LIQUID MEAT (how it’s made) AT HOME – Meat that you can DRINK! — Spoon and Paw, #4

LIQUID MEAT (how it’s made) AT HOME – Meat that you can DRINK! — Spoon and Paw, #4

We all love meat right? But what if we could drink it as well? But wait! Don’t turn off this video, I’m about to
impress you. As it’s said in England: “Lust on meat,
but no time to eat?” Of course everybody would like to have a normal
meal and nicely set table. But what if we’ll have to go somewhere,
for instance to the gym? We’d rather carry a bottle, because it’s
so much easier. What if you could take all useful vitamins
and nutrients that meat contains and veggies and carry it all just in a bottle? You also may easily calculate all Calories
as well as Protein, Fat and Carbs content and see what’s your dose of liquid meat
per a day. Sounds awesome, right? Well, let’s get started than! Nobody else did this dish before, so we guys
are kind of pioneers. Place some chicken thights into a big pot and
pour cold water on top of it. Turn the heat on high and bring to a boil. Boil only for 5 minutes, that would be more
than enough. Than throw the water away. Wash the meat and now pour two liters of cold
filtered water. The heat should be turned on medium level. Well, everything is pretty clear here: water
will turn into the stock and meat will be the main base for our future dish. I know it may sound kind of weird, but that’s
only for now. Keep watching. Let’s place a frying pan on the heat as
well. Chop 1 carrot, you may clean it if you want,
of course. That’s totally up to you. Also wash and peel 1 onion. Cut it 2 and place all the veggies on a frying
pan as well. If you are lucky to find a fresh celery – that’s
great. If not, no worries. Same story with the celery: to the frying
pan. As well with the celery add couple of slices
of leeks. But these too are optional. Thus slightly fried vegetables will provide
to the stock rich flavor and beautiful goldenish color. At the meantime water starts to boil, so switch
the heat to low. That’s one of the secrets of nice and transparent
stock. You really want to take the small amount of
broil that still appeared. For this purpose I would advise to use a strainer. Add as well a little bit of parsley. I also crushed a little bit of black pepper. You can use knife for these purposes. A tiny pinch of salt will also add rich flavor
to the stock. You may add more salt to taste at the very
end of cooking. Cover the pot and leave it on a small heat
for about an hour. Don’t stir the stock while it’s cooking. In an hour you may take the veggies out of
the pot. We already got all useful elements we needed
from them. Keep boiling the meat for 2 more hours on
a low heat. As soon as everything is cooked, turn the
heat off and cover with the lid. Let it sit for another 40 minutes and after
that we are ready to start our experiment. Take some chicken from the stock and peel
off the skin. What a nice dinner for Mr. Cat. Separate the meat from the bones and place
it in blender, add 200 ml of stock and blend. We need to get the puree texture. It should be really smooth. We need to get a liquid cocoa consistence. О So now the moment of truth. It’s time to taste. Well, it’s not a cocoa) But it’s kind of tasty)
It’s more like watery cream soup. The taste will depend only on the way you
cooked the stock and quality of the products you used. I can say that it’s liquid meat with delicious
stock. Probably it’s a little bit unusual for us,
but it’s very tasty. You should try it. I already counted the nutrition facts. So 200 ml of liquid meat contains: Proteins – 31 grams
Fats – 14 grams Carbs – 8 gram In my humble opinion, a bottle of the liquid
meat can easily find it’s niche in our life like coffee on the go or fast food snacks. But in this case, we’re getting much healthier
product. Well, in the worst case you always may share
this with your cat)) So please put the thumbs up for this video
and subscribe. See you in the next video, bye) Say “Bye!” Meow!!!

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  1. Nicely cooked broth is always good!
    P.S. I think making a video about "Korean carrots" in english would be interesting to the english speaking subscribers to know about this salad and why it is called Korean but is not actually Korean 🙂

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