Lahore Street Food | Butt Karhai | Desi Murgh and Mutton Butter Karhai | Pakistani Street Food

Lahore Street Food | Butt Karhai | Desi Murgh and Mutton Butter Karhai | Pakistani Street Food

Asalam-u-Alaikum my name is Zia Tabarak… …and right now I'm at Liberty Chowk Lahore. Our plan was to go towards Lakshmi Chowk but it strated raining. We cant go there right now so we stopped at this juice stall at the corner. So until the rain stops we'll have some juice here & enjoy the rain. Weather was really warm before but the rain brought it down. And this Falsa Juice in this amazing weather… [Tells Poetry in Punjabi] It has stopped raining right now & now we're going towards Lakshmi Chowk. Let's see what's happening there. Chalain! Finally we're at Lakshmi Chowk. The weather is really nice right now after the rain. And the people of Lahore have came out to eat & enjoy the weather. The building right behind me is the Lakshmi Building. This building belonged to Lakshmi Insurance Corporation, founded in 1935. And because of this building this area is known as Lakshmi Chowk. You can call this place "The Heart of Lahore" because the vibe here is really different. There are so many Old Famous Food Shops around here Butt Karahi, Amritsari Hareesa, Kata-kat etc. There's a huge variety of food available here. But first we're gonna show you around this place. Salam! How are you. He's making Kata-kat. Mutton Ribs. What's this? That's Anda Tikki (Egg Tikki). So this is the Anda Tikki. And right there is the Kata-kat. Who has the best Dahi Vada's Benazir or Amritsari? Benazir. Which one's the most famous? Benazir is. The famous Benazir Dahi Vada's. Salam Brother! 1 plate Special Dahi Vada's. Should I add Sweet Chutney? Whatever you think is the best. Which Chutney is this? This is Mint Chutney. And that one? That's the Sweet one. It's made from Plums. Now the Yogurt will come on top. It looks really heavy to me. So these are Benazir's Dahi Vada's. Beside them is Amritsari Dahi Vada's. They're famous as well but we've been recommended this one. It's a really big bowl, costs Rs.85 because it has Papri as well. And without Papri its Rs.80. Let's try it out. A big bite. Potatoes, Chickpeas & the Vada. Wow! It's really amazing! Generally it tastes sweet but he Mint & Plum Chutney they used… …gave it a bit of sourness. And this Papri is really Crispy as well. These Dahi Vada's after the rain feel really amazing. And it's priced really well too according to its quantity. It's really fresh too. Very Nice! Maula Jutt style. Say something too. Nah I don't know the dialogue. [Explaining the Menu] Is the Mutton Karahi more famous or the Rooster? It depends on what you like to eat. If I ask you "Do you like Katrina Kaif or Deepika Padukone" you'll choose the one you like. Which one do you like? I like Katrina Kaif. Then tell me what do you like, Mutton or Rooster. I like the Rooster more. We're open till 5AM. People know that they'll get Butt Karahi any time. All these other shops close at around 2-3 AM But only we're open till 5AM. That's why it's so crowded here. This is the House of Karahi's. How much for the Mutton Karahi? Mutton & Chicken Karahi (Rooster) both are Rs.2100. Rs.2100/Kg. Yes. So if you come here at Lakshmi Chowk you'll find 3 Butt Karahi's. Because it's my first time here I thought that all of them are one restaurant. But all 3 of these belong to different people. We had first ordered on the one behind us & I'm sure theirs taste good too… …But we asked people which one's the oldest of them all… This Registration Number will tell you that this one… …the one on the Left is the Oldest & the Original Butt Karahi. Everyone here has the same rates. Rs. 2100/Kg for Mutton & Chicken Karahi. We ordered Half Mutton & Half Chicken Karahi. So let's see how they prepare everything. Your restaurant is always so crowded & its famous in the entire country. That's cause we're the oldest. It's the same recipe we've been using for many years. Your Father started this shop? No my Grandfather. So you steam the rooster & mutton in the Pressure Cooker first? Yes in the Cooker. To tenderize it? Yes. After steaming it they put it in this Flat Pan & then… What ingredients do you add? This is 1kg Chicken. After that Onions. Tomatoes as well. Then goes Salt. Then Red Chilli Powder. This is Garlic Water. For how long you'll keep it there? Is it Desi Chicken? No it's Broiler. Broiler cooks faster than Desi right? Yes. When it's ready you'll put it in a pan. Do you add butter too? Yes Butter, Desi Ghee. Whatever customers preference is. The vibe is really amazing here. Our dinner is served. This is the Mutton Karahi. And this is the Chicken Karahi. Let's try Chicken Karahi. Made in Butter. You can see the difference between a normal Rooster & this. Looks like Mutton Sajji but actually it's Rooster. I'll try out this first. The meat looks really tender. It has a really rich taste because it's made in butter. The meat of Rooster is usually hard so it's a bit chewy. But because of the Butter it tastes really thick & rich. It's different from normal Karahi. Its meat also has that different smell a Desi Chicken has. And it tastes really good. It has a different taste than the Karahi's you'll find at Shinwari or in Peshawar & Karachi. It's different & nice. Now we'll try the Mutton Karahi. It's taste really good. The Mutton is really tender. Its spices are a bit different than the one's in the Chicken Karahi. And it's a little more spicy. The Chicken Karahi has a milky texture to it. I guess it's because of the Butter. The meat of Mutton Karahi is really great too. So if I compare between Chicken Karahi & Mutton Karahi… …both are good, but I would prefer the Mutton Karahi. Really Nice! Right besides Butt Karahi is Butt Sweets & Bakers. They're selling Rabri Milk here. How much is this Rabri Milk? Rs. 80/glass. Alright then 1 glass for me. It looks really good. Wow! Milk's really amazing. Almonds, Pistachio & Cold Milk. It kind of tastes like Rabri & the Milk in Rasmalai. And it has a good amount of Almonds & Pistachios in it. Although I am full after having that Mutton & Chicken Karahi… …but seeing the crowd here made me go for it. And at the end we tried out this Rabri Milk too. Great! So this was the famous Butt Karahi. The vibe here was amazing! Met some great people here. And the Karahi was really different as well. So if you guys liked the video then please be sure to LIke, Comment & Share. I'll see you guys in the next video. Allah Hafiz!

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  1. E jo chicken uska kya kacche weight e uska karahi ka price he? Masala , oil uska alagsa price nehi he

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    MasahAllah yi hui na bat aj ki vlog ki zaberdast
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  4. Great job Zia Bhai. Pata hai apki videos Mei aik bt sb se ziada alag hai. K AP videos k sath location bh share krty ho jis ki waja se waha Jana Asan ho Jata hai. Allah apko kamiyab kry.

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  7. Bhai. i always try to watch your all vedeos again and again and never miss. the way you have express the feelings/situation is awesome…keep smiling and explore more foods in your videos ..You also try to visit Punjab /Amritsar…there have lots of traditional foods to be explore…Keep rocking

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