It’s very good I have peppers in here Nachos I have cheese on the bottom, and I have cheese on top Very good No, it’s a little awkward, but this is the best that I can do, but I’m enjoying this so far You can see that Tomatoes and onion with chicken That is I have salsa guacamole This is really loaded very good So Let me tell you Where we are We’re in the hospital. I’m not in the hospital But grandpa karma is in the hospital and He was brought in on Saturday night He He fell Had a bad fall and He broke his humerus. That’s the upper part of the shoulder and Today is actually Thursday This happened on Saturday night early Saturday morning Two o’clock in the morning Okay hmm He had to have an operation Because it was actually really broken so he had to have it operated on and He’s really doing quite well So today is Thursday And I’m gonna put some clips in so you can see grandpa Because you wanted to say hello to you guys So I’ll add some clips in so you can see him So I have been away from home since Saturday And I Expect that He’s going to be released today But he’s not going to be released to home We are going to what they call a swing bed, and it’s a rehabilitation Place so that we can get him stronger So that we can avoid any any Falls or anything happening like that again so That’s where we’re going when we leave here, I am actually going to ride with him in in the ambulance to the Swing bed, it’s attached to a hospital Not far from my home, so I’ll be able to go back and forth to visit him. I have actually been here Ever since Saturday, I’ve been sleeping here with the grandpa. I have not left So See the guacamole there and oh my goodness got lots of goodies I Have a little cranberry juice in here guys Just a little cranberry juice But this is really good like I said it is loaded. Yes, you can take oops I Love nachos, you know I love Mexican food And I got this in the hospital downstairs in the cafeteria And it’s really very good How does the first time since I’ve been here in the five days that actually ate in the cafeteria But their food look really delicious So what I’ve been doing basically is When they take grandpa’s order I place an order for myself and They bring me a tray – and Whatever it is that they’re having is only five dollars for a tray here in the hospital so They take good care this has been an amazing hospital that people here have been very very kind We’re in a hospital and Meridian, Mississippi Hmm This is really a lot of food my goodness Backseat enough for two or three meals as you can see Mmm So I Am actually sitting in outer room from grandpa’s room He had great accommodations this is like a suite I Mean this room that I’m in It’s picking up. It’ll hold a ton of people and it’s just a Like a little out of room from his from his room where he said Grandpa is doing so much better We feel that you Know he was getting weak That was one of the reasons that he fail and You know more complications from the cancer So we have decided to look at other options But still remaining holistic and incorporating any and everything that we possibly can do I want to thank you guys so much for everyone who? Is always asking about him and concerned about him? All the prayers My family has been Amazing I could not have been able to do this here without them everyone has pulled together and Been so supportive, and I really appreciate that so I’m not sure how long he’s going to be in the rehabilitation He just wants to make sure that you know he’s strong enough to go home Especially now that he’s only operating it with one arm. He broke his right? Arm of you know shoulders actually the humerus up at the top part there So You know I Will bring you Videos from there, I’m sure I Was able to stay overnight with him here, but I don’t believe they allow that in a rehabilitation center But I will be spending as much time there as possible You know when you’re in a hospital or something like that it’s always good if you can have someone with you to help keep track of your medications To be able to ask the doctor questions and things like that so That’s always a good thing when you can have an advocate basically you just have an advocate you know But this is rush hospital and let me tell you It’s the same hospital That I was in in March, this is the first time grandpa has ever been in a hospital Ever But these the nurses and the doctors and the CNA and The dietitians and just everyone here have been extraordinary You know they know you’re going through things you know And they go out of their way to make it a little bit easier on you It’s not bad for hospital food is it guys Not at all look at all of this my goodness Look at all that Not bad at all for hospital food So guys I Just wanted to come on and kind of give you you know let you know what was going on so I thought well I’ll talk to my karma babies while I’m having lunch, so I’ll have lunch today from the cafeteria and I’ll talk to you then so I Will keep you all informed Of what’s going on I? Want to thank you for continued prayers And I’m gonna stop the video right now because I’m actually full as I should be right Very good, that’s everything you need chicken beef Chicken thief Okay I’m going to stop now Because as you know grandma can keep going on it you know hmm and It was so great to be visiting with you guys again This was a wonderful wonderful meal and Guys I love you guys And I’ll see you guys in the next video. Thank you guys. I love you Thank you for all your prayers Love you. Bye bye now


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  41. every rehab I know of I worked in several they let the wife spend the night or the daughter you can spend the night they'll get you a rollaway bed or you can get you a lazy boy but you can spend the night

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