hungry. I thought I could eat
a five pound lobster. We’ll see by
the end of this. [MUSIC]. I want this to get
out of my face, I’m over looking at this. I just want some pie. Maybe a cup of coffee,
maybe a blowjob. [MUSIC]>>Since the 1700s, the Highland’s economy
was built on potatoes. PEI grows over 88,000
acres of potatoes a year. We got to check out
finally a potato farm in PEI I was really fucking
stoked to see this. We’re out here in
Skye View Farms in New Haven, PEI. We’ve got Alex who’s a fifth generation
potato farmer. Alex, tell us a little
about the tractor.>>We’ll we call it
a sprayer here in PEI.>>Okay.
>>And it’s what we use to control
all the pests. Everything that you
gotta deal with farming, it’s all controlled
by the computer.>>It’s amazing.>>It’s more
than amazing, it’s pretty amazing.>>Okay,
well let’s get up in it.>>Okay.>>So how many of
these do you own? Just one?
>>Just one.>>Yeah. What’s this like
500 thousand bucks?>>350.
[LAUGH] Not bad when you’re saving. Yeah.>>And then, I wanna open
her out and see you’s can see what she looks
like opened out. Anyway, why don’t you
get behind the wheel and tell me what you
think of her?>>Okay.
And I got to ride up in the tractor. I got to, to water some,
some farm.>>[SOUND] There, now.>>There we go.>>Just like
that [SOUND] and I’m, I’m, I’m a farmer.>>You’re a farmer,
just like that.>>I’m a farmer [LAUGH]. Have you been, how many
farms do you like farm?>>I own about a 1000. About a 1000 acres. Wow.>>But I tell people
farming isn’t a job.>>Right.
>>It’s your life.>>It’s your life, yeah.>>Because if you
think it’s a job, you ain’t gonna do
well out there.>>Right.>>These lads
are just starting to pop through the ground. Oh, just look at
the soil, like.>>Yeah,
that soil’s beautiful. Where could you find [INAUDIBLE]
>>You can’t. That’s the best soil in the world right there,
right? So, you guys feed all
of Canada, pretty much, with the potatoes on PEI.>>Yeah, we, east US, Eastern Seaboard
is big to us.>>Yeah.>>Puerto Rico’s
a huge market.>>Puerto Rico?>>Puerto Rico.>>Loves PEI potatoes.>>You wouldn’t believe.>>The Puerto Rican
women are sexy, eh? Yeah.>>Yes, they are. Yes, they are. Sexy as that red sand. [LAUGH] So,
we’re here with Alex. This is the motherlode. This is the potato
trap house. This is where all
the potatoes are stored. This is the cookie
factory, people. Not so
many potatoes in here. There’s not too many
potatoes in here. We’re gonna have to go
to the next section. That’s what I’m
talking about. This is the potatoes. Look at this. [LAUGH] Like a 50 foot
tower of potatoes. This is some X-files
type shit man. [LAUGH]. [SOUND] I had to climb
the potato mountain obviously, because
anything I see I have to conquer.>>[LAUGH] [SOUND].>>Yo, what’s up? This is potato
factory world! You know, that potato
mountain really hurt me. [SOUND]. [MUSIC] Shit.>>[LAUGH].>>Fuck.>>[LAUGH].>>We’re out on another
farm, this is Logan, this is Alex’s son, he’s
heir to the Potato Lord. So we’re going
to check out, he’s got an actual
tractor here and we’re going to check
out making the hill. Let me sit on your lap. What?>>And then you just
don’t touch anything.>>I’m farming.>>And you’re good.>>I’m hilling. And it’s just like
literally they get to plow the whole field and they just touch
a touch screen. And it’ll turn for
you, everything.>>Everything.>>And you know I, I, I’m pretty much
a potato farmer.>>Pretty,
pretty laid back.>>So, you guys like. Sit in here, smoke
a joint, drink a beer.>>Oh, you could do it.>>Get a blow job.>>[LAUGH] Yeah,
if you were lucky enough.>>If you’re lucky.
I’d have a girl out here every day making
my hill grow you know. I’m, I’m glad let me into
your world you know, for a little bit and
I got to see.>>Well you got to come
back in the fall and see them being dug.>>Well that’s it right? Thank you so much. After hanging out with
the islanders I thought I’d make them
a crazy meal. Lobster and steak tacos, some pozole I’m sure that
they haven’t had a lot of Mexican here
on the island. So I got some great PEI
beef some great pork some beautiful PEI lobster. What more do
you guys want? So it’s our last
night in town, we’re here in
Brackley Beach. We got a bunch of
homies hanging out. They showed me PEI. I’m gonna cook for them
we got some PEI ribeyes over here on the little
hibachi behind this fucking table and little
Guantanamo Bay setup. This is it. Cooking out in, ,. In a sand dune in PEI,
having a time.>>Can’t get much better.>>Can’t get much better.>>[LAUGH]
>>Maybe if there was some naked pussy.>>Well.>>Hey.>>We, we,
we should invest.>>[LAUGH] We
should invest. It’s dripping.>>So, we’ll let
these guys rest and then, then, we’ll put
the soup on there, reheat the soup a bit, add those clams that
Perry and Art brought. And we’ll have some,
some pozole, and some steak and
lobster tacos. This fucking sandstorm,
man, it’s fucking
with my dinner. I’m fucking pissed off,
it sucks. There’s sand everywhere. It’s all this amazing
food as soon as I open up, all this
shit’s gonna blow away. We’re eating in
the sand dune. Probably gonna eat
some fucking sand. These guys are living
the life out here in PEI. Eating pazole, lobster
tacos, and cote de buff.>>That clam and pork
combo is amazing, eh? [MUSIC].>>Not just a pretty
face, am I? Uh-uh. Uh-uh. I’m out. PEI, you’re amazing. [MUSIC] On the next episode
of Keep the Canada, we’re going to
Newfoundland. So these fucking Newfies
brought me seal flipper. I look fucking amazing. We’re gonna go
salmon fly fishing.>>There we are.>>Oh, here we are. On keep it Canada
with Matty Matheson. [MUSIC]

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