Leg Workout Without Weights for Stronger Legs – Scott Burnhard & Daai

Leg Workout Without Weights for Stronger Legs – Scott Burnhard & Daai

How to get stronger
legs without weights Yup – Alright Daai,
talk to the people, man let them know what’s
getting ready to go down. – My name is Daai Ibrahim. And I’m here with Scott Burnhard And today we are going to do how to get stronger legs without weights. So in order to, um, to get
stronger legs without weights we are going to be doing
exercises for the legs with different planes of motion. We are going to do coronal, sagittal and transverse movements
of the hip and the knee. In order to actually effectively attack all the muscles, we are going to try to make sure we are coming down at a slow pace and contracting up and make sure the eccentric is controlled. So, the first workout
that we are going to do is complementary lounges and this is going to be a
transverse motion exercise. So let’s begin. Ready. We are going to do five reps. This way. And then we are going to
flip to the other side. You ready. You ready, Scott Burnhard – Let’s go. – Let’s go. Alright. One, Two, Down. Hip flexion. Down. – Two. – Hip flexion. Down. Hip flexion. Down. Hip flexion. Down. Hip flexion. Switch. Next leg. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Bong. So with that exercise,
we’re actually attacking our glutes, our quadriceps and our hamstrings at the same time while even attacking our abductors inside. The next exercise we
are going to be doing, is we are going to be
doing lateral lounges and we are going to do five reps, again on both sides. So we are going to start on this side then we are going to move to that side. Let’s begin. One. Up. Two. Up. Three. Up. Four. Up. Five. Up. Switch. One. Up. Two. Up. Three. Up. Four. Up. Five. Up. So right there, what we did, we did lateral lounges. Those are effective in
attacking our glutes as well as our abductors. Those are, that’s the second exercise that we are doing to
effectively attack our legs. The third exercise we going to be doing is lateral jumping, uh, lateral jump squats
– left and right side. We are going to do five
reps going to the right five reps going to the left. Let’s begin. – Start all over.
Don’t matter. Don’t matter. [Laughing] – This way, this way. That was a mistake. So we are going to go this way, then back. – Exactly. Right. – Let’s go One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Up. There you go. These are the lateral side step that you going to be using. As we’re moving, we’re using some power to get ourselves off the ground. While you guys are going down, make sure you doing triple flexion and triple extension. Triple flexion is as your down, make sure your flexion,
your, um, your ankle your flexing your knee
and your flexing your hip. So this is called a triple flexion, here. As your coming up, extending, your at triple extension. And that’s going to allow you to power your way up when
you’re doing this exercise. And now you go. – Alright, also forgot
to mention that the fact that he’s exploding, he’s activating the type 2 muscle fibers to get you more explosive. Alright, so it’s my turn. So what we are going to do, we are going to do three exercises. The first exercise that we are going to do We going to do some box jumps right here – Alright, let’s get it. – Box squats. So speaking about the type 2 muscle fibers just got to be more explosive Let’s move that out the way. So we just got to be
more explosive, alright. So we are just jumping onto the surface and making sure that our form is still stable. Alright, so – Ready. – One. One, two. – Woooh! I can feel it already, man. – Feeling it. Feeling the burn. – Right in the quads, right in the quads. Alright, so, next exercise
we are going to do we are going to do pulse and squats. – Alright. Let’s get it. – So all we are going
to do, we going to do one, two, three then come up one, two, three and come up, alright so that was the example. So we are going to do ten of those. Ready. One. Two. Three. One, Two, Three. One. One, Two, Three. Two. One, Two, Three. Three. One, Two, Three. Four. One, Two, Three. Five. One, Two, Three. Six. One, Two, Three. Seven. One, Two, Three. Eight. One, Two, Three. Nine. One, Two, Three. Ten. – Whoa! Feeling it! – Yeah! – Feeling that. You feeling that? – I feeling that Bro! – I’m feeling that. I’m feeling that – I’m feeling it. Alright. So next exercise We are about to do right now We are going to get a nice nice piece of equipment resistance bands Here you go my brother – Alright – So what we are going to do we are going to pretend
that the resistance band is a weight. We are going to do some overhead squat press with the resistance band so you going to come up here Give them an example first, Scott – Oh – Okay Go ahead, Scott explain it. – Alright, so basically
what you are going to do you are going to take the resistance band like so put your feet outwards into it then you’re going to pick it up. pretend the resistance band is a weight, but it’s not a weight. So you come up here. Make sure you elbows are not flared out So you want to keep
your elbows right here. Make sure you’re protecting
the joints and the tendons Then you are going to come up, right here. Making sure, that you are stable and once you’re stable engage your core as well alright, so from here squeeze the glutes. Come down. One. Two. Three. Four. – So with this exercise,
what we are doing is We are working our whole
legs – quads, hamstrings, ah, hip flexors kind
of get engaged as well. But very importantly, as I’m going down You’ll going to see that
my arm is going to be a little forward compared to his. The reason why is because
I have overactive lats. My lats are overactive, which on the movement of
the lats is extension. They extend the arm downward. So my lats are pretty overactive. So my arms are going
to be a little forward while doing the exercises. But the same concept is advise. We are going to keep our arms straight up – Yup – And come down in a control fashion and explode up. So let’s go. – Make sure your elbows
are in, not to flared out – Yes – Come up. Squeeze the glutes. Engage the core. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. And ten. – Money – Whoa! – Money. Feel it, right? – That right there is a
big compound movement. Big compound movement,
right there, alright. Drop them, Drop them. Alright, so start over again. Ya’ll doing four sets of this. What we got now? – So the next exercise that we have is going to be using
the bands very similar but what we are going to do is we are going to be stepping on the bands we are going to do a form of, ah, ah, ahh, Oh! My bad, my
bad, I thought…my bad – a stiff legged dead lift a stiff legged dead lift. It’s called stiff legged dead lift. We are going to use the band again. You are going to step on it. Shoulder width apart. You make sure clamp
where resistance is, um, is great for you! Make sure we hold it shoulder width apart. What we are going to do is we are going to make
sure our core is tight our back, everything, our
whole core region is tight. We are going to tighten our glutes and make sure everything is aligned. Make sure the spine is in one segment. So as you going down, you are going to lean forward slightly, keeping your back retracted you’re going to explode up while thrusting slight forward. So again as you’re going down, you’re going to bend your knees slightly. You’re going to make
sure back is retracted so that you don’t hunch over like this. Make sure everything is retracted. You’re going to come down control. Explode up. Boom! So this is called “Stiff Legged Squat” So let’s begin. You ready? Deadlift. Deadlift. – Stiff Legged Deadlift – Yeah – Ready, my Brother? – Let’s go, Man Let’s work that. – Posterior chain – Let’s go. One, Two. We’re doing ten reps, let’s go. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Last one. Come on. Squeeze it tight. Squeeze, squeeze. Ten. Ah. There you go – That was really good man – That’s working your glutes as well as your hamstrings
and is very effective if you do a proper
form, time under tension make sure it’s controlled. That’s going to really effect this. Alright, one
more round of this, ya’ll one more round. – One more round. One more round. – One more round. Let’s go.
Let’s get it. Let’s get it. One more round. – One more round. Alright, start
it off from the top. – So – So we are going to do this again. Fellas, fellas back, back, back – Ready. We are going to do
all of this one more time for the last round. You ready. Let’s go. One. Hip flex One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Let’s go. Now we are going to switch legs. Let’s go. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. – Five. – Next exercise we are going
to do is the lateral lounge. Let’s go. We are going to go to
the right side, five. Left side, five. Let’s go. One. Two. Three. Four. One more. Five. Switch legs. Ready. One, Two, start. One. Two. Three. Four. And five. Bump. Now we are going to do
a lateral squat jumps and let’s begin. We are going to jump to
the right side, left side. You are going to do ten reps. – Ready? Right and left side. Let’s go. One. Two. Let’s go. Let’s go. Four. Five. Alright. You owe us one, Scott, common man, stop skipping, give me another one, Scott. – Let’s go. Let’s go, Scott. One more. You cheated. [Laughing] You good, Scott. That’s
my man, Burnhard, Man He don’t mind doing extra. – Let’s go, let’s go. I don’t mind. Ya’ll see the legs
right there. Ya’ll see. I don’t mind He don’t mind doing extras don’t mind Thank you, Scott. – That’s some money for me, Man (Laughing) – Alright, so now we are
going to the box jumps, squat jumps. – Ready. – Ready. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. – Wow! – Wow, you feel that – Hell yeah, bro! – It looks easier than it is. But it actually, yeah, you are going to feel it, guys, you going to feel it. – You already know my slogan,
man. If it burns, it works – Alright. – It’s called Workhard
Burnhard, Scott Burnhard. Alright, now let’s go. – We are going to do the pulse and squats. So one, two, three, up Ready. – Set. – One, two, three, up Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. – Alright, that was a killer. – That one is a killer, bro – That one is a killer. – Let’s work. – Let’s get it. What are we doing next? – We are doing the overhead squat. My bad for saying press,
cause we are not pressing. We are just doing the overhead squat. – Alright. – Come up. Elbows are tight. Engage the core. Good. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Good. Six. Good. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Good job. – Money. That’s money, right there. – Let’s go. – Good work, good work. – Last one. – Last one. Let’s go. – We going to do. – Deadlifts – Stiff legged dead lifts. Stiff legged dead lifts. With resistance. This is more external force
that we have to overcome. Ready guys? Alright. Make sure you grip it to
the force that you want and let’s begin. So we are going to be
doing ten reps of this. Make sure it’s coming up. You alright, Scott? – Yeah, I’m good. – When controlled and explode up. Come down with two second count. Explode up. Are you ready? – Let’s go! – Let’s go. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Last one Ten. Wooo! Alright, Scott Burnhard Bernard, talk to the people, let them
know what just went down. – Listen, Man, we just showed you guys how to build stronger legs
without weights, alright. The world is your gym. – Yes! – You don’t need a gym.
The gym is complementary. But you know what,
there’s no excuses towards you advancing your health and living a healthier lifestyle, alright. There’s no excuses. Look, we are outside. No membership. Free membership. Community. Alright, so there you have it Thank you to my boy. – Definitely! Daai – Appreciate you – Daai Ibrahim – Daai Ibrahim Alright, man, uh – Ya’ll going to see
more of him. Don’t worry That’s right. Links to there social medias will be
in the description box. Good looking out Burnhard.
Good looking out Daai. – You already know. Alright. – Collaboration over competition, Man. Salute. Lets go lets go

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